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Weather Costume Ideas for Halloween Fun

I love Halloween, but that's not all! I am the Halloween kitchen witch, but I consider myself a witch of all trades.

These weather costumes are inspired by everything from winter snow to summer heat.

These weather costumes are inspired by everything from winter snow to summer heat.

Weather-Inspired Costumes for Halloween

Costumes inspired by weather are unique and fun outfits to dress up in. Anyone who likes to don a costume for Halloween can usually find lots of ideas everywhere. We find outfits and characters to copy on TV, in the movies, from real-life celebrities, and book and comic characters. And yes—even weather phenomena have become costume themes. Hurricanes, wind, rain, snow, sun, it doesn't matter—the costume ideas keep coming.

Here are lots of DIY ideas for you. When you are going with a weather-related theme, these DIY disguises are a great way to save money, get super creative, and have lots of fun . . . and isn't that what Halloween is all about?

Tulle and strings of beads make up this gorgeous homemade raincloud costume idea.

Tulle and strings of beads make up this gorgeous homemade raincloud costume idea.

Rain, sun, tornado, hurricane, gale force winds, lightning, ice: We usually don't have control over the weather, but those days are gone—at least, they are for Halloween. Which atmospheric condition do you like the most? Find a low-pressure outfit you can make yourself and get ready to trick or treat on October 31st with these weather-inspired costume ideas. Be your own force of nature this year and make your own microclimate!

Weather Costumes

  • Sunny Day
  • Tornado
  • Rain Storm
  • Raining Cats and Dogs
  • Lightning Storm
  • Hurricane Weather - give yourself a name, Sandy, Matthew, you pick the storm
  • Snow Storm
  • Ice - (and I don't mean Frozen!)
  • Weather Girl
  • Rainbow
  • Partly Cloudy
  • An El Nino Costume
  • Weather Balloon
  • Morton Salt Girl

Did you know there were so many Halloween costumes with a weather inspired theme? You can buy many of these outfits, but most of them are fairly simple to make at home, and it's much cheaper to make a costume than it is to buy one. So, if you are feeling crafty and creative this year, go ahead, craft your own costume.

This adorable, homemade Sun costume could be a great look.

This adorable, homemade Sun costume could be a great look.

Sunny Weather Costume

The yellow material is cut into a sun-like shape and then the sides are sewn—the top and bottom must remain open to put the costume on, and to remove it. Cut out some colored felt pieces to make the eyes and mouth, and use craft glue to glue them to the sun top. To see a bit more of the instructions, check out Reny Loves Strawberries.

DIY Tornado Costume: The Twister

You can make a twister costume with a tomato cage, pillow stuffing, spider web material, some spray paint, a small blinking light . . . and a little bit of imagination and work to assemble it. Some people use a hula hoop instead of a tomato cage.

What do you think of this homemade tornado costume?

DIY Rain Cloud Tutu Costume

You can make a tutu skirt, it's really easy. You will need some elastic or ribbon for the waist. Cut tulle twice the length you want your skirt to be. Then you tie the tulle around the ribbon/elastic and loop it and then knot it. Keep going around the entire skirt until your tutu is as full as you want it to be. The skirt in the picture is made of light blue and turquoise tulle.

The clouds are made with white polyfill, the same stuff you use to stuff pillows. Hot glue these onto your tee shirt and keep gluing until your cloud is as full as you want it to be. These clouds were topped with some sparkly gray spray paint—just ever so lightly—to make those clouds look a bit stormy.

This costume is topped off with a blue wig and a rainbow necklace.

Another rain costume you can make yourself

Another rain costume you can make yourself

"It's Raining Cats & Dogs" Costume

This costume is really easy to make. You will need some rain boots, pants, a yellow slicker, an umbrella, and several little stuffed cats and dogs. Do you have a Beanie Baby collection anywhere around the house? If you have Beanie cats and dogs you can use them. Tie them onto your umbrella, glue a couple to the top of the umbrella, and you are done.

Cheap and easy, this costume is a fun look to dress up in at a Halloween party.

A lightning-inspired costume you can make at home

A lightning-inspired costume you can make at home

Struck by Lightning Costume

This costume is a result of being struck by lightning. You can see the "burn" marks the lightning-caused when it hit these people. And you can see the homemade lightning still on the person. You can wear the lightning costume with or without a friend. If you do decide to make it a couple's costume idea, you just have to figure out who is going to be the lightning strike and who is going to be struck.

To Make the Struck by Lightning Costume

  • A shirt with holes in it
  • Charcoal or burnt cork to make the shirt look ashy & blackened by lightning.
  • An old umbrella with most of the fabric ripped off and the ribs bent out of shape
  • Mess up your hair - like there's lots of static from electricity

To Make the Lightning Strike Costume

  • A large piece of cardboard was cut out to look like a lightning bolt and painted yellow. Cut a hole for your head to fit in so you can wear this.
  • Black pants
  • Black shirt
"Blowing in the wind" hurricane costume

"Blowing in the wind" hurricane costume

Caught In a Hurricane Costume

Hurricanes are big news in the weather world and they make big headlines when they travel through towns and cities and destroy them with those tropical force winds. We've all seen the poor weatherman or woman out in the storm reporting its progress. But have you ever seen them fight the winds and lose? Well, I have, and here's an easy, funny costume you can make to recreate that windy man-moving scene. (or woman-moving) So, if you have ever wondered how to make a hurricane costume you can find out right here.

What You'll Need

  • Jacket
  • Shirt
  • Tie - women use a scarf
  • Pants, dress, or skirt
  • Umbrella—broken and blown inside out
  • Garbage, leaves, and branches—anything the wind would blow

How to Assemble

His hair sure makes me think the wind is gusting through it the way it has that totally blown away look. You will need lots of gel and hairspray to get that effect and keep it all night. The clothes are just regular clothing you have in your closet; that's what makes the hurricane costume so very easy to assemble.

Pin up the back of the jacket to make it look like it's blowing in the breeze. Make the tie look like it is being blown aside. Pin or glue some paper around your leg so it looks like trash is being blown around in the wind. You can also use leaves and tree branches to get that blasting air current look and feel to your outfit. Ladies—you will need the same clothing except you might want to wear a dress and pin it up so it looks like it's being blown back. A scarf can take the place of the tie.

This isn't an actual DIY hurricane costume—it's more of a being caught outside in a hurricane outfit.

Get inspired with these winter weather costume ideas.

Get inspired with these winter weather costume ideas.

Snow Costume Ideas

When we think of snow costume ideas, we usually think of Snow White or a character from Frozen, but this costume is really a weather outfit. Cover yourself with white (or whatever color you like) plastic or paper snowflakes. Yes, it is a bit flakey . . . but that's the nature of snow.

This woman is dressed up as a six-sided hexagonal stellar dendrite snowflake and the costume is completed with snowflake pajamas and snowflake jewelry. stellar dendrite that makes up a big snow storm,” and her partner is dressed up as Frosty the Snowman. These two certainly complete each other . . . well, snow completes Frosty, and Frosty gives Snow a reason. Stellar dendrites are known to make great snowmen.

Learn how to make this icicle mask with glue.

Learn how to make this icicle mask with glue.

Icy Icicle Mask & Ice Queen Costume Ideas

The icicle costume can be made with those plastic icicles you put on a Christmas tree. Just sew several strings around your sweatsuit. Tack them up every so often so they can hold the weight of these icicles hanging off them. Give yourself as many rows as you think are necessary to get your costume theme across.

Ice is a formidable threat to people in the winter. It creates hazardous conditions when we walk or drive in it. It can weigh a roof down or slide off a roof onto your car or you!

What You'll Need to Make the Mask

  • Glue Gun
  • Super Glue (if you can use something like Bostick)
  • Rhinestones (and lots of them!)
  • Silver Nail Varnish
  • Glitter Nail Varnish
  • A cast of your face
  • Lots of Icicles

Find out how to make your own by clicking on the picture! Decorate your clothing with as many plastic icicles as you can find.

DIY Weather Girl Costume

The Weather Girl dress is an easy costume to make, imagine, a weather forecast costume. You can cut out different weather effects using felt or foam craft sheets. Draw lines down the dress to section it off and glue your weather effect appliques— one in each section. Write down the name of each weather effect in the section it belongs in.

You can also make different sections (as shown in the picture) and include a forecast for each day of the week. Easy, fun, and you can make it stormy or sunny - whichever weather pattern is your favorite. This costume is your chance to be the meteorologist you've always wanted to be . . . sort of! So, if you love the weather and have been looking for meteorologist costume ideas, here's a simple way to do it.

Homemade Rainbow Costume

The DIY Rainbow Costume pictured is so easy to make and it's a no-sew costume—which means it's pretty simple to make. This one was made using cardboard, string, and rainbow-colored paint. You will also need some felt or foam cut out to look like fluffy clouds. Glue the clouds to the bottom of your rainbow. You can find more details in the video I've posted below.

Just take a look at the picture and you will see the shape you need your cardboard to be cut in. Then just paint some pretty rainbow-colored rows on it. Poke a hole in the cardboard, insert and knot the strings and now you can tie your rainbow costume on. It's a simple and very cute weather-related costume for your or your child to wear.

The colors of this weather-related rainbow costume can be of your own choosing. Pick your favorite colors, pick pastels, red, blue, pink, yellow . . . it's up to you. Since you are making this costume yourself, you get the final say in how it's made and what color it is.

Homemade "cloudy with a chance of rain" costume

Homemade "cloudy with a chance of rain" costume

Homemade "Partly Cloudy With a Chance of Rain" Costume

Jokesters will love this easy-to-make DIY costume idea that has a weather theme.

What You'll Need

  • A Solid Colored Sweatshirt
  • Glue
  • White Pillow Stuffing
  • A Spray Bottle
  • An Umbrella

Cheap, easy, and funny is what this costume is. Just decorate a solid-colored sweatshirt with some cotton pillow stuffing. Glue the stuffing onto your shirt and make it look like clouds. When people ask you what you are dressed as, open up your umbrella, give them a quick squirt of the spray bottle and tell them . . . you are partly cloudy with a chance of rain. Make sure you know your targets before you start squirting them!

Weather Balloon Costume

Here's another easy-to-make, no sew, Halloween costume with a weather theme. It's great for children or adults.

What You'll Need

  • Helium Balloons (15 were used to make this costume)
  • Paracord
  • Pipe insulation
  • Brown paper bags
  • Ribbon, thing and wide
  • Fabric
  • Duct tape
  • Large lamp shade (that’s the genius part)

I found the tutorial for this unique costume on Bonbon Break. This unique kid's costume was made from a large lamp shade but I am sure you could also make it using a laundry basket. You would have to remove all the metal from the lampshade first. Check the basement and the attic to see if you have any old lampshades there and if not, check your local consignment or thrift shop.

The balloons must be filled with helium so they float. Check out the video and tutorial; it's worth the little bit of effort it will take.

This costume is classic—and it's easy to assemble.

This costume is classic—and it's easy to assemble.

The Morton Salt Girl Costume

When it rains, it pours—and that's what this easy, DIY costume is all about. If you recognize that saying, you know we are talking about Morton Salt and the girl on the package. This little girl wears a yellow dress or raincoat and carries an umbrella and a container of Morton Salt.

What You'll Need

  • A Yellow Dress
  • White Stockings
  • Shoes
  • A Wig - optional
  • An Umbrella
  • A Container Of Morton Salt
DIY Mother Nature weather costume

DIY Mother Nature weather costume

DIY Mother Nature Costume Ideas

Mother Nature personifies the power of the Earth's forces—and that includes all weather phenomena. Wind, rain, snow, ice, hurricanes, tornados, El Nino, and all the weather that has inspired us to create these costumes come from the Earth personified as a woman who guides those forces. So I thought the last costume on this page should be inspired by Earth Mother herself.

When you picture Mother Nature, what do you see? Do you see greens and flowers . . . a beautiful goddess or do you see the four seasons rolled into one? This costume has so many versions of it, and they are all wonderful. The picture I see when I think of Mother Nature is a beautiful and kind woman covered in flowers and greenery. That's the one I have pictured above. But she isn't the only version of this costume theme to be found, so if she doesn't fit your idea of what a Mother Nature costume should look like, keep looking until you find the look that is perfect for you.

This costume is a Renaissance-style dress covered in silk flower leaves and worn with a beautiful headpiece covered in leaves and flowers. The colors are green leaves combined with the golds and reds of Fall. You can decorate an old gown or costume with silk flowers to create your own woodland version of Mother Nature.

This stroller costume is called Struck by Lightening—and it's a good one!

This stroller costume is called Struck by Lightening—and it's a good one!