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7 Best Gift Ideas for 13-Year-Old Girls

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Guides for planning themed parties are my specialty as well as gift guides.

Here are some great gift ideas for the new teenager in your life!

Here are some great gift ideas for the new teenager in your life!

What Presents Do 13-Year-Old Girls Want?

Buying gifts for people can be a hard task, but trying to find a great present for a 13-year-old girl can prove to be especially difficult.

The gift you select for them should fulfill the following requirements:

  • Trendy
  • Aligns with their interests
  • Feels more like a gift for an adult than a child

Based on these criteria, you can see that toys are more or less out of the question. The girl you're buying for may be thrilled to get a stuffed animal from a friend (especially if that friend is a boy), but a plushie from a grown-up would likely make them feel childish.

With these principles in mind, browse this list of popular presents amongst early teens. My niece gave her input on what girls tend to want these days, but read on with your specific recipient's interests in mind. Hopefully, this list will help you come up with ideas, inspire you to find the perfect gift, and bring a smile to a 13-year-old girl's face!

Hair chalk allows you to change hair color temporarily for up to three days!

Hair chalk allows you to change hair color temporarily for up to three days!

Hair Products

If your 13-year-old isn’t ready for makeup, it doesn’t mean she has no other way of expressing herself and changing her looks in other ways. Hair products are quite popular with teenagers because they let you change up your look any day of the week. Here are a few hair products a teen girl in your life may enjoy.

  • Hair Chalk: This beauty product allows your teen to color their hair and is great if they want highlights or to dye their hair a different color. I think hair chalk is one of the coolest (and budget-friendly) items you can get for a 13-year-old. My niece loves using it to create a pink-ombre effect on her blonde hair. It lasts up to three days if you don’t wash it off!
  • Styling Wand: If she has straight hair, this styling wand is the perfect way for them to change up their look. It does a great job of adding instant curls, and she can try a new ‘do every day. I still remember the day when I first got my curling wand. I couldn't wait to use it and felt like a diva with my perfect curls at school. The wand gets very hot, so make sure to get a heat-proof glove to prevent accidental burns when they try using it.
  • Gift Certificates: If you want to make sure your teen loves and uses her gift, let her pick it out or ask her for a few places where she enjoys shopping. Getting her a gift certificate to a place like Claire’s or Sephora would be a great present and a win-win for everyone.
Onesies or cute pajamas are a fashionable and practical gift.

Onesies or cute pajamas are a fashionable and practical gift.

Pajamas and Onesies

Sleepovers are likely an important social event in your teen's life. Give her an adorable onesie or stylish pajamas to make her the envy of her friends, or let her friends know where you got them so everyone can match!

Whatever you choose, make sure the design and style are trendy. Make it a complete set by adding fuzzy socks and slippers to create a winning gift.

Clothing is a great gift idea that allows her to express her style and personality.

Clothing is a great gift idea that allows her to express her style and personality.


It's a tricky business picking out clothes that your 13-year-old girl wants to wear to school or when spending time with her friends. It's easier if she picked the clothing pieces, so you don't end up buying something she dislikes. You can make the shopping experience a gift and go with her to the mall with a specific budget in mind. That way, she gets clothing she'll actually wear, and you'll get to spend more time with her.

If the thought of shopping daunts you, a gift certificate to her favorite clothing store is a great alternative. She has the freedom to buy what she likes, and you can be the cool person who allows her to update her wardrobe!

Nail art is an inexpensive and creative way for your teen to experiment with style and design.

Nail art is an inexpensive and creative way for your teen to experiment with style and design.

Nail Art Supplies

I can't even count how many nail polish bottles my niece owns. She really enjoys painting her nails, and they always look great. Her friends love to do their nails too, and some of them are true artists who display detailed masterpieces on their nailbeds.

If your 13-year-old girl already has many nail polishes, try the following ideas:

  • Nail stickers
  • Nail stamp set
  • Mani-pedi appointment

I know my niece loves when I bring her anything related to nail art. Gifting a large set of unique nail polish colors will make her scream with joy, and you'll be the best gift-giver in the world if you add a nail stamp kit for her to try.

If you want a bonding experience with your teen, make an appointment for a professional manicure and pedicure date. She'll enjoy the pampering and attention, and you’ll get to spend an awesome afternoon of quality time together.

Book Gifts

Book Gifts


These days, reading is a trendy pastime. Between Divergent, The Hunger Games, The Fault in Our Stars, and other young adult novels being adapted into movies, you plenty of books to choose from! If she’s already worked her way through the popular novels, you may need to dig a little deeper to find a new series she’ll love.

Here are unique books she may be interested in:

  • The Grisha Trilogy: Written by Leigh Bardugo, this series takes place in an alternate version of Russia in the nineteenth century. The land is racked by war and ruled by a powerful group of magicians called the Grisha. The heroine, Alina Starkov, discovers a long-lost magical power in herself that could set her war-torn country on the path to peace. Alina is whisked away from her humble home to the capital to train as a Grisha and serve the Darkling, the Grisha’s mysterious leader. This series is so entertaining that you’ll want to keep it for yourself. It’s well-written, funny, and depicts a detailed world you’ll want to explore even more.
  • Eleanor & Park: Rainbow Rowell wrote this realistic novel about a star-crossed pair of sixteen-year-olds in 1980s Omaha. Set over the course of a school year, it tells the story of first love between the misfit Eleanor and the half-Korean Park—two people who don’t fit in with the crowd but somehow to fit together. Eleanor & Park is an amazing story by a gifted writer that will have your teen swooning for days.
  • The Catcher in the Rye: This is a classic written by the talented J.D. Salinger. The main character, Holden Caulfield, is a cynical and jaded teen that guided many teenagers today through adolescence. He may not be the best role model, and the novel may feel a little dated (no smartphones!), but if your 13-year-old girl is anything like I was, she’ll think Salinger was writing just for her.


ill be 13 in two days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on August 02, 2020:

the only thing that is true is clothes so.............

13th weirdo on May 17, 2020:

I do not want anythin on this list exc3pt for nail polish which i can get on my own so theres no point

Almost 13 year old on May 05, 2020:

I still want American Girl Dolls the “trendy stuff” is terrible

I’m a 13 year old werido on April 28, 2020:

Eh to girly :/

13 year old girl teenager on April 24, 2020:

I just looking for clothes websites do any of you know any

13 years of age girl on January 12, 2020:

I was looking for something more specific...

... on December 14, 2019:

I don’t want anthing here but the hair chalk

this is like listening to jo jo siwa on repeat on November 19, 2019:

no offence but I dont really want this...thanks

Disapointed Teen on November 12, 2019:

Yeah no thanks

a teenager on November 05, 2019:

If your name is stepdad and you commented 4 years ago, then you are an absolute idiot. mind your own business and let us post our opinions.

a teenager on November 05, 2019:

um, no. like books r ok, but like, who even wears hair chalk anymore dude? And all this stuff is for girly girls. Like c'mon! Not everyone is addicted to makeup, and sparkles and rainbows! plus all this stuff is gross and little kidish. try harder next time.

13 year old on October 15, 2019:

In my opinion only the clothes and nail polish for girly girls and the books from where I’m from no one likes books not even me books are boring

Wii Matt on March 11, 2019:


Teenager on November 16, 2018:

From my experience clothes are the worst gift to give a teenager

14 year old on October 01, 2018:

Books and onesies are an amazing idea. Clothing meh. Hair chalk and nail supplies... no thanks.

fjkhrye on August 16, 2018:

make one for 11 year olds

Kat the 13 year old. on July 26, 2018:

Yea... No.

I only like the clothes and books on this list. Some more books I would recommend:

The Hunger Games Trilogy


The Divergent Series.

13 year old on July 22, 2018:

I said no to most of these but only the onesie is the thing we want.

13 year old on July 10, 2018:

i mean... you tried.

!# Year old girl on June 29, 2018:

The writing was very well done, but the content list is a very wacky aunt and although I wouldn't be mad to receive books and pj's, I would much prefer more grown-up things, and to be able to choose my own clothes. This is just my opinion of so please don't take offense.

12 year old on June 29, 2018:

I soooo disagree with this!!! First of all, I don’t like to read! Second of all all this stuff is super childish! 12 year olds want to feel less childish and more adult like!!! Get them like a phone, phone accessories, some new makeup, room decor!! More stuff to make them feel like a teen! It’s depressing when all your friends have all that cool new makeup and stuff and you are wearing my little pony pajamas and playing on your tablet that you have had since you were 6!! Also, let them pick what they wanna wear!! When other people pick out my clothes and make me wear them it makes me MAD

12 wants phone for 13th birthday on June 28, 2018:

seriously if your daughter doesn't have a phone get that for her guarantee she'll want one! And if you arre worried about saftey and security make her have her door open anytime she uses it!

12 year old girl going to be 13 whose parents won’t get her a phone on May 29, 2018:

Ok so I’m going to be 13 soon but I act like I’m 13. The thing is my parents won’t get me a phone and I’m hoping that they will. So I recommend to all the parents get ur kids a phone SERIOUSLY! UNLESS U WANT THEM TO BE ALL DEPRESSED STOP LIVING LIKE WE ARE BORN IN THE 1800S SERIOULSLY. I am pretty sure every teenager agrees with me

12 act like 13 year old girl on May 26, 2018:

I'm turning 12 but i act like I am 13 and I wouldn't want these things also I don't like iPhones I like Samsung s but also they are like 700 dollars more. Also hair things like chalk is stupid I also have nair things.the only thing helpful was the books I like to read so I'm going to ask for the mocking bird books

13 year old girl on May 19, 2018:

This is not true. Most of these things are childish. Books? BOOKS!?! All 13 year olds already have nail polish. Hair chalk, Seriously? Pajamas are childish and parents never know what clothes their kids like sooo.

Photokat on April 05, 2018:

Guys, I am a parent and did a search to get ideas on what to buy a 13-year old classmate of my daughter's. Many of your comments are very funny and quite helpful. But, "phones, iPads..." Really, guys? A phone is $700-800. An iPad about $300. Could you help us out with some ideas that are in the $50-$100 range?? Maybe even a few ideas in the $35 range for those of us who are not loaded? I love the idea of movie tickets and gift cards.

A 13 year old girl on April 01, 2018:

This is NOT helpful at all. I am 13 and I would not like to get any of these things, I have enough nail polish, I don’t like to read, I don’t want hair chalk ( childish ), clothes ( a girl needs to choose these herself and it’s her 13th birthday get something exciting) and pyjamas are way too childish we’re not 8 anymore. I RECOMEND getting her a phone or a phone accessory, Polaroid camera, makeup or maybe just take her and her friends out to the movies ( DO NOT SIT WITH THEM OR EVEN BETTER JUST DROP THEM OFF) or let her have a sleepover with a bunch of friends but. DO NOT INTERFERE WOTH WHAT THEIR DOING, JUST LET THEM BE). This is a much better example of what a teenage girl would want for their birthday.

Purplemango on March 06, 2018:

It's not the best choices for teenagers..... they want something that will entertain them and make them feel confident

Teen Girl on February 26, 2018:

They should add phones

just me on January 27, 2018:

guys, obviously this list isnt for some people, but this is a really good website for parents who want a general idea for what to get for their child. i found this really helpful.

Ram on January 26, 2018:

I love this it has really given me a lot of ideas for my birthday presents

13 year old girl on January 15, 2018:

I searched this up because I have no idea what I want for my birthday. To be honest, clothes wouldn't be good because I have so many, like a lot of girls do. Nail polish, I can make a store out of my collection. Hair products are just lame, I mean, most girls want to dye their hair not colour it for a hour then have it go away. Books make sense, but not books we have already read or the books that are now movies that we have already seen. To be honest, a lot of girls don't want books because we never end up reading them anyways. We probably read the books online. PJ's and onzies are for little kids. I know a lot of girls hate them. They are cute when we are 8. That might even be pushing it.

To be completely honest, I wouldn't want anything on this list because I've probably already seen it, read it, wore it or used it.

I am a girl who dyes her hair every 3 months because I like the colour I chose. I am a girl who doesn't read many books unless they are popular.

If your not sure, I suggest just bringing your soon to be 13 year old girl to the movies with some of her friends. PS. don't sit with them.

Jo on January 14, 2018:

Love it

someone on January 06, 2018:

this is not very good for a 13 year old girl! my younger sister is 7 and she has those hair products! I have a 13 year old sister and she hates that stuff!

MR on December 03, 2017:

I HIGHLY SUGGEST NOT GETTING CLOTHES!! Every girl feels different about her body. Let's say that she has a D cup bra size and you bought her a bathing suit she will probably cry of her body.

A To-Be 13 Year Old on October 31, 2017:

I was looking for gifts for my friend and I wrote down almost all the ideas. To be honest, I had more fun reading the comments than the actual article. Sure, it was kind of stereotypical, but the author put effort into coming up with a list. Notice the beginning? About how buying gifts can be hard since we're all different? For all you girls who are complaining, you're proving the author's point perfectly and keep in mind, this article was mostly written for parents who don't know what to buy their growing girls. Don't complain about not being understood when you're not trying to understand the author or your parents when they get you gifts you "don't like". Have a nice day!

Paige on November 24, 2016:

I think the list is not bad sure i dont think it is the best for me i would rather get building tools or something like that. but i do know my sister would love some new nail polish or other things on this list so i dont hate it

Peyton on October 12, 2016:

Okay i am 13 and i hate this stuff (besides the books) this is steriotyping girls and i hate when people say we have to like nail polish and pink AND MORE PINK and dresses and skirts and everything else in this article basically i personally am a tomboy and like video games and comics and the color blue and black and hats and i hate dresses and skirts.

sapling on October 12, 2016:

I would not want anything from here and I am soon to be 13 the only thing that gave me an idea for my list was the clothes as I do want some nice pj's- which I wanted already this only reminded me :(

Charlotte on August 13, 2016:

I'm not trying to judge, but I do agree most of this stuff is not what most teenager girls want. Most girls nowadays prefer gift cards or electronics. I personally like anime, gift cards(itunes), electronics, clothes, and some sports things. Also this list may or may not be very offending to some girls, as well as stereotypical. Again I know this is your neices opinion and I'm not trying to change or be rude about it, I'm just saying you should keep an open mind to this stuff and not be so blant and stereotypical. ;)

gina on May 27, 2016:

this is the most stereotyipical thing ever!! i would rather have concert tickets or a book than all theese stuck up diva girl stuff

Emgslish on March 08, 2016:

And by the way, I dont think we are being snobby, I think we are trying not to be treated like we are little kids. And we also think we can be treated more grown up. Some kids just want more responsibility for cryin out loud! So if u think all of us who think we are not being snobby like me, then good for you. But if you think we ARE being snobby, well then you need to chill out, relax, and re-think your opinion. Because we are NOT being snobby, we just dont wanna be treated like little kids anymore. And it may sound like I am being mean, but I'm not trying to. But if i am, well then i apoligize. But you really DO need to calm down. OK?

Emglish on March 08, 2016:

Hey. My birthday is in two days, and I agree with most of these other 13 year olds, and 14 year olds too! Most of us dont like this type of stuff and just because we r going thru puberty, does NOT mean we r snobby and stuck up. And I like to paint my nails and do all that stuff, but i dont like to be a snobby, stuck up teen who thinks that she can do anything just because she is a teenager. ok?

Its worry on December 27, 2015:

I don't want hair products I want phones iPad Mac books stuff like that this list is bad

Aaaa on November 25, 2015:

I dont know what to get for christmas im 13 and i think i have everything .. I feel like i dont need much more ._.

Adriana on November 25, 2015:

I'm a 13 year old tomboy I don't like any of that stuff. I like work boots and get dirty.

Sophia on November 22, 2015:

This is very in accurate, i am 13 and who uses hair chalk?

A on November 20, 2015:

I think I enjoyed these comments more than the article......

SGHShannon on November 19, 2015:

people are not calling you a girly girl or whatever, this is just what a specific girl or a few specific girls like and it is meant to inspire you and give you ideas not tell you to be someone you're not.

Izzy on October 10, 2015:

well, honestly i'm not a "GirlyGirl" more of a horse-back rider, band, gamer, geek/nerd, hippy, artsy girl. I'd just like: new horse pick, couple of band and comic T's, some anime stuff, SuperNatural stuff, necklace, maybe some new B.O.B.s, and a small party with my friends. I am not really a fan of pink (although P!nk is good) and i don't expect anything expensive. Just pick a present you think they'll like and make it come from your heart. That's what I call a great present.

Jen on October 05, 2015:

hey to everyone who commented who actually cares what you think and if you don't like this site then move on no need to be rude and if your 15 or 14 then why are you on this site like seriously grow up do you have anything better to do in the world then be rude! Their just trying to help!!

Molly on September 27, 2015:

I am 13, and I am not trying to be rude, but not all of these things are very accurate, most 13 year old girls want things like clothes, shoes, giftcards and electronics. Once again just trying to help.

stepdad on September 17, 2015:

I think that the best gift that 90% of you ungrateful divas could receive would be an english book! I understand that these are comments on an internet website, but come on! Also, if you do not like these SUGGESTIONS, maybe leave some ideas that you would like. People that are here are trying to find ideas that would please you! I thank god that my daughter is grateful for the things she gets and does not act like this!

Crazycajun on August 29, 2015:

Oh my gosh hhaahhaabaha i really enjoyed reading all these little diva comments in all their little teen attitude voices. Hanging out with my bestie, trying to get ideas for both our daughters bc they literally said "idk" when we asked them what they want. So we caved and looked up ideas, after a few drinks.

some of the things we are like oh he**no or oh she's grown out of that, but then when we got to the comments, and I'm reading all of these with different voices and attitudes. ...some girls come off cool but some of you girls mostly the ones denying to be divas and demanding spendy gifts, things as a 30 year old that I've never even had for myself; you girls... you had freaking hilarious voices through me. Thanks for creaking us up! !! And then when Dad spoke up? That was epic

- on August 05, 2015:

Everyone calm down with saying the ideas are bad, they might not be for you so click on something else, I personally love theses ideas hair chalk is cool, and I already have a curling wand, its not bad to own one chill guys!

Janelle on July 04, 2015:

I think girls these days expect too much. I'm not the richest on the planet and therefore I don't expect a phone or a new laptop every Christmas. If you don't like any of these ideas then don't read this. If you like them, that's good for you because 13 year olds today act like 17 year olds. That's not right. I'm 11. I probably act like 15. Its not right. I'm not being offensive but I just want those rich people to know that they are lucky but they shouldn't have to take advantage of it.

Whoever has read this far, I thank you.


Janelle an 11 year old girl.

Charlie on June 01, 2015:

I'm 10 turning 11 and I think this stuff is babyish. What I want is a tripod for my video camera and a phone. I also want some clothes to send to our family's sponsor child.

Dollface on April 02, 2015:

Okay, yeah. this list isn't the best.

I , like most of the other kiddos commenting am a 13 year old girl.

Its true that I want nearly nothing on this list and I personally think a lot of girls would be disappointed upon receiving hair chalk (its never worked well for me)

Or any other basic crap that's just an assumption based off the 13 year old stereotypes. But to be fair, are any lists for "gift ideas" accurate? they hardly ever are.

i cant say I really agree with the way they phrase things to make it seem as if we're all boy crazy divas pretending to be adults, who are foolish.

that's a bit rude yeah.

In the end if you wanna get a kid a nice gift, if you know them give something relating to intrests an hobbies, if you don't basic crap like stated above, is a safe bet.

Teagan on March 29, 2015:

This Website does not have anything I would want. Im 13 and these gifts are terrible. I have nevr heard of chalk hair. Id rather get a new phone.

a 13 year old girl on March 27, 2015:


This is all wrong were is all the






And DIY supplies

Seriously did a 50 year old make this list or something?

Wynona on March 25, 2015:

id always be fine if someone got me something old like a quill pen from the 1800's or a dress from the early-mid 1900s. Is that weird?

Shirley on March 08, 2015:

Dude, I'm turning 13 in a week and I don't know what I want. And I'm not in the mood for getting nothing.

AVERY on March 04, 2015:

guys this is just someone's opinion

AbbyXoxo on March 01, 2015:

this list is a good IDEA of what MIGHT teen girls would like. Everybody is different so not everybody is going to like these gifts. If you're into sports then get a basketball or volleyball or whatever sport your into. If you like books then get a bunch of book. You like makeup or a spa day? Create a little bucket of makeup and nail polish and stuff. It's not that hard to think of some gifts and if you don't like these ideas then go to other sites don't just complain about.

Leaf on February 08, 2015:

It's not like every single girl in the world wants makeup and perfume etc. There are tomboys out in the world like me who would hate receiving any of these items.

A Teen on January 30, 2015:

To everyone out there: yes, we teens are complaining, and that probably makes us sound like brats. But really, what we're trying to say is that we hate being lumped into one group of people, regardless of our own interests. It's like saying, "Every guy likes sports." True, there are guys who like sports, but it is far from all guys! As to the "diva" comment, it's probably something that meant one thing to the author, but another to the reader. It doesn't mean that the author meant to insult us, it just is no longer is something teens want to be called, regardless of the former meaning. We're not trying to be ungrateful; we just don't all fit the same mold. Despite good intentions, the author did group us together, and that offends us. Please stop saying that we are brats, because we aren't trying to be ungrateful, we just don't like being stereotyped. Sorry for the long comment!

Cynthia on January 29, 2015:

To all the teenagers complaining, I think you might be taking this article a little too personally. Yes, there are flaws seeing as the writer calling 13 year old "divas" is a prettty big generalization. But in terms of ideas, it is a pretty good article. It include every single thing that different girls want, but it has a good variety of things. You all are complaining about it not being accurate, but then you go and say that you want something that is already mentioned in the article. And there is no need to be rude to moms commenting about their own daughters if they are being respectful. So please relax, and if you would like to make helpful suggestions then do.

seriously on December 27, 2014:

i completely agree with the "14 year old girl" above.

Old Lady on December 23, 2014:

I am a twenty-something who thought she was the cool aunt but am now realizing that must be SO OLD after reading the comments. I think this is a great list, but apparently we are out of touch LOL! So funny.

Kailee on December 22, 2014:

Hmm...well I'm, too, a 13 year old girl. I think that these other girls are getting a bit...worked up. You need to understand that the parents aren't "13-14 year old girls" and may not know what we want nowadays. Cut them some slack (at least they are getting you a gift overall.) It's the thought that counts and personally, I'd take a hug for Christmas. Parents- consider maybe a visa gift card that can be used anywhere or amazon gift credit if you have no idea what to get.

14 YEAR OLD GIRL on December 22, 2014:

lol I'm 14 and while anything is obviously appreciated, I've asked for none of these items. I'll help clue you in with the information as follows:

Camera: these days, everyone wants to be "tumblr." tumblr is a social media site but has been used as an adjective as of late. I asked for a polaroid camera, but a bunch of my friends wanted something more high-end, like a Nikon Rebel T3I (really expensive, I'll tell you now). But any HIGH QUALITY DIGITAL camera should suffice.

Books: I don't even have time to read anymore -- I have so much homework! books that are in right now are The Mortal Instruments series, ANYTHING by John Green (especially Paper Towns), Divergent series, Maze Runner series, The Giver series, really anything that has recently been made into a movie.


Shoes: everyone is into Hunter boots, Sperry's, Jack Roger's, Madden Boots, etc. most of the designer brands lol.

Tech: ya you guessed it everyone wants an iphone 6 sorry

Beauty/Makeup: sephora giftcard?? no girl has enough money to go out and buy brand-name makeup so you could be her hero real quick. also, girls probably already borrow their mom's straightener or curler so why waste $60+???

That's really it, I mean you could hit up her social media or her friends but lately everyone wants clothes and/or something techy (most of my friends asked for a laptop, but my family of 3 just shares one so idc)

A Dad on December 21, 2014:

I'm here looking for ideas and all I have read is how these ideas suck. How about letting us know what is a good idea, your own short wish list. You are not being very helpful. We know we don't know what you want or we wouldn't be looking at this site.

Person on December 21, 2014:

This list is not extremely helpful for gift ideas...

MUM on December 21, 2014:

I think a lot of you girls who have commented need to go back and read the list again 'this stuff sucks - get me a gift card (on the list under clothes), 'We want electronics' (on the list also). 'I only want books' (on the list under Hunger Game Trilogy). Just remember someone special has come here searching for ideas for you. They want to put thought into the gift because they want to please you. The person who compiled the list has also put in a lot of thought and covered all the bases. Overall - be kind to all. xx

Bea on December 20, 2014:

While I am annoyed at the stereotypes of people my age and gender, and that the article does make a few assumptions, it's not like every 13 year old girl wants the same thing- plus, it's just some suggestions, right? I came here looking for ideas for my Xmas wishlist, and I do like most of the things on the list- especially like Expressively Yours bracelet. There seems to be quite a few people overreacting here, and by that I mean both the parents and the teens.

rebekah on December 17, 2014:

you do know little divas means young woman growing up right?

Dana on December 17, 2014:

WTF is up with these 12 year old kids acting like adults? These comments are so annoying. A bunch of children trying to comment on how they're all misunderstood and aren't really spoilt brats by acting like spoilt brats is just silly. Seriously I am scared for life and never want children

Charlotte on December 14, 2014:

Ok seriously these are just suggestions I'm a 13 year old girl and theres only a couple of things I like on that list but you don't need to make a big deal about it if you don't like what's on the list that's ok its just to help guide people to know what they want to get others

Delph on December 14, 2014:

LOL! It's funny hearing the kids say "you adults don't know what it's like" - listen kids, we've been there already...yes we do. It's like saying "you don't know what it's like to have eaten at McDonalds!" Ummmm...actually we do. "Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt - next..." Whether you're 13, or 14...whatever age - we've already done it. Only difference is the trends...those change. Now they have Chipotle wraps instead of just your standard Big Mac...

Nik on December 14, 2014:

Really people? All you parents need to GROW UP! Yeah, we're 13 year old girls and we want expensive things! If you were our age you would completely agree! You used to have been our age but guess what? A WHOLE LOT has changed! Things aren't the way they used to be! Especially people like "A disgusted Mom", "Val" , "Dad", you guys need to chill out! We know that we're not going to get everything we asked for, and I'm certain every one of us will appreciate everything we get so just calm down it's not like it's the end of the world!

- Coming from a non-diva 13 hear old girl

Ana on December 13, 2014:

From the comments i have read u are acting like divas

Kunte Lee on December 13, 2014:

Some were good and some were for 10 year olds...but nice try...and Merry Christmas! xoxo


Baleigh on December 13, 2014:

Im gonna be 13... in Febuary...all of you are complaining, but someone worked hard to put this list together....stop being spoilled and start thanking God you get stuff for Christmas...after all its not your bday....

A disgusted Mom on December 12, 2014:

Talk about entitlement "money, more expensive things, electronics, Uggs, Northface…" And you're complaining about the label Diva? That's a kind term given that your words demonstrate spoiled brats and that said, coal being what you deserve…

Jenna on December 08, 2014:

Maybe you should get her just a giftcard to somewhere. Maybe a sweatshirt or a beanie. Or if you can't find a gift, maybe just money.

Mom on December 08, 2014:

Hi Girls. My 14 year old son has a girlfriend for about two weeks now. Can you give me some ideas of what he should get her for Christmas? I'm buying the gift and he won't tell me much about her so I'm not sure what she's into. I was thinking maybe a silver heart ring? Or Alex and Ani bracelet(is that still in style?)Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

No name on December 07, 2014:

Just appreciate everything u have

Merry Christmas!!

caitlyn. on December 02, 2014:

to be quite honest, this makes us sound like brats. im 13. although a lot of us are divas (we all know it.) but a lot of us would rather have electronics or something in that range. here are some ideas that i came up with: penny board, camera, vans, beanies, phone cases, gift cards, boots, band sweatshirts (must have for me.), gift cards, and more. why don't some of us just list some ideas instead of hating on these?

420 on November 30, 2014:

What teenage girls, and sometimes boys, want more then anything else is to feel like a special snowflake. Comments above me will prove it.

Hattie on November 29, 2014:

lol im just looking up ideas for my Christmas list and come along this site. and i am a 13 year old girl, as a matter of fact I am a little diva at times and I know it! you all are getting offended just because it's true hahah lighten up! it's the holidays. they are just suggestions so if you don't like any of it keep searching! some may like it, some may not. we all have our opinions(: I think these are great ideas. but here are some more! this is what I have so far on my list : uggs, patagonia, 5c otter box case, cute tennis shoes, chi straightener, some cute gloves & hat, also gift cards to Starbucks, American eagle, Aeropostale, charolette russe, Victoria secret ETC! just suggestions guys. don't get your panties in a wad. HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMASSSS

sj on November 29, 2014:

This was hilarious to read, as I am a 13 year old girl and agree that these gifts may not be the best but its the thought that counts…

SAJ on November 29, 2014:

This was hilarious to read, as I am a 13 year old girl and agree that these gifts may not be the best but its the thought that counts…

Liane on November 29, 2014:

These comments are quite entertaining! Haha

Katelyn on November 28, 2014:

I don't see the problem with this list. It's not exactly the things I would ask for, but some people like that kind of stuff. It's not like someone is gonna get you that exact same stuff. So get over it!

hilla on November 25, 2014:

Megan you shouldn't get anything for Christmas because your acting like a spoiled brat.

shannon on November 25, 2014:

Hey i am 15 in 2 weeks, if none of these items/ ideas don't apply to you then why don't you look on other websites its quite clear you wouldn't appreciate these items if you recived them off parents or guardians. Remember not everyone recives anything on Christmas, people can't afford things like ...

-ipads or tablets

-Apple Imac or computer/ laptops

-Iphone or any phone

Just appreciate everything you get, even if it's a 'PENCIL' with your name on it, thanks for reading :)

julie on November 24, 2014:

Calm down if would read many u would know what she meant she said "where i come from Little divas means a young women -growing up

Maddison on November 24, 2014:

Everybody needs to calm down I like the list except hair chalk I don't like tht but if u wanna complain make it reasonable im 13 and yeah I'm a little bit of a brat so just deal with u all sound like spoiled brats so yeah get over urself ( see im a brat oh and Dad shut up no one needs your input)

hailey on November 23, 2014:

I don't see the prob with u guys i'm 13 and I love this stuff they're not calling us divas there expressing what they think I agree with alyssa

Alyssa on November 22, 2014:

Guys chill. These are actually reasonable gifts and yes I am 13 too and I wouldn't like some of these things like the clothes because I never like what I get when it comes to clothes, but she has a daughter and she was refremcing this stuff off of her daughter and ur siblings can go off of what they think u would like. These are just ideas, to get you started, not definite buys