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Low Waste and No Waste Gift Wrap Ideas


How to Wrap Gifts Without Wrapping Paper

Gifts are a special way to celebrate life's many varied occasions and blessings. Instead of buying single-use gift wrap, consider some of these creative alternatives.

Not only will you be contributing to the well-being of the planet with these gift wrap alternatives, but you may find that you also save money. You will also have a beautiful and unique way to present your gift.


Fabric Wrap

Wrapping gifts in fabric is actually an art form in itself! This method is as beautiful as it is creative and eco-friendly. The wrapping fabric can also constitute a gift in itself.

You may find a nice selection of scarves and handkerchiefs at your local thrift stores. Anytime you buy from a thrift store, you contribute to a healthier planet by giving someone else's discarded items a new life.

You can also use cloth napkins, leftover fabric from a craft project, and even t-shirts. Tie the fabric around the item, or use rubber bands and safety pins to secure it in place.



Newspapers tend to give gifts a bit of that "old world" feel. In a time when more and more people are consuming their news digitally, encountering a newspaper can offer a nod to nostalgia.

These thin pages are easy to fold and do not usually have the coatings that many commercial gift wraps have. The text featured on newspapers can also contribute to a highly graphic effect.

Reuse a Gift Bag

Gift bags are a personal favorite of mine when it comes to gift giving. They require very little time to put together and are ideal for objects of irregular shapes.

I know that in my family, the same bags have been circulating around for quite some time. If you haven’t started already, it’s a good idea to start saving any gift bags that come your way.

Gift Basket

Similar to gift bags, gift baskets also provide a simple and aesthetically pleasing way to hold items. They work great for oddly shaped gifts. Baskets also tend to be even more durable over time and have a better chance of being used again by the recipient.

My favorite place to purchase baskets is at thrift stores, where there is usually a large variety of shapes, sizes, and styles for a very inexpensive price. You may line the basket's inside with a fabric scrap, cloth napkin, or salvaged tissue paper.


Gift Mugs

Similar to the gift basket idea, you can also use mugs for smaller objects. The mug will also be a gift in itself. You can choose one that fits the occasion's theme or the personality of the person you are gifting it to. I find that these work well when giving gifts to multiple people.