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Tiger Makeup Ideas, Tips, and Examples

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Tiger face paint and makeup tutorials

Tiger face paint and makeup tutorials

Tiger Makeup Ideas

Using tiger face paint for your costume is very cool. People of all ages enjoy dressing up as this distinctive animal to show their ferocious side and channel their inner feline. Tigers are the largest of all cats, and their distinctive markings, color, and mystique make them an awesome choice for Halloween.

Color and patterning differentiate tiger makeup from house cat makeup. Most tigers are orange with distinctive black lines, though some tigers are white. Below, you'll find everything you need to pull off this look on Halloween.

Cute tiger face mask

Cute tiger face mask

Cute Tiger Face Mask

The photos show how to apply the tiger makeup to create a mask effect. When I first looked at this photo, I wondered why she left her forehead bare. Then I realized it was because her goal was to look as though she were wearing a mask, not as though her face belonged to a tiger. That also explains the overall way the makeup is applied in a circular fashion around the face, leaving the edges bare.

This is an awesome choice. It looks fantastic and offers creative possibilities because you can include unique and interesting features that you wouldn't or couldn't when designing a “realistic” tiger face look. Great job.

Tiger face makeup and costume

Tiger face makeup and costume

Tiger Face Makeup and Costume

This is a really well-done tiger face that gives an example of what it looks like when dressed in a costume. It's a nice look.

When you first see the tiger makeup, you get the feeling that you're looking at a mask. It's actually not the case, but the effect is created by the open areas around the eyes, which are devoid of liner. The skin showing around the eyes leaves a sense that it is a mask instead of makeup and paint. It's a good example of missing a little part of the face with the makeup which results in that being the look.

There's nothing wrong with it; I just don't think that was the purpose of the person creating the design. Interestingly, it would have been a pretty great effect if that was the purpose. But the lack of liner, along with the rest of the tiger face, makes me believe it's an oversight. It also makes me think that this is a guy here, who possibly may have also applied the makeup, or maybe had another guy do it.

It's a good job with an unusual look.

Realistic tiger makeup

Realistic tiger makeup

Realistic Tiger Makeup

Here, we have an amazingly realistic tiger face. What is particularly awesome is the way the face appears to be snarling and growling, when in fact the woman is completely relaxed, apart from her eyes.

Look closely between the teeth to see her closed lips to see what I mean. They're hard to spot. The way to locate them is to look at the slight break in the teeth to see where the top and lower lips meet.

As for the appearance of snarling, it's the use of the white color on the cheeks which gives the illusion of being lifted up, as well as the black lines which appear to be moving in unison with it. Also, look at the forehead and how it appears to be doing the same. That is not an easy look to accomplish.

Here we also have an example of wearing a striped shirt to complement the tiger look.

My only complaint, which I hate to make because it's so well done, is she left the bottom of the nose bare. Other than that, magnificent job.

Matching the Makeup With Other Tiger Costume Accessories

Of course, the costume doesn’t have to end with face paint. There are many kinds of costumes and accessories you can wear, and some extend the made-up tiger stripes and orange color all the way down the arms and legs. It looks very nice, as you'll see.

Another tip for a tiger costume look is to simply wear a striped shirt. It looks pretty cool and works great if you're making yourself up for Halloween and want to stay warm.

Pixie Lott with tiger makeup and body paint

Pixie Lott with tiger makeup and body paint

Tiger Makeup and Body Paint

I really like this tiger makeup and body paint worn by Pixie Lott. It gives a great example of how cute and awesome you can look when choosing a tiger theme.

Pixie actually has some makeup on her face, although it's hard to see because it's mostly covered by her hair. You can see just a touch of it on either side of her forehead and cheeks. As for the tiger body paint, I love it. The simple use of orange in strategic spots works magnificently with the tiger stripes.

She also appears to have used the bow in her hair to represent the ears of a tiger. Very cute. Finally, her choice of a black dress works very well, blending with her black bow, stripes, and shoes.

Get Inspired!

What a terrific bunch of inspirational photos and videos for those seeking a compelling look for a party, cosplay, or Halloween.

The vibrant orange, black and white colors of the tiger offer a lot of designs and possibilities for those who like the creative challenge, but also simple lines and colors for those who want a great tiger face without an enormous amount of work.

Whatever you choose, you won't be sorry, as evidenced by these wonderful inspirations from an extraordinary and magnificent giant cat.