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10 Fun Gifts for Bigfoot Enthusiasts and Fans of Sasquatch

Eric has been fascinated by folklore and the paranormal from a young age and enjoys exploring controversial subjects and events.

Giving the Gift of Bigfoot

If you have a Bigfoot fan in your life, you've probably realized that a Bigfoot-related gift is the perfect idea for a holiday, birthday, or any occasion. Sasquatch lovers and enthusiasts have it good these days with so many different products on the market. Your hunt for the perfect Bigfoot gift should be easy!

Hopefully this article will make it even easier. I've assembled 10 of the best gift ideas for Bigfoot fans. As an admirer of the Big Guy myself, I can say these items are all things I would appreciate getting from a loved one at Christmas or a birthday. I think each one will be a big hit!

Most importantly, when you give a Bigfoot fan a Sasquatch-related gift, you're sending them the message that you are okay with their beliefs, even if you don't agree with them. We enthusiasts can be a little sensitive when it comes to criticism of our theories and viewpoints, and the support of people we care about means a lot.

So let's check out some cool gifts!

1. T-Shirts and Apparel

Showing support for us, just as with anything else, starts with the proper t-shirt. With a good-looking shirt your beloved fan can make their beliefs known to anyone nearby. They may also convey their intention to go squatchin', the fact that they have already gone squatchin', or that something in the general area appears particularly squatchy.

With the rise of the Bigfoot pop-craze, there are dozens of shirt designs to choose from, as well as apparel such as hoodies, sweatshirts, and even socks. This guy is everywhere these days!

Some of the coolest stuff comes from Animal Planet themselves, the network responsible for the hit show Finding Bigfoot. The show's merchandise makes great gifts for any enthusiast!

2. Bigfoot Action Figure

Toys are fun for kids, but there are some collectibles that adults might enjoy as well. An action figure would look cool posed on a desk or shelf for any Sasquatch fan and would sure make an interesting conversation piece.

Don't worry if the boss comes in and sees it. If the Big Boss doesn't believe, any self-respecting squatcher ought to resign anyway.

Other gift ideas include plush Bigfoots and costumes, and there's even a cool, out-of-production Big Foot the Monster toy that's operated via remote control.

3. Bigfoot Hunter's Field Guide

Maybe your fan is convinced they are going to get out there one day and find the Big Guy once and for all. That's going to take a lot of work for sure, considering that researchers have been on his trail for over 50 years and haven't caught him yet.

But one way to give your wannabe crypto-hunter a better chance at success is by presenting them with the proper field guide.

Yes, there are books out there that can help you catch Bigfoot. In theory, anyway. But even if your otherwise intrepid fan loses their nerve at the last moment, these books make interesting reading, and cool conversation pieces for coffee tables and desktops.

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4. Finding Bigfoot

Speaking of Finding Bigfoot, let's face it: This is why we're all here, isn't it? There have always been shows that theorized about the existence of a rare, North American Ape, where it might be, what it might be doing and why we can't find it. But never has a program captured the public's attention as strongly as Finding Bigfoot.

Part of the appeal is the diverse and colorful cast, but another big reason is that the show contains just enough science, humor, legend, and drama to draw in even the most dubious skeptic.

Fans who weren't watching from the first episode have some catching up to do, so why not give them some classic episodes as a gift?

5. Furry Sasquatch Slippers

Bigfoot lives in some pretty inhospitable habitats. In the winter, places like Alaska and the Pacific Northwest can get pretty chilly. Of course his feet never get cold, because he has his own built-in set of furry slippers.

Your fan has no such luck, so when the temperature plummets they could sure use a pair of furry slippers to keep their feet toasty. They are a fun gift that not only expresses their love for Bigfoot, but also has a practical side.

Caution: You must know ahead of time that they will wear the slippers responsibly, and not go trudging around in the woods creating fake footprints with them!

6. Art and Signs

If you're considering a gift for a friend or family member who insists Bigfoot is real, and perhaps you've had some heated debates with them in the past over this, why not call their bluff?

After all, anyone who truly believes there is an undiscovered species of hominid out there lurking in the dark of the woods would be proud to display a Bigfoot Crossing sign on their property.

The neighbors will be so jealous!

Just don't be surprised if your idea backfires. There are some really cool examples of signs and artwork available for display in the home and yard.

7. Hats

There are many hats and caps on the market that would make outstanding gifts for Bigfoot fans. The most famous of course is the green Gone Squatchin trucker cap made popular by legendary researcher Bobo on the show Finding Bigfoot.

You just know that hat is going to get attention when worn out in public!

The Gone Squatchin cap has become a huge hit with fans around the world and is now available in several different colors and designs. There are even camo versions, so some giant, bipedal ape-man doesn't spot you before you spot him.

A great stocking stuffer at Christmas time, or an inexpensive gift for Bigfoot lovers on their birthday.

8. Sasquatch Coffee Mugs

Bigfoot is said to be a mostly nocturnal creature. That means the best squatchin' happens between dusk and dawn, and dedicated searchers may need to slug down some serious coffee to make it through the night.

What better vessel from which to enjoy coffee than a dedicated coffee mug?

You may even consider getting a full set for your fan, so they can bring them out whenever company comes to visit!

Eh, maybe not. But you will find some really cool mug designs sure to please enthusiasts.

This is another inexpensive but thoughtful gift that will let them express their squatchiness.

9. Bigfoot Research Team Decals

Bumper stickers and decals are a neat way for your fan to express their interests and beliefs when it comes to Sasquatch. They look cool and there are many different designs and phrases to choose from.

By declaring they are members of the Bigfoot Research Team, wannabe searchers are raising awareness to the possibility of an undiscovered species that may be out there in the woods. Some of these stickers are made to go in the rear window of a vehicle, where many people are sure to see.

Most importantly, these decals will annoy the heck out of any skeptics stuck in traffic behind your fan! That's priceless.

10. Collectibles and Decorations

From Christmas ornaments, to miniature figures, to garden statues and beyond, Bigfoot decorations are appearing in more and more homes and gardens around the world. In many ways it's become trendy to have something squatchy in your life, and if you display a little here and there your friends and family will find you delightfully quirky.

Of course true fans take it much further than quirky, and that's cool too! One benefit of the current craze is that Sasquatch believers have more merchandise available to them than ever.

Among the coolest gifts are garden statues. Bigfoot even seems to be edging out the ubiquitous garden gnome on some properties!

Get Squatchy!

Is there really an undiscovered species of primate skulking around in the woods of North America? I like to think it's a possibility, but until there is undisputed proof we just don't know.

What is clear is that the Bigfoot phenomenon provides a whole lot of food for thought, and a great deal of fun. Fans love the idea that there could be more to this world that we realize, and that there are still mysteries out there to be discovered.

As odd as some skeptics think that is, there are sure a whole lot worse things people can get themselves involved with than searching for Bigfoot.

Good luck finding the perfect gift for the Bigfoot fan in your life!


Eric Dockett (author) from USA on August 30, 2014:

Thanks Sheila! There's nothing wrong with presents to yourself!

sheilamyers on August 29, 2014:

I haven't done any shopping for Bigfoot stuff, but after reading your hub I'm going to have to go to Amazon and see what I can find. A couple of t-shirts and some books would be great presents to myself. Thanks for showing us the various things available.

Eric Dockett (author) from USA on August 29, 2014:

@DealForALiving: That sounds like a lot of fun! I think there are more people interested in Bigfoot today than ever.

@Efficient Admin: I love that show too. Never miss an episode. Thanks for your kind words!

Michelle Dee from Charlotte, NC on August 28, 2014:

I love the show "Finding Bigfoot" and I have seen a hat that says, "Squatch Watch - I know there's a Squatch in These Woods" and I would love to get that hat and wear it on some hikes. Great idea for a Bigfoot hub, voted up.

Nick Deal from Earth on August 28, 2014:

I used to help promote this one National Bigfoot Conference a handful of years ago, and it was such a hoot! I'm glad there are still Bigfoot enthusiasts out there.

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