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Best Christmas Presents for Seven-Year-Old Boys

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What Do Seven-Year-Old Boys Want For Christmas?

For months, I have listened closely to my seven-year-old son's Christmas wishes. A few items are mentioned more often than others. Here's what you need to know.

1. Video Games

Boys at this age love video games! You will first have to see what video gaming platform they have already before picking out a game. Do they have a Nintendo, Xbox, or Playstation? What type of each do they have? Do they have a PS4, a Wii U, Nintendo Switch, or a handheld like a 3DS? You will need to buy games for that gaming system unless you want to buy a brand-new system; in that case, I recommend the Nintendo Switch. Kids can play it on the go or connect it to the TV to play on a larger screen.

Since there are so many great video games out there, I am going to break it down even further in the following paragraphs.

The Mario universe includes a number of games, all of which feature the same cast of recognizable characters.

The Mario universe includes a number of games, all of which feature the same cast of recognizable characters.

a. Mario Games

You cannot go wrong with Mario games. These are found on Nintendo systems. Mario, Luigi, the Princesses, Toad, and Yoshi go through different worlds to save the day and beat the evil King Koopa. Each game has similar characters that the kids get to know as they play all of the Mario games.

A couple of the Mario characters are the main characters of their own games (like Yoshi and Toad). Some of the new and popular Mario games that have come out recently are Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8.

The new game that was just released recently is called Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. It is already getting great ratings and just looking at the information on it, it looks like a lot of fun!

b. Pokemon Games

Like Mario, Pokémon has been popular for many years. My son is just starting to show interest in Pokémon games this year. The characters from the Pokémon show come to life in the video games, where they go on adventures with many interesting characters.

Since this is the first year my son has shown interest, I do not know much about them except that he and all of his friends talk about them all the time and want all the games, books, and movies for Pokemon.

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c. Minecraft

What is great about Minecraft is that it brings out creativity and ingenuity. Another great thing is that the game gets kids to read more often. My son keeps asking for more Minecraft books from the library because he wants to look through them to get ideas of things he could build and find secret tips.

Minecraft starts out as a blank slate. The player has to build the place up, build tools and create pretty much everything in the story. When day goes to night, the predators come out. They also have to watch so they do not fall down cliffs that they have made or drown in lakes that they have made. The more the place is built up, the more action the players see.

2. Legos

Legos have been around for decades, but they have changed. Now you can build anything. You could build the White House, Minecraft lands, Ninjago scenes, or cities. The options are endless. Now, they have kits that include everything to make a certain structure.

It will keep your seven-year-old boy busy for days and they are a lot of fun to do together. Now that they are older, the pieces are smaller and they have many more options.

3. Science Kits

What boy doesn't like to find out how things work? Science kits are great hands-on learning tools and the kids using them have so much fun that they do not even know that it is educational!

One of my son's favorite type of science kits are the geology kits. The kit usually comes with a few rocks, a small (safe) hammer, and goggles. They hammer at the rocks until they break open and find the gems inside. They can then look up what type of gems they found.

The weather kit was another hit. We put the kit outside to get information on the weather. It would tell us the temperature, humidity, wind speed, and how much rain fell. It was very interesting and it came with a book about the weather that was easy to follow and had tons of great information.

If your seven-year-old boy is a hands-on learner with an inquisitive mind, a science kit is a great gift!

Gift Idea Chart

Video GamesScience KitsBooks


Rock Geology Kit

Books about favorite games


Weather Kit



Science Experiment Kit

Dr. Seuss books

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Melanie Casey (author) from Indiana on December 12, 2014:

Thanks! I couldn't think of anything to write about until today, but today I was able to write two articles! Can you tell I'm in the Christmas shopping spirit?! There are a few gifts above that I wouldn't mind having either. (-:

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on December 12, 2014:

It's good to see a new article from you, my friend. Welcome back. I happen to know a couple 30-year old kids who would like some of these gifts as well. :)

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