Zebra Halloween Makeup Tips and Tutorials

Updated on September 14, 2019
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How to apply zebra face paint for the perfect Halloween costume.
How to apply zebra face paint for the perfect Halloween costume. | Source

Zebra Makeup

Animal prints have become an extremely popular makeup theme. You can go all-out for Halloween and other costume events, or you can simply spice up your eye make up for everyday social adventures—depending on where you're going out. Zebra makeup is a lot of fun because you can also include some great outfits and accessories to complement the black and white stripes. There are plenty to choose from.

In this article, we will cover zebra makeup for both types of events, with more time spent on extensive zebra looks that entail both regular makeup and face paint because those costumes are more involved.

The zebra look is a strong one. There's something about the combination of colors and shapes that demands a response from those who see it. You can make a powerful statement with nothing more than a zebra design above your eyes, or you can paint your entire face. This allows you a lot of creativity while crafting a strong visual presentation. We will examine a few ideas below for inspiration.

Easy Zebra Makeup Variations

As mentioned, zebra makeup can be applied to small or large portions of the face. Some people who really want to make a strong statement go even further, adding zebra patterns to their neck and arms. Others go beyond the traditional white and black and implement the zebra design in different colors.

Zebra Makeup Around Eye with Zebra Lips


Creating a zebra makeup look isn't very hard: You simply apply a white foundation and draw the black zebra lines.

This one is unique, because the woman included red around the eyes. It's pretty interesting, because while many animals do have pink skin showing around the eye, zebras actually do not—the skin surrounding a zebra's eye is black. But since differentiation is key when doing costume makeup, adding little touches like this will ensure you're the only one with this particular look for the night.

The bottom photo is of the same woman, this time showing the overall look, including those lips cut with a zebra design.

Realistic Zebra Face Makeup


At first glance, the large, black muzzle of the zebra on the woman's face is surprising.

But after the initial shock, it's actually a pretty cool zebra face. Other good touches include the body painting on her neck and upper chest. And if you didn't notice, her hair is made to look like the mane of a zebra.

Notice again how to make this fun look. Just apply the white foundation and add the zebra stripes. As you can see, the same technique works whether you're doing it on the face body. The main thing to keep in mind is to end each zebra strip in a point. It looks much better that way than with rounded ends.

Pink and White Zebra Eyeshadow Makeup


Here we have a good example of using different colors to create a unique zebra eyeshadow. Rest assured, no one else will be showing up with the same look.

While the pink and white foundations look great here, you can see how easily you could use any other color. Simply use pink eyeshadow for one eyelid and white for the other (to prevent creasing, first apply a primer), then use a liquid eyeliner to draw the stripes.

Zebra Makeup on Both Sides of Face


For more of a mask look, this is a terrific option. What makes this work in a unique manner is the different thicknesses of the black lines.

Slightly angling the lines was another good way to change the overall look. Subtle things like that make a big difference in the end results. Look at the different photos and videos to see how they differ from one another, so you get the facial image you want.

Zebra Rainbow Makeup


This zebra rainbow makeup was included to show you how excellent zebra designs can look with different colors.

I'm obviously aware this effect was not achieved through makeup, but I wanted you to see the unusual colors and designs for inspiration.

A piece like this using regular makeup would be a little more time-consuming to make, as you wouldn't be able to simply place a white foundation underneath to create this type of look. You would have to paint on the entire rainbow, one color at a time. The results are definitely worth the effort, as you can see.

That said, you could easily create a different sort of rainbow effect by applying a white foundation and painting all of the stripes in different colors.

Zebra Makeup Video Tutorials

There is more than one way to apply zebra makeup, and sometimes it is helpful to watch a few videos. The following tutorials here will show you a number of ways you can apply the zebra design to the greatest effect.

Once you learn the method, it is easy to apply the same technique to other parts of your body.

Again, while white and black are the predominant colors, you can branch out into all sorts of interesting looks using a variety of colors with the same design.

Zebra Makeup

Zebra Halloween Makeup

DIY Zebra Makeup

Zebra Makeup Look

Zebra Face Painting for Kids

Final Words

As mentioned earlier, this costume makes a strong statement, whether you are going all out for Halloween, or whether you are doing just the eye shadow for a different type of event.

Whatever the purpose, zebra-inspired makeup is the perfect way to channel a little bit of that untamed spirit!


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