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10 Distinctive Gifts for a Beer Lover

Lynsey loves giving thoughtful gifts year-round, and she enjoys passing inspiration onto others.

These gift ideas will help you find just the right present this holiday.

These gift ideas will help you find just the right present this holiday.

10 Presents for the Beer Lover in Your Life

In this article, we'll explore these beer-related gift ideas:

  1. Beer stein
  2. Beer hat
  3. Bottle opener
  4. Nut dispenser
  5. Beer fridge
  6. Beer hamper
  7. A keg
  8. Yard of ale
  9. Beer dispenser
  10. Beer-making kit
Beer Stein

Beer Stein

1. Beer Stein

The first thing I think of when I think of beer is Germany. The second thing I think of is a German beer stein. Whether elaborately decorated or just a plain glass tankard, I think a stein is the best receptacle for beer.

With handles, your drink stays colder for longer. It can also withstand a bit of heavy handedness and slamming—have you ever seen someone bash their glass off a table to "re-head" their lager, only for the glass to disintegrate? I have. Not a pretty sight. And, the worst I've seen happen to a stein was a chip.

Also, if it has a lid, like some of the more decorative steins do, it can protect your beer from flies in a summer beer garden. Think about it: it's the perfect present for a beer lover!

You can get these tankards in a tonne of different shapes and sizes, with lots of different themes. A quick Amazon search for a beer tankard or beer stein will give you lots to consider, and will suit all budgets, styles, and interests.

Beer Hat

Beer Hat

2. Beer Hat

These are really easy to find and really cheap too. Great as a stocking filler or secret santa gift, the beer hat usually holds two cans of beer, with straws to deliver both to the wearers mouth at the same time. Two for one beer drinking!

You can usually pick these up in supermarkets and budget stores, or again, a quick online search will give you plentiful results.

Bottle Opener

Bottle Opener

3. Bottle Opener

This is another one that could be a stocking filler or a low-budget gift. But then again, you can get some pretty high tech bottle openers.

You may also opt for a novelty opener that makes a funny sound when used—there really are too many to think of.

Nut Dispenser

Nut Dispenser

4. Nut Dispenser

I would err on the side of caution with this one. A nut dispenser is great for most beer lovers—a salty snack is wonderful with beer. But, please be careful of allergies.

Even then, if there is anyone with allergies in the house, it can be used for smarties, skittles, or other small sweets. Good luck with keeping it topped up, though.

Beer Fridge

Beer Fridge

5. Beer Fridge

Beer fridges may seem like a silly idea, but imagine this: you have bought in a crate of your favourite suds, and you go to chill them—only to find that your other half has done the weekly shopping and there is no space. Rather than fiddling with an ice bucket, trying to rearrange the packed fridge, or taking your chances with the timing of the freezer, you could just put your beers in their designated home.

Think of how amazing you would be on gifting someone a special little home for their beers. I would definitely say this is more for someone you really like, as it's a tad more pricey than a bottle opener.

Beer Hamper

Beer Hamper

6. Beer Hamper

When it comes to beer hampers, there are two ways to do it. One, you can order one online. Or, two, you can see the prices they are charging for generic beers and a pretty box that you improvise and make a much better one yourself!

I admit, I have done both. I prefer to make my own, simply because I can hand pick my boyfriend's favourite suds and pack them lovingly in some wrapping that will be torn off in half the time it takes for me to wrap it.

But the one I ordered online was amazing as it was full of Rock beers. AC/DC, Motorhead, and Ghost to name a few of the brands that were included in my Iconic Rock Beer Hamper. And while it didn't come in a pretty box, it was so well packaged that he had no clue what was inside until he opened it. So, if you do decide to order one online, make it worth it and get a bespoke hamper as opposed to a generic supermarket one.

I suppose it depends on how much you like the recipient...

A Keg

A Keg

7. A Keg

I once heard the saying "who needs a six pack when you've got a keg," and it wasn't referring to beer at the time. I think it sums up my thoughts exactly though.

A keg of beer is a great gift for anyone who has a particular brand that they love. Kegs are fairly limited though, so it may be difficult to buy for some craft beer lovers. But for those who like the classic beers and lagers, it is quite simple to source these little tubs of suds.

A Yard of Ale

A Yard of Ale

8. Yard of Ale

This rather strange-looking glass is not for slowly enjoying your beer. Instead, it is designed to propel the full amount into your mouth as quickly as possible!

A great party game, there is definitely a knack to learn to complete a successful yard or even half yard of ale. It can be particularly tricky with fizzy varieties and is probably best attempted in the garden.

This is a brilliant gift for the beer-loving partier.

9. Beer Dispenser

This has to be my favourite of all the beer-related gifts that I have given over the years. This dispenser tap has a built-in ice core in the centre that keeps the beer cool while keeping the ice separate so it doesn't dilute the beer.

Even better, the core comes out so you can clean it all easily, or even just so you can serve ales, which are usually served a bit more at room temperature.

I would recommend the ice core beer dispenser, but be aware that it is best for beverages such as John Smiths or other less fizzy varieties, as the pouring into the dispenser and out of the tap can reduce the fizz a little. If you can handle that, you will definitely have a really cool-looking accessory for dispensing your beer.

I also like to add a glow stick or two into the ice core for a funky glow.


10. Beer-Making Kit

If all else fails, do it yourself. That's how a few of the most popular craft beer producers got started! As a fun hobby, or for someone who is seriously thinking of making their own beer, a beer-making kit is an unusual gift that takes some time to appreciate. Once the recipient perfects the recipe, you may even benefit from tasting some of their creations first-hand.