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4 Birthday, Father's Day, and Christmas Gifts for Golfers

If your loved one has a passion for hitting the links, why not get them something they can use while they play?

If your loved one has a passion for hitting the links, why not get them something they can use while they play?

4 Gifts for Golfers

If your friend, spouse, or relative loves to golf, why not get them something practical that's related to their hobby? If the weather is cool where they live, choose a gift that focuses on practicing golf. If the weather is still seasonably warm, think about purchasing a gift that they can use while they play. Those who enjoy the sport will appreciate getting a great golf gift and will know you put some thought into your purchase.

1. Phigolf Simulator

This is my top pick, and my husband and I are both becoming addicted to it. My husband just got the Phigolf Simulator as an early holiday gift from our children, but he had his eye on it as his Father's Day gift last year.

What My Husband Thinks

My husband is not mechanical or technological, and he was able to install this simulator on his tablet within five minutes. The club comes with a strap that wraps around the user’s hand, so if you receive this gift, make sure you use the safety strap because it will prevent the club from flying out of your hand. (My husband has not let it slip yet; he is keeping a tight grip on this game.) In fact, I have to say that I am sneaking in a few rounds when he is not near it.

The game has a wide variety of courses to choose from, and you can set up the simulator on almost any device with a screen (however, you must mirror it onto a smart TV). One course comes downloaded automatically, and the others can be downloaded individually as needed. Keep in mind that some courses require an additional fee, but we are enjoying the ones included in the game. The screen depicts each hole, and when the user swings the club, the simulator indicates the swing speed, how far the ball went, the swing path, and the ball’s path.

When using this gift, you select your club prior to swinging. It is necessary to choose the club based on the distance you want the ball to travel, similar to traditional golf.

Who Would Like This Gift?

This great golf gift is likely to please anyone who wants to keep his or her game up to par, regardless of the weather. It is perfect for practicing driving, putting, and any shots in between. For golfers who are looking for something to do in the cool weather, this gift will bring smiles, frustration, and hours of enjoyment. Best of all, if the recipient has a friend with their own Phigolf simulator, they can play with one another from the comfort of their own homes.

2. Range Finder

Our Bushnell Range finder is small and lightweight, and it fits easily in a pocket of a golf bag or a pant pocket. You simply hold it up to your eye to determine the distance that you need to send the ball. Our range finder has numbers that are easy to read, and it measures in feet, yards, and meters. My husband and I find it essential for improving our golf games.

Keep in mind that this gift may be best for a golfer who is new to the game. Many seasoned golf players already have range finders, so be sure to check if the recipient already has one before purchasing.

A heated seat adds comfort to a hard golf cart seat and warmth on a day that is a little cool.

A heated seat adds comfort to a hard golf cart seat and warmth on a day that is a little cool.

3. Heated Seat Cushion

I bought this heated cushion to use when dining outdoors at restaurants that don't have heaters. I admit that the reviews were mixed, but it was reasonably priced, so I decided to give it a try, and it exceeded my expectations. The manufacturer markets it to fans sitting outside to watch sports.

Our Experience With the Cushion

The GameWarmer Rechargeable Heated Seat Cushion indicates that it will give you five hours of warmth when you charge it fully. I have used it for a maximum of four hours without a problem, and this is just about the perfect amount of time for a full round of golf. Place it in your golf cart, sit on it, and enjoy the heat as you drive around the golf course on a cold or blustery day. I think golfers willing to brave the weather for a chance to get out on the course will love the warmth this cushion provides.

The seat has a convenient carrying handle. Additionally, the cushioning provides a barrier against sitting directly on a cold seat. My seat has a dial on the side that lets me turn the seat on and off as needed. The thickness of the cushion is only about an inch, but the heating element did keep me toasty.

Some reviewers claim this seat also works well to provide heat to the back. I have not tried to use it as a heating pad, so I suggest previewing the directions before you try. However, in a pinch, it looks like it would work, but that is not the product's intended purpose.

While I would not call this seat luxurious, it gets the job done at a reasonable price and may be the perfect birthday, Christmas, or Father's Day gift for your favorite golfer.

An unprinted ball can be customized for any recipient.

An unprinted ball can be customized for any recipient.

4. Customized Golf Balls

Giving a friend, your dad, or another family member customized golf balls will let them know that you put a lot of thought into their gift. The distinctive appearance of a customized golf ball will make it easy for the player to identify their ball while playing with others. Whether you want a photo of the player, a favorite sports logo, an expression, or another image that is meaningful to the recipient, this reasonably-priced golf gift is a conversation starter that will have the recipient thinking of you when they play. You can even order balls saying, "Best Dad."

The pretty packaging of these golf balls makes them look special before the package is even opened. My husband loves his, but he is partial to using other golf balls when playing holes that make it easy to lose balls. Be aware that customizing golf balls does take a little time, so be sure to order these early so that they arrive in time for the recipient's birthday or the holiday in question. These Titleist customized golf balls are available in several different quantities, so it should be easy to give them as a gift while staying within your budget.

Happy Shopping!

One of the best ways to give a gift is to target the recipient's interests. The golfer in your life will appreciate the thought and effort you put into giving them a gift they can use while enjoying one of their favorite sports.

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Abby Slutsky (author) from America on April 02, 2021:

It was a bit pricey.

Abby Slutsky (author) from America on April 02, 2021:

It was a lot of pricey, but the whole family loves it. In Covid, it was a lot of fun when we were all stuck at home. Thanks for reading.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on April 01, 2021:

Interesting write.

These are great ideas.

The seat warmer & the simulator.

I'd be afraid the balls would just get lost.

The simulator sounds like it would be alot of fun.