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10 Thoughtful Travel Gifts for Women

Rosheda Stephenson is a lifestyle writer who writes extensively on beauty and travel to the Caribbean and North America.

Find a travel gift for a woman that is thoughtful and she will find many ways to thank you!

Find a travel gift for a woman that is thoughtful and she will find many ways to thank you!

As a travel writer and travel fanatic, I am always delighted when I am given anything that can make my love of traveling the world easier or more pleasurable. Really, isn’t that the whole point of gift-giving and receiving? That the gift speaks uniquely to the person receiving the gift?

A good gift sends the message that the giver has put lots of thought, research and energy into choosing the very thing that the receiver has been longing for. To give a woman a gift that relates to a hobby or activity that she loves is to show her that the giver thinks highly of her and is willing to expend time and energy into choosing a gift that she will love and use for a long time.

If the special lady in your life is an avid traveler, here are 10 travel gift ideas for women that will make her travels easier or more pleasurable.

1. A Coffee Table Travel Book on Her Favorite Destination

Ask any avid traveler about the favorite place she has visited, and she’ll get a faraway look in her eyes as she regales you with stories of the place that still holds her heart.

There is always that one place that inspires fondness and longing in travel lovers. It may be an ancient European city with old cobblestone streets that lead to tiny patisseries filled with the smell of freshly baked breads and spicy aromas. Or it could be a sleepy fishing town where mornings bring brightly painted boats hauling in a fresh catch on a serene beach. The point is that seasoned travelers often feel a longing for that one special place that could be home in another life.

Help your lady traveler reawaken these feelings anytime she wishes with a beautiful coffee table travel book filled with scenes and stories from her favorite place. After all, the only thing better than remembering one’s travels is sharing all the interesting tales from the trip with company.

If she already owns something on her favorite place, then there are countless other types of coffee table travel books that will make good gifts for her. Currently, my coffee table holds a book of black and white photographs not of a favorite destination, but of hard to reach places where indigenous peoples and rarely seen animals live. Give some thought to places she has mentioned she hopes to see one day and you are sure to come up with a good idea. Maybe she has always wanted to explore Europe. Give her a book on European castles or on the French countryside. Does she tend to travel to places where she can tour local vineyards and participate in cooking classes? Give her a book that showcases the foods or farms of a region.

As long as you have put some thought into the types of places she has explored or loves exploring, a coffee table travel book that reflects her interests may make the perfect travel gift for the woman in your life. Popular bookseller Barnes and Noble is a good starting point for options that will fit any budget. On the higher end of the spectrum, luxury bookseller Assouline sometimes carries a small selection of coffee table travel books.

Cameras and travel go hand in hand and every traveler needs to own a good one.

Cameras and travel go hand in hand and every traveler needs to own a good one.

2. A GoPro Camera

Cameras and travel go hand in hand. That’s just a fact. And every traveler needs to own a good one. How else would we document our many adventures or have the proof when we need to convince our kids and grandkids that yes, we once really lost our clothes while skinny dipping in India?

A good camera for traveling must have a certain ruggedness to it. It takes a special build to survive being thrown into overhead compartments, being used while hanging from a zipline high in the air, or while diving or skinny dipping. The GoPro 3 Black camera is my favorite for travel because it is rugged, waterproof, takes perfect photos with no effort, and can be mounted from so many vantage points that there really isn’t any shot, anywhere in the world that it can’t take.

The GoPro was originally invented with athletes and extreme adventure in mind. Judging from the countless viral videos featuring life-threatening feats shot with the tiny camera, one would think it’s only for adrenaline junkies and professional athletes, but the beauty of the GoPro is that the qualities that make it a great camera for taking these kinds of shots are the very qualities that avid travelers need in a camera.

The wide focus produces clear shots with just a single, amateur point in the general direction of the object. The waterproof box that comes with the camera makes taking beach photos or underwater videos easy while also keeping the camera safe through the most rugged conditions. Initially, I assumed that operating the camera while wet would be difficult, but the camera’s four buttons are easy to work even while submerged!

The company is known as much for the cutting- edge camera as for the mounts that it provides for the camera. There are mounts that can go around corners to capture shots once impossible, mounts that can put the camera down the side of mountains and in almost any other position imaginable. Give the special woman in your life the GoPro3 camera, and she will use it for a long time in every place she travels to, and think of you each time. You can find out more and purchase the GoPro3 Camera here.

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3. Travel-Sized Cosmetics

With today’s new airplane travel rules, women have had to adapt in the way we transport our cosmetics. Since we need our stuff, we have no choice. Luckily, the manufacturers of our favorite cosmetics now make them in travel friendly sizes that we can easily add to our carry-on luggage so that we are never without them this is good news for the person searching for the perfect travel gift for a woman.

Show your special woman that you really put some thought into her gift and do a little investigation into her favorite shampoo, hair conditioner, perfume and body lotion. Once you know what you are hunting for, check out popular online beauty stores like Sephora and Ulta for travel size versions of her favorite stuff and get them packaged in a beautiful box. Trust me when I say that she will be gushing for days over how thoughtful you are when you present this very girly gift.

A good backpack will be one of the most appreciated gifts for a woman who likes to travel to places that require lots of walking or climbing like Lands End England in this photo.

A good backpack will be one of the most appreciated gifts for a woman who likes to travel to places that require lots of walking or climbing like Lands End England in this photo.

4. A Stylish Backpack

Nowadays, women are traveling for adventure more than ever. Lazing in a beautiful resort gazing out at the ocean while a server delivers cocktails on demand just doesn’t cut it anymore. If you are looking for a travel gift for a woman whose itinerary includes hiking, skiing, camping or any adventure that requires easy transport of equipment and clothing, then something as simple as a backpack will be the perfect gift.

I have hiked through the Caribbean and up North America’s Appalachian trail many times. By far, the one thing I couldn’t function without while hiking was a good backpack to carry all my essentials- water, flashlight, food, a raincoat, small first aid kit, phone, camera and more. It is this practicality that makes a backpack such a good gift for women who like to travel. Before going further, I must point out that the backpack that will make a good gift for the woman who loves to travel needs to be stylish: otherwise, she may never use it!

Make sure that while stylish, the backpack is also practical. It should have stretchy side pockets for carrying multiple water bottles, a body-hugging internal stabilizing frame made especially for a woman’s smaller torso, breathable materials where it contacts the body so that her body keeps cool and multiple zippered pockets for the little additions that make an outdoor adventure enjoyable.

The High Sierra Women’s Summit Backpack makes a good gift for a woman who likes to travel. It's lightweight, comes in gorgeous colors like raspberry and navy and is well designed to be practical for both short and long trips. It even comes with a rain cover attached that can cover the backpack if she ever gets caught in a rainstorm.

If you want to make your gift extra special, elevate the backpack by pairing it with something that your avid traveler will use while engaging in her activity of choice. If she is into skiing, get her cool skiing goggles and package that with the backpack. If she is into extreme hiking or backpacking, maybe a cool, girly flashlight that attaches to the forehead for night hikes would be a good addition.

A good tablet makes a good travel gift for a woman who travels a lot as it will provide entertainment for long delays and overnight flights.

A good tablet makes a good travel gift for a woman who travels a lot as it will provide entertainment for long delays and overnight flights.

5. A Good Entertainment Tablet

Traveling is the huge industry it is because of the excitement that exploring brand-new destinations brings. But as exciting as the prospect of exploring a new, faraway place can be, getting to it can be a source of dread and anxiety.

Imagine having to travel 19 hours to get to your destination of choice (yes, there is a flight that long- Singapore to Newark, New Jersey!). Just the thought of being stuck on an airplane for that long is enough to send even the most seasoned traveler into a fit of nerves.

Perhaps, the best gift for the woman traveler in your life is the gift that will make those seemingly infinite hours pass by faster and more pleasurably. A good entertainment tablet is just the thing to do the trick. Give your traveler a good tablet and she is guaranteed to be all smiles every time she uses it.

As far as good tablets for travel go, the Apple iPad Mini and the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 are good choices for their seamless transition between reading and video modes and good battery life. If your lady traveler doesn’t already own one, a tablet is a good choice that she will get lots of use out of.

 6. A Gift Card to iTunes or Other Media Store

If you choose a tablet as your gift, a gift card to the media store on the tablet is the perfect finishing touch. Even if your traveler already has a tablet, a gift card is just a great idea. Get a card that will supply enough entertainment to last through a few long flights. Keep in mind that people who travel a lot use their media stores for more than just entertainment. I have purchased language translation apps, restaurant review apps and white noise apps on my tablet on one trip or another to make the trip easier or more comfortable. With so many uses, a gift card to the media/app store of choice can make a great gift.

Apple’s iTunes cards are popular for the company’s well-loved line of iPad tablets. Amazon also makes two lines of tablets, the Kindle and the Fire HD that use the amazon ecosystem of video, music and apps. Purchase an amazon card, packaged in a pretty box, and add a personal message wishing her years of fun explorations and mention that you hope the gift card will provide her with all the entertainment she needs on her upcoming flight and she will know you had her in mind when you chose the card.

7. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

We have all been there. Sitting on an airplane with a sleeping neighbor whose snores would wake even a hibernating bear, or the kid who thinks screaming for 2 hours straight is a genius idea. Chances are your traveler will experience these annoying situations many times in her travels. Save her sanity and help her get some much needed rest on a long flight with a gift of noise cancelling headphones.

Sony and Bose make good options. Sony will be preferable to those on a budget, while Boise’s excellent headphones are at the pricier end (around $300). Regardless of which option you choose, noise cancelling headphones make perfect gifts for the woman who likes to travel and frankly for any avid traveler.

8. Satin Sleeping Mask

Just like noise cancelling headphones, sleeping masks are indispensable travel gifts for women travelers. They aid in falling asleep on long flights. This in turn lessens jet lag at the destination. Soft, satiny ones make good gifts for a woman who likes to travel because they allow for rest while looking and feeling sexy. Satin masks can be bought in many stores that sell women apparel online

9. Smart Luggage From Raden

Ever heard of a suitcase that could charge your phone, weigh itself and self-track? If you are impressed, imagine just how impressed the special woman in your life will be when she opens her gift to find a sleek suitcase, with built-in USB slots for charging, and handles that weigh the suitcase before check-in at the airport.

Raden luggage is made of sleek hard shell and comes with handy interior compartments for separating your clothing from your shoes and toiletries. I find the included laundry bag to be especially handy and love the safety of the combination lock on the top. The self-weighing handle weigh your luggage with just a lift, and ensures that you never have to pay overweight charges again. For longer flights, the two USB slots just below the handle will recharge phones and tablets and themselves are easily recharged by a micro-USB port on the suitcase. The gunmetal gray shade is especially appealing, but the Raden also comes in white and a black matte finish.

A single piece of luggage from the brand will set you back $200 to $400, depending on the size, but if it’s in your budget it will be money well spent on a practical object that is also one of the most impressive travel gifts for a woman who likes to travel.

10. Personalized Luggage Tags

Personalized luggage tags have become the big hit they are because they solve a very real problem. Make your special lady’s luggage easy to spot after a long flight with tags that are personalized especially for her. Choose a design that is classy and in her favorite colors and patterns, or give her a gift certificate that she can redeem on any of the popular sites that offer the service.

Zazzle is my personal favorite as the whole tag can be customized from the color combination to the initials. Mark and Graham also offers high-quality tags that can be monogrammed to make a very personal travel gift for any woman who likes to travel.

These ideas should make good travel gifts for women who like to travel. Feel free to personalize them even further by adding nice notes or a monogram where possible. Here's hoping that you choose the perfect travel gift for the lucky lady in your life.

© 2017 Rosheda Stephenson


Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on May 18, 2018:

I love personalized travel tags. It is hard to get really nice ones.

Rosheda Stephenson (author) on September 12, 2017:

Glad you enjoyed these ideas Louise. Time to start dropping hints!

Louise Powles from Norfolk, England on September 07, 2017:

There's some really good ideas there. I like the sound of the camera, I'd like that as a gift!

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