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Best Christmas, Birthday, or Just-Because Gifts for 11-Year-Old-Girls

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Guides for planning themed parties are my specialty as well as gift guides.

Top Gifts & Toys for 11- to 12-Year-Old Girls

Top Gifts & Toys for 11- to 12-Year-Old Girls

What Gifts Do 11-Year-Old Girls Want?

They sure do grow up fast, don't they? If you have an 11-year-old girl at home, you’re already getting a sneak-peek at what the next few years will be like as she becomes a full-fledged teenager. Trends change so rapidly, that knowing what to get her can be pretty tricky.

It’s like your 11-year-old has already outgrown toys, and her world is starting to revolve around teen fashion, beauty, and whatever pop idols are currently on the scene. If you know which singer or group is her favourite, then getting her anything associated with them will make her scream and jump up and down.

If you need a bit more help, then this list will give you some great gift ideas. I compiled it with the help of a group of 11- to 12-year-olds I work with and they've helped me in finding out what girls at this age want and what makes them happy.

Get a Rainbow Loom for Your 11-Year-Old Artisan

Most 11-year-old girls love wearing bracelets and necklaces and they love even more to make them themselves. That way they get to be creative and make the exact thing that they want.

Currently, Rainbow Loom is the hit among teens and pre-teens as they love making their rubber band accessories and all the other cute little things you can make with it. There are thousands of tutorials on how to loom something on Rainbow Loom on Youtube so they will be making loomed masterpieces in no time.

One Amazing Rainbow Loom Tutorial


Plush Animals

If you know there's an animal she really likes, be sure to get that as a plush toy. Stuffed toys are still acceptable, but they can't look too childish; pink animals are acceptable, and favourites include cats, horses and bears.

When I was a kid I had an obsession with killer whales (did you know they are actually dolphins and not whales?) and when I got a plush one I was overjoyed. It was my favourite plush of them all (until I got a pink unicorn a few year later).

One Direction. Your 11-year-old's crush.

One Direction. Your 11-year-old's crush.

They Will Love a Gift With Their Favourite Pop Star on It

But be careful as while most girls do like mainstream pop music, there are also quite a few rockers out there. Some of the more favourite picks of theirs are Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez. One Direction, Jessie J, Justin Bieber, etc.

Posters, bracelets, and biographies are always greatly appreciated, but there's nothing an 11-year-old girl would want more than a ticket to see her favourite band or singer (you being right there with them of course, so be sure to bring your earplugs!).

Books Make a Great Gift

Lots of 11-year-olds love to read, so books are always a great gift. Even if your 11-year-old doesn’t enjoy reading, the right book can still make a great present.

  • My Sister the Vampire by Sienna Mercer: My friend’s daughter wasn’t really into books, but for her birthday my friend got her My Sister the Vampire and it was an absolute hit! The book is written for pre-teens so there’s no real horror: just a light fun read. It was the first book in a series and the daughter is still continuing to read the sequels. I gave it a read myself and I have to say it was really entertaining. It has a fun way of addressing the issues preteens are facing (fitting into society, making new friendships, being different. accepting the different, etc.)
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There are also a bunch of other wonderful books you could get. I think the two below are fantastic, and the 11-year-olds I know agree:

  • 11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass: This is kind of like the movie Groundhog Day for the tween set. The main character Amanda doesn’t have the best 11th birthday because she’s on the outs with her best friend Leo. So Amanda keeps repeating her birthday over and over again until she can figure out how to repair her friendship. It’s a really funny, touching little novel.
  • Splendors and Gloom by Laura Amy Schlitz: This supernatural mystery/thriller set in Victorian London will have your daughter reading under her covers with the flashlight in order to find out what happens next. It involves the master puppeteer, Grisini and his two orphaned assistants who must clear their name when the daughter of a wealthy doctor goes missing after one of Grisini’s performances. A real page-turner!

Another Toy They'll Fall in Love With


They Love Doing Their Nails

The more colorful the more fun! Kits with lots of nail polishes and nail stickers will make them really happy. These are super popular at sleepovers where girls do each other's nails—often better than most professionals could. I admit most of them have nicer nails than I do.

If the idea of nail polishes isn't to your taste, a nice bath and spa package will make them happy: a nice scented soap, some shampoo, bath salts, etc. Anything that will allow them to pamper themselves.

What gifts do you think are best for 11- to 12-year-old girls?

pumkin mad on September 13, 2020:

this is for 7-8 year olds sort it out

NaRiyAH♐️ on August 19, 2020:

I was looking at for my Christmas list and none of this was helpful

Ph on July 04, 2020:

This is kid stuff im not a girly girl

Nia on June 26, 2020:

i do not get the point of this .its


but anx for trying

11 year old on June 05, 2020:

These thing are junk to me. I was looking for things to put on my birthday list and these are things that 7 year old girls would want.

Animal Girl on April 13, 2020:

I got an amazon giftcard with 12.50 on it... soooooo clueless what to buy

Ggh on March 10, 2020:

Threaded were helpful(NOT!!)

Great Ideas on March 10, 2020:

This is really good ideas. Thank you!

Hummmm on February 23, 2020:

I'm turning 11 and i don't like girly stuff.

No on February 17, 2020:

I want a cat but I don't know how to ask my parents.....

Ok on November 05, 2019:

I dont really like girly girl stuff

Horrible on October 25, 2019:

Omg i have no idea what i want so i searched up gifts for 11 year olds and this SUCKS. Not every girl likes pink, Me and all my friends HATE pink now because people have decided that girls like pink guys shouldn’t wear pink and all that stuff. Really one direction JUSTIN BIEBER no one likes him he’s so mean! Ok now i can understand Demi but i don’t know anyone who likes the other one sorry i’m not a good speller lol. People these days like Bille Elish and Ariana Grande not whoever you put on there. And omg i do not want to put in my head that some girl out there has a CRUSH on someone from one direction. I like and others might to, LED light strips (color changing) to put on walls, electronics phones all that stuff, and my favorite color is not pink or purple it’s green and yellow. Yeah, i know there’s gunna be some girls out there who like pink and all that (imma cuss sorry) pink and purple shit but i don’t and a lot of people in the comments don’t either. So please update your website make it more accurate PLEASE! This stuff is for 7-8 year olds not 11-12 year olds

#betterthanu on April 05, 2019:

I don't like girly girl stuff either but that doesn't mean you have to hate on people that do. Some people that are scrolling through the comments may be sad that so many people don't like what they like.

paris on February 11, 2019:

I would love to get a period set

70s fan on December 30, 2018:

Maybe you should've included vinyl records, a record player, maybe video games, movies, if they are showing interest in adult life, start treating them like an adult if you don't already, maybe something sports related, and if you really don't know what they like or want, get them a gift card or give them money.

la on December 10, 2018:

i mean i love plush animals but not the best i need more information.

??? on December 07, 2018:

this has not been helpful.

I got this stuff when I was 7

Aizah on November 28, 2018:

Terrible I hate plush toys I got a rainbow loom bracelet making pack when I was turning 7 and I still hate it and nail polish,really what do you think we are 8 I still can't think of a birthday present

Tammy on November 21, 2018:

This is nice!

Mia Spalding on November 18, 2018:

I love this website has all these great ideas I want for Christmas can you please do more thank you I love you ❤️

Person on November 13, 2018:

I agree with most of these people, I HATE girly girl stuff.

you don't need to know on November 09, 2018:

I do not know what I want for Christmas and this has helped me

Non-of your bussnise on November 03, 2018:

Nail polish are you kidding!! Not every girl in into all that cute girly stuff and people need to stop thinking that!!

im an 11 year old girl on October 27, 2018:

I hate it how they expect girls to love nail stuff and teddys because I hate all the things here and so will a few other girls they assume and don't add tomboy things in! :( it actually makes me sad!

almost 11 on October 20, 2018:

m turning 11 in a month and i dont know what to put on my wish list, I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 on August 23, 2018:

um a plushie is a NO NO I'm 11 and I don't like nail polish uhmmm

... on June 12, 2018:

all of this is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 years on May 26, 2018:

I'm turning 11 and looking for things to put on my birthday list and this is junk to me I would never get this stuff

Angry Nana on March 17, 2018:

I got my precious 11-year-old granddaughter some rainbow loom stuff, and she seems unhappy about it. She thanked me and all but I could just tell she wasn't going to use it but she didn't want to hurt my feelings. I got her the best gift last year which was a brand new Ipad so screw this dumb website and thanks a lot.

11 on February 22, 2018:

Trust me if I were 8 I would want these and no pink animals,or posters of one derection

im turning 11 on February 20, 2018:

I don't think these are bad ideas just ideas I actually wanted when I was 7 and I got them for christmas when I was 7 but most 11 year old's aren't really into braclets and crafting things.

11 year old on January 04, 2018:

how about a nintendo switch or any sort of technology!!!!!!!!

Isabel your butt on December 14, 2017:

This freakin sucks im 12 im trying to find things to ask santa for but these freaking suck.

13 Year old on December 14, 2017:

I am a sister looking for a x-mas presents for my sister and these gifts are so cheesy I mean come on. These gifts are for 7 or 8 year olds

Another 11 year old/ very critical/lol jk on December 07, 2017:

@11 year old

I’m 11 too and these are for 8 and 9 year olds

11 year old on December 05, 2017:

I am looking for some gifts for my bday and I am 11. I hate to break it to you but these are more for 8 or 9 year olds

YOU DONT NEED ME NAME on December 03, 2017:

OK SO I am 84 and I remember when I was turning eleven. At least I THINK I remember... But anyway, I loved getting termites. I would always eat them eight away because they were SO delicious! But now that I am a Grandma, kids these days seem to love the chocolate pen from Skyrocket Toys. I mean, who can resist chocolate!? (Just a tip, before you post this on your website, you should consider ASKING 11 year old girls what they like!!) Also, CRUSHES!?!?? DONT GET THEM GOING WITH THAT JUNK!!!!!! Plush toys? THAT IS A NO-NO!!!!! Kids 11 and 12 are growing out of that stuff! If you get them more and more plush toys, they will never grow out of it and want more. They will be teased and called "a baby" in school. EVERY CHILD HATES BULLING!!! NOWWW... GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT AND RESTART THIS WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 year old on December 03, 2017:

The ideas on here’s are ok but if you know any 11 year olds it would be best to ask them and what they are into this would then give you a variety of ideas because every girl is different and none are the same.

11 year old on December 01, 2017:

You should probably ask and 11 year old before you write this. I think every 11 year old can agree with me that no one wants these stuff.

11 year old on December 01, 2017:

Im 11 and i dont play with stuffed animals anymore and doing nails is too mucg work befor they post stuff the should ask 11 year old girs first in social midea then post it on google

Your worst nightmare on November 27, 2017:

Hi I am 72 and I remember turning eleven and I loved getting mice and rats for the stuffing in the turkey!

.... on November 21, 2017:

absolutely not, this is coming from an eleven year old girl her self, and one direction is falling to pieces, pink isn't always a girls favorite colour, this is definitely stereo-type!

Wth on November 18, 2017:

none of these are good options unless you are looking for a gift to be given 5 years ago some of these things weren't even in then, tho, and you would have to go even farther back. a 11 or 12 year old would hate you if you got them most of this stuff, bc its all really babyish. find better ideas people.

Troll (again) on November 13, 2017:

I still like your idea of this but I would actually agree if this had something about games ONLINE.

Troll on November 13, 2017:

I'm sorry but, "One Direction, your eleven year old's crush" It's not 2012 anymore, sorry to break it to ya hun. When you make your own website, you have to be prepared for judgement.

A 11(turning 12 in January) Girl on November 12, 2017:

By the way not all of us like doing our nail I hate it. Also not all of us have cruses. NO ONE DOES RAINBOW LOOM ANYMORE!!!!! Finally all of these things are Stupid! Except the books I like books. One last thing electronics make us happy.

A 11 (turning 12 in may) girl on November 05, 2017:

girls in first grade to like third grade like that baby stuff . Maybe if ''ur'' kid is a nerd who thinks they have friends when they don't. An there a come-pleat loser would like that in fourth grade but, that would be very rare to find that girl. COME-ON its 2017 dam-it!!!!!!! Thats so, wrong on so, many levels

hi on November 01, 2017:

hi do you have a 10 year old girl one

An 11 year old on October 14, 2017:

Everything on this list is retarded

Aphmau on October 14, 2017:

I looked at this for my birthday list and i only like the plushy idea.

Poopsicle on October 07, 2017:

I'm more grown up than most 11 year old girls so I would like clothes or shoes

Hi yall on October 02, 2017:

My daughter is IN LOVE WITH POLAR BEARS when I brought her to see one I thought she was going to die of excitement! She absolutely HATES WHALES

Anonymous on Septe