15 Best Gift Ideas for Women With PTSD

Updated on September 12, 2019
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Teeuwynn is a long time sufferer of PTSD. She loves to help others find ways to feel better and know they are not alone with this illness.

Government estimates say 7.8 percent of Americans will experience PTSD in their lives at some time. Women are twice as likely to experience PTSD. Just getting through day-to-day living can be a struggle for someone dealing with PTSD. I know—I have long term PTSD. With that said, having someone you care about give you a thoughtful gift can make the tough times that much easier to get through.

Look at the list below to find some ideas for gifts to give to the woman in your life with PTSD. Getting a thoughtful present really can help the person who is suffering from this disorder. Your support may be just what she needs to help her make it through the days to come, and at the very least, you can help her know she is loved.

15 Gift Ideas for Women With PTSD

  1. Hyperbole and a Half
  2. Amazon Prime
  3. Gift Card to a Salon and Spa
  4. Heavy Blanket
  5. Nice Journal and Pen
  6. Gourmet Night In
  7. Noise-Cancelling Headphones
  8. Buy a Book on PTSD and Pledge to Read It
  9. Fidget Toys
  10. Adult Coloring Books With Crayons
  11. Relaxation and Stress Relief
  12. PTSD Warrior Charm Bracelet
  13. Amazon Fire
  14. Aveda Stress-fix Composition Oil
  15. Custom Playlist of Their Happiest Musical Songs and Memories

1. Hyperbole and a Half

Written by Allie Brosh, Hyperbole and a Half is a book that focuses more on depression, but is definitely something people with PTSD can identify with. The book is actually written as a series of cartoons. It is simultaneously heart wrenching and hysterical. The author finds a unique way to explain the numerous feelings that take over your body when dealing with mental illness. When you read this book, it reminds you that you are not alone


2. Amazon Prime

The Amazon Prime service is a wonderful idea for a PTSD gift. I use this service every single day. I’ve lost track of how many years I’ve had it now. The free two-day shipping is nice, but even better for someone with PTSD is the access to thousands of streaming TV shows and movies as well as hundreds of playlists and millions of songs to keep your mind occupied.

Since people with PTSD are always plagued by intrusive thoughts, having distractions easily at hand is a real blessing. Amazon Prime is one of those services that really does that.


3. Gift Card to a Salon and Spa

Women with PTSD suffer extreme stress that manifests itself both physically and mentally. Getting a gift card to a salon and spa will give the recipient a chance to decide if she’s up for a physical treatment such as a massage or facial (some women with PTSD do not want to be touched) or if she would just like to stop by the salon and by some relaxing products for home.

A relaxing spa
A relaxing spa | Source

4. Heavy Blanket

A heavy blanket is a blanket that has additional weight added to it, so it presses down on you as you sleep. Studies have shown that this kind of blanket can cut down on nightmares and insomnia in some people with PTSD. When choosing what heavy blanket to buy, you want to choose one that is about 10% of the bodyweight of the person who will be using it.

I use a heavy blanket and have found that, when my anxiety isn’t too extreme, the blanket does seem to help my sleep.

Heavy Blanket
Heavy Blanket | Source

5. Nice Journal and Pen

Many women who have PTSD find that writing in a journal can help relieve some of the stress they are feeling from recurring flashbacks. Journals also give us a chance to write about what we want for our futures and how we can envision a way out from the clutches of PTSD. So, getting a nice journal and pen is a thoughtful gift. Here is one possibility to consider.

Leather Notebook and Pen
Leather Notebook and Pen | Source

6. Gourmet Night In

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that can mean the most. Going out in the world can be a really scary, stressful place for women with PTSD. The disease makes us hyper-aware of our surroundings and constantly alert for signs of danger. It’s exhausting.

Taking the time to order a fancy takeout or dine-in meal, picking a movie she loves, and cuddling up in bed or on the couch to snuggle and watch without any expectations for anything more romantic than that can make someone with PTSD feel really safe and taken care of, and that can mean the world. I know when my husband does this for me, I really feel special and usually can relax more than usual.

A Cozy Night In
A Cozy Night In | Source

7. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Noises can overwhelm people with PTSD, particularly loud, sudden noises. Noise-cancelling headphones are a nice gift because the woman you give these to can put these on and get a respite from the possibility of being jarred suddenly by such noises and experiencing a PTSD flashback.

I use these noise-cancelling headphones. They are a bit pricey, but the noise cancellation feature works whether or not you are playing music which I like a lot. That way if I’m concentrating and don’t want any noise at all, I can put these on and feel protected.

Sennheiser HD 4.50 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Active Noise Cancellation
Sennheiser HD 4.50 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Active Noise Cancellation | Source

8. Buy a Book on PTSD and Pledge to Read It

One of the things that is really hard for people with PTSD is that very few people really understand what it is. It’s depressing to hear people dismiss your illness as imaginary or something you should just be able to snap out of when the actual chemistry of your brain has been changed.

So, you might be surprised at how appreciative the woman in your life who has PTSD will be if you buy yourself a book like this on PTSD and fulfill your pledge to read it and then ask her questions and talk to her with real understanding about her condition.

A good book to try to understand PTSD in someone you care for.
A good book to try to understand PTSD in someone you care for. | Source

Do You Know Someone With PTSD?

See results

9. Fidget Toys

People with PTSD are often trying to distract themselves from the intrusive thoughts that continuously try to invade our minds. These self-destructive thoughts and flashbacks can sometimes be kept at bay through the simple expediency of keeping our hands physically occupied. It doesn’t solve the problem, but using a fidget can lessen the stress while it is going on.

You can find some good fidget toys here.

Electroplated Tri-bar Fidget Spinner with 18 Patterns LED Light
Electroplated Tri-bar Fidget Spinner with 18 Patterns LED Light | Source

10. Adult Coloring Books With Crayons

Adult coloring books are a new rage. They are very complex coloring books with detailed imagery to color in. These books require concentration to get all the details right. The combination of mental concentration with physical activity can be very soothing for someone with PTSD. I have a few of these coloring books and usually end up working on an image in one at least once or twice a month.


11. Relaxation and Stress Relief

There are a number of different homemade stress relief packages you can put together as a gift for the person with PTSD. Just the fact that you went to the bother to put together a kit on your own shows such thoughtfulness that it will help make the person with PTSD feel special and worthy. Those are precious feelings when you have PTSD, and of course, getting some stress-relieving products are always welcome considering the constant stress those of us with PTSD are under.


12. PTSD Warrior Charm Bracelet

This charm bracelet has some lovely charms on it, while also serving as a medical alert bracelet just in case the recipient ever has a panic attack or other serious problem that requires medical attention. It is a thoughtful gift that shows you care about the recipient’s well being as well as giving her a beautiful piece of jewelry.

PTSD Warrior Bracelet
PTSD Warrior Bracelet | Source

13. Amazon Fire

The Amazon Fire tablet is a great full-color tablet with a nice vibrant 8” screen with high contrast and sharp text. You can watch millions of movies, shows, listen to songs, read books, play games, and apps on the device. If the woman you’re giving this to has an Amazon Prime membership than she also gets access to thousands of books, magazines, movies, TV episodes, and millions of songs at no additional cost.

Alexa Show Mode lets you transform your tablet into a full-screen experience that is Alexa optimized so you can see and use it across the room. You can also make video calls or message friends and family who have compatible devices or the Alexa App.

Having distractions in your life is key for a person with PTSD. Empty thoughts are the enemy as they can easily fill with trauma. I have a Fire tablet, and I love it. It’s easy to carry around and has so much content I rarely feel I have nothing to do on it.

The new Amazon 8 Kindle
The new Amazon 8 Kindle | Source

14. Aveda Stress-fix Composition Oil

This aromatic oil contains certified organic lavender, lavandin, and clary sage to help relax and destress whoever uses it. The oil can be used in the bath, on the body, and even on the scalp. The sunflower and jojoba oils in it are very moisturizing. I have this oil, and the scent and feel of it are, indeed, very relaxing. Sometimes I like to just stay in the shower and breathe while massaging it into my scalp.

15. Custom Playlist of Their Happiest Musical Songs and Memories

This is another gift that really shows you know and care about your friend. Making a playlist of happy, upbeat, uplifting, and powerful songs for someone with PTSD can give them something to listen to when they are feeling down. Unfortunately, that feeling is all too frequent when you have PTSD, so the more options we have available to try to fend off these feelings, the better. Your friend will really appreciate your thoughtfulness at making a playlist of songs she likes that are meant to add happiness and strength to her world.

© 2018 Teeuwynn Woodruff


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    • SgtCecil profile image

      Cecil Kenmill 

      22 months ago from Osaka, Japan

      I'm impressed. There are many causes of PTSD but the gifts here are appropriate for everyone. Well done!


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