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4 Advantages of Using Red Ribbon for Gifts and Decorations

Abby Slutsky enjoys baking, cooking, and entertaining. She enjoys using ribbon to package many of her treats.

Red ribbon adds vibrant color and interest to gifts.

Red ribbon adds vibrant color and interest to gifts.

Red Ribbons for Gifts

If you shop for ribbons, you will face a huge selection of colors and patterns. However, red may be your best choice if you use ribbon to wrap gifts, bring attention to an event, identify luggage, embellish products you sell, etc. Initially, you may think that there is no advantage to red over any other color, but the reasons listed below are likely to change your mind.

1. Holidays Love Red

Think about the holidays you celebrate; you will see that vibrant red is associated with most of them. There are red hearts and cupids for Valentine’s Day, as the color is symbolic of love. Our flag features patriotic red, which makes it appropriate for July 4th and Memorial Day. Fall colors for Thanksgiving include brown, red, and orange. Santa’s suit is red, and Christmas showcases hues of red and green. Red ribbon is ideal for wrapping favors or decorating tables to make them festive if you are hosting a party for any of these holidays.

Red ribbon complements other personal holidays too. Engagement, anniversary, and wedding gifts look wonderful with red ribbons because the recipients will think of love when they see the color.

The ribbon is not just used to wrap gifts during the holidays, though. A wide ribbon can serve as a festive home decoration. Wrap a wide red ribbon around a banister, and the stairwell instantly looks like it is decorated for any holiday that is associated with red. Tuck flags into the ribbon for Memorial Day or holly sprigs for Christmas.

2. Red Is a Unisex Color

Some colors are seen as more feminine or masculine than others. For example, when thinking of a new baby, some associate pale blue with a boy and pink with a girl. Red is a sex-neutral color that is cheerful and upbeat.

It is perfect for decorating any birthday gift wrapping, regardless of the recipient’s sex. Use a red ribbon for a baby shower gift if the parents do not share the sex of the newborn before birth.

3. Red Ribbon Pairs Well With Other Colors

Certain colors mix well with others. For a minute, envision your wardrobe. You probably have blue, gray, tan, white, and black slacks. A red shirt will complement any of those colors well. Similarly, there are few solid colors of wrapping paper—or even patterns—that do not look good with red ribbon.

In fact, many wrapping paper patterns incorporate red because it complements so many other colors. Red ribbon will also add a festive touch to gifts wrapped in newspaper, brown packaging paper, or metallic wrapping.

Red ribbon is attractive for commercial packages or personal gifts.

Red ribbon is attractive for commercial packages or personal gifts.

4. Red Ribbon Is Eye-Catching

If you attend a party, a well-wrapped package with a red ribbon will stand out. The vibrancy of the color naturally catches the eye and invites people to take a second look. For this reason, the red ribbon is also useful commercially. Wide red ribbons can draw attention to a sale or grand opening.

Businesses can also use a thick red ribbon to indicate dangerous areas or block entryways. Attach a red ribbon to a drab sign, and it may attract additional attention.

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Consider using red as your ribbon color to identify luggage. Rather than a single bow, try a cluster of ribbons around the handle to give your ribbon more pop and visibility. In a sea of black luggage, your bag will be easy to find.

If you are constantly dropping your keys or placing them in an area where they are hard to find, a red ribbon can make your key ring easier to spot. For example, some gyms have a pegboard where members can leave their keys while they exercise.

Ribbon Shopping and Storage

If your household has limited space (or even if it does not), buy a spool of red ribbon. It will be useful for every occasion, and you will not need to store multiple rolls of ribbon in different colors. If you do have other colors, red will look beautiful with most of them if you choose to decorate your package with more than one ribbon color.

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Abby Slutsky (author) from America on July 28, 2020:

I am glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for taking the time to read.

Ankita B on July 28, 2020:

I have always liked using ribbons while packing gifts. Thank you for this wonderful article about the benefits of using red ribbons.

Abby Slutsky (author) from America on July 03, 2020:

Thanks for reading. I appreciate the comment.

Md Akbar Ali from Dhaka, Bangladesh on July 03, 2020:

Very informative. I had no ideas about the varieties of ribbons.

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