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50+ Best Gifts for Artists (Ideas for the Creative People in Your Life)

I’m an artist and writer who shares tutorials, tips, and information for anyone who wants to learn how to paint or draw.


What Are the Best Gifts for Artists?

Are you trying to find the perfect gift for the artist in your life? Here’s a collection of ideas sure to spark their creativity. Whether for a holiday, birthday, or another special occasion, the ideas on this list are sure to point you in the right direction.


1. Art Supplies

Artists of all ages love getting new supplies. Here are some ideas for different age groups and types of artists.

Moleskine Cahier Journal Set

Moleskine Cahier Journal Set

Adult Artists

  • Calligraphy Set
  • Copic Sketch Markers Set
  • Jewelry Making Kit
  • Adult Coloring Book
  • Watercolor Paint Set
  • Moleskine Cahier Journal Set (Plain or Ruled)
  • Drawing Tablet and Stylus
  • Digital Camera


  • Gift Spotlight: Sketchbooks make great gifts for new and experienced artists alike. They’re a place to capture new ideas, make quick sketches, or plan out their next creative project. The spiral-bound Strathmore 400 Series Sketch Pad is one of my favorites because it can be used with many types of dry media, such as graphite and colored pencils, charcoal, oil pastels, and soft pastels.
Color Wheel

Color Wheel

Teenage Artists

  • Art Journal
  • Watercolor Pencil Set
  • Mixed Media Drawing Pad
  • Manga Drawing Markers
  • Manga Drawing Pad
  • Pastel Set
  • Modeling Clay
  • Drawing Pencil Set
  • Artist Sketch Board
  • Watercolor Brush Pens
  • Sketchbook
  • Color Wheel
Charcoal Paper Pad and Charcoal Drawing Pencil Set

Charcoal Paper Pad and Charcoal Drawing Pencil Set

Gifts for Artists Who Draw

  • Brush Pen Set
  • Charcoal Drawing Pencil Set
  • Charcoal Paper
  • Colored Pencil Set
  • Drafting Table
  • Pastel Pencil Set
  • Watercolor Pencil Set
  • Tracing Light Box
Paint Brush Set

Paint Brush Set

Gifts for Artists Who Paint

  • Acrylic Paint Set
  • Acrylic Ink Set
  • Watercolor Paint Set
  • Oil Paint Set
  • Paint Brush Set
  • Acrylic Pour Painting Set
  • Stretched Canvases
  • Ampersand Art Panels
  • Palette Knife Set
  • Tabletop Easel
  • The Original Buddha Board
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  • Gift Spotlight: The Original Buddha Board is a unique gift that lets artists create a temporary painting with just a bamboo brush and water to "practice the art of living in the moment."

2. Gift Cards

Gift cards are always much-appreciated gifts; they’re perfect for picky artists or if you’re not sure what supplies he or she already has. Some of the best places to buy a gift card for an artist are:

  • Local Art Supply Stores
  • Online Art Supply Stores
  • Amazon - The online retailer has a wide selection of art supplies and gifts

3. Books for Artists

Books are one of the best gifts for those who want to learn a new style of art or improve their skills. Here are some popular books for learning calligraphy, drawing, acrylics, oil painting, watercolor painting, and creativity:


  • Modern Calligraphy: A Beginner’s Guide to Painted Pen and Brush Pen Lettering by Leslie Tieu


  • Manga for the Beginner: Everything you Need to Start Drawing Right Away! by Christopher Hart
  • You Can Draw in 30 Days: The Fun, Easy Way to Learn to Draw in One Month or Less by Mark Kistler

Painting (General)

  • Daily Painting: Paint Small and Often to Become a More Creative, Productive and Successful Artist by Carole Marine

Acrylic Painting

  • Acrylics for the Absolute Beginner by Charles Evans

Oil Painting

  • Painting with Bob Ross: Learn to paint in oil step by step

Watercolor Painting

  • DIY Watercolor Flowers by Marie Boudon
  • Peggy Dean’s Guide to Nature Drawing & Watercolor by Peggy Dean
  • Painting in Watercolor: The Indispensable Guide by David Webb


  • The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

4. Gift Certificate for an Art Class

Education is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Art classes allow artists of all ages to learn new skills in a supportive environment. Look for classes at arts & craft stores, art schools, or continuing education centers.


5. Experiences & Other Gifts

Do you prefer to give non-material gifts? Here are a few ideas to think about:

  • Take them to an art museum, gallery, or show
  • Artist Retreat
  • Artist Workshop
  • Spa Gift Certificate
  • Trip to a scenic destination
Vincent van Gogh (Dutch, 1853 - 1890) Irises, 1889, Oil on canvas - The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

Vincent van Gogh (Dutch, 1853 - 1890) Irises, 1889, Oil on canvas - The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

More Gift Ideas for Artists

Scrapbooking Kit

Artsy Coffee Mug

Oil Pastel Set

Canvas Tote Bag

Canvas Pad

Jewelry with the artist's birthstone

Yupo Paper Pad

Art Supply Storage Box

Tracing Paper Pad

Rolling Supply Storage Cart

Portfolio Case

Artist Apron


Thanks for Reading!

I hope you've found this list helpful for choosing a gift for the artist in your life.

© 2018 Carrie Kelley


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