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5 Best 7-Year Copper Anniversary Gift Ideas

Always on the lookout for interesting gifts for my wife on our anniversary.

Find a copper gift for your 7th anniversary that will delight your partner.

Find a copper gift for your 7th anniversary that will delight your partner.

7-Year Anniversary: Top 5 Gift Ideas

When my wife and I celebrated our 7th anniversary, I had some shopping to do. Copper gifts are traditional for this milestone, I discovered, along with wool. I wasn't super impressed with many of the wool-related ideas I came across, but I did discover some wonderful copper items.

Romantic vs. Everyday Gifts

The way I see it, there are two ways to look at anniversary gifts, and they are each equally important. If you are shopping for your spouse, you'd better be thinking about at least one romantic gift. You know a little romance will go a long way on the anniversary!

On the other hand, it's even more thoughtful, and maybe in a way more romantic, to consider gift ideas that serve as daily reminders of the seven years you've spent together. Everyday items or decorations made of copper may seem ordinary to anyone visiting your home, but you and your spouse will know what they mean.

The Year of Copper

With this in mind, I set off in search of copper-themed gift ideas, and in this article, I'll share some of the things I found. These copper items can be used or displayed in the home or worn daily and can stand as tokens of the relationship you've built.

Seven years is nothing to sneeze at these days! You should be proud! Here are a few cool gift ideas to celebrate the occasion.

1. Copper Wind Chimes

Wind chimes seemed like a great add-on to some of the other gift ideas I had going on. They're not super expensive, but they add a lot to a garden, deck, or porch.

I chose a Woodstock Wind Chime after reading through some reviews and comparing a few different chimes. This is a company apparently founded by a Grammy-award-winning musician, so you can't go wrong there.

The chimes we received are delicate and pretty, and they sound great. They're called the Woodstock Temple Bells Quintet. My wife really enjoys them, and they've taken an honored place hanging from the eve over our back deck.

Of course, there are other copper wind chimes out there from this brand and others. Search around and find the perfect wind chime to celebrate your anniversary! Woodstock copper chimes are elegant and have a beautiful sound; they make a thoughtful gift and serve as a reminder all through the year.

2. Copper Rain Chain

The rain chain is a big step up from wind chimes and a gadget I am completely fascinated with. I didn't take the plunge on one this time, but I do think I will eventually end up with one alongside my home.

The idea is that the rain chain takes the place of the downspout from your gutter. This creates a pretty water feature that makes a pleasant sound as the rain passes through the links in the chain. You can use a copper basin at the base of the rain chain or send the water into a catch barrel for use in your garden.

Of course, the chain is adjustable by adding or subtracting links to match the height of your gutter, and there is a huge array of styles to choose from. Set up a copper rain chain and create a soothing water feature alongside your home. They come in many beautiful designs, you can customize them to the length you like and even add more accessories later on.

3. Lucky Penny Jewelry

When I discovered that copper is traditional for 7th-anniversary gifts, thoughts of presenting my wife with a massive pile of pennies crossed my mind. I eventually realized that this is a bad idea for many reasons, not the least being that pennies haven't been made of mostly copper since 1982.

But there are some very tasteful and pretty uses of copper pennies in jewelry that would make wonderful gifts. Some feature "lucky" Irish copper pennies, wheat pennies, or Indian-head pennies.

For men, look for items like copper penny wristwatches and cufflinks. I especially like some of the copper wheat penny watches I've seen. For women, consider copper earrings, pendants, and charm bracelets. A lucky Irish copper penny pendant not only commemorates the seven years you have spent together but gives you a little luck going into the next seven!

4. Moscow Mule Mugs

Have you ever heard of a Moscow Mule? This is a cocktail that was very popular back in the 1950s in America and continues to maintain a solid fan base today. Traditionally, it is served in a special copper Moscow Mule mug, and some beautiful options on the market make great gifts.

Of course, you don't have to learn how to make the drink to enjoy the mugs. You can use them for any frosty beverage.

Display them in your kitchen until they are needed for use as a bright and cheerful reminder of the seven years you've been together. Or, you may not wish to use them for beverages at all. They'd add some class as decorations on an office desktop or shelf.

If you are shopping for a couple, you may think about getting them "His and Her" copper mugs or a set of four. Every time they take a sip from their copper mug, they'll recall your thoughtful gesture.

5. Therapeutic Copper Magnetic Bracelets

You've probably seen these things around, as copper bracelets have become somewhat trendy. Copper magnetic bracelets are supposed to relieve the pain associated with arthritis or overuse injury. Many people swear by them and insist that they work miracles. What is a little less clear is how they work.

We probably shouldn't burn up our brain cells to try to figure that out. The most important point here may be that if you feel like something is helping you, that's got to be a good thing.

An even more important point is that, for both men and women, some really cool magnetic copper bracelets would make great gifts. If you are shopping for someone who plays golf or tennis or has some repetitive stress from typing or other tasks, one of these bracelets would be a thoughtful gift.

Will a magnetic copper bracelet solve someone's pain or arthritis issues? I'm sure not going to tell you it will, and someone who is in pain ought to be checking in with their doctor pronto. But these bracelets are pretty, and wearing them simply because they are attractive doesn't hurt.

Seven Years!

Seven years seems like a long time until you think about how some couples have been together for fifty or sixty years! So, what's the key to a long, happy marriage?

I'm still trying to figure it out, but I suspect being thoughtful is one of the most important things. Remembering birthdays, anniversaries, and other important occasions and going a little out of your way to make it special surely has some benefits beyond the enjoyment of the day. It's the continued bonding through the years that makes a marriage stronger.

At least, I hope all of that is true! In any event, I do know that my wife seems to appreciate it when I put some thought into a gift, as I do when she does the same.

Copper lasts, and some of the things in this article may still be around when you cut the cake at your 50th Anniversary Party.

Happy 7th Anniversary!