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Updated on January 24, 2018
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Lynsey loves giving thoughtful gifts year round, and enjoys passing inspiration onto others.

1) Decanter

A decanter is a must-have item for any wine enthusiast. Not only does it mean you can serve your wine in style, but it also allows the wine to be aerated and for any sediment to be removed from more vintage bottles.

Decanters come in various shapes and sizes, from novelty designs to more functional versions. A good decanter will stand the test of time, and as such, may be more of a mid-range priced gift, but you can get them to suit various different budgets, so it is worth doing a bit of research and shopping around.

2) Full-Bottle Sized Glass

This is the perfect novelty gift for the wine lover in your life. Holding a full-size bottle in the one glass, it means that no refills are required—perfect for drinking a bottle of red. Not sure it would work as well with lighter varieties, as those are usually served cold and would warm over time, but it depends just how long the wine gets to stay in the glass.

I have gifted many of these over the years, and they are always well received. They fit a whole bottle of wine easily with a little room to maneuver. I used to have one myself until I knocked it off the kitchen counter, never to be repaired. I was sober at the time, honest!

This is great as a "secret Santa" style gift or a stocking filler. Please note, I can't be held responsible for how tipsy the recipient will be... hic!

3) Bottle Opening Set

Not to be mistaken for a £1 bottle opener (which could do well as a house warming gift along WITH a bottle of wine); a bottle opening set is the perfect gift for the wine lover. Easily open any bottle, remove foil neatly and pour without fuss or effort.

You can get budget sets online, however in my experience they tend to break easily, so I would say this is a mid range gift. For a simpler gift, you can buy the lever bottle openers separately, and they really do make a difference, particularly to someone who struggles with a regular opener, eg someone with arthritis.


I have this at home, as well as another similar one of death lying holding the bottle. Both look amazing holding a bottle! I use resealable bottles so that I can use it while drinking what's inside!


4) Bottle Holder

Whether they defy gravity, create an unbelievable illusion or are simply novelty designs, a wine holder can make a feature out of any bottle. I always have a bottle in my skeleton holder at home on the table- usually one I won't drink in a hurry so I don't have to keep replacing it!

I have included the link to the holder that I have, just incase you happen to have a wine lover in your life who is also a skull enthusiast- then you have the perfect present! These holders are made of resin, so are not as easy to chip as porcelain or glass alternatives. There is quite a bit of weight to the holder, too, so that it doesn't topple, and it makes any bottle look really special.

A bottle holder can be found for any budget, but expect to pay a little more for one with a bit of weight and substance to it. These will last a bit longer, so work out to be better value.

5) Wine Rack

This is really something that you could consider if you already know what the recipients taste is. You don't want to buy something that is never used. Is their home modern or traditional? Do they have a bar area or would the rack go in the kitchen?

Try to consider as much of this as possible before buying a wine rack as a gift, and be careful not to buy one that is perfect for yourself for someone else. It is quite a bulky gift too, so be sure that there is space available before you buy it!

6) Wine Fridge

A wine fridge is just that bit better than a wine rack—it keeps all of your favourite bottles of White and Rose wine at their perfect drinking temperature, but the price will reflect this. This is more of a high end gift, in my opinion.

Imagine gifting such convenience to someone you love. They would be thrilled. If you were to also fill it for them, I'm sure they would be even more ecstatic, I know I would be! This would be a great pre-wedding gift if you are particularly close to the couple, or even a house warming gift for a family member. Of course, you can always treat yourself!

7) Wine Saver and Corks

This is perfect for the wine lover who likes to take their time with the bottle. If, unlike me, they just have a glass or two on a Saturday night, then the wine saver is the perfect gift for them. It keeps the rest of the bottle fresher for longer by removing the air from the bottle and resealing it with special corks You can get these fairly cheap online, but I think that they would be more robust if you went for at least a mid range model.

8) Wine Glass Charms

These are perfect for the social people within your social circles. The ones who hold dinner parties and gatherings, who actually share their wine. Gasp!

These little charms clip onto the stem of the glass and are a great indicator for which glass belongs to whom. They can even be used to distinguish the white glass from the red glass if you are serving a different wine for each course. Great for large events, or even just a girl's night in, these charms can be personalised easily, and there are lots of craft sellers who can make unique varieties at a very reasonable price.

Of course, after a few glasses, the charms can start to look a little similar, but so long as one person is keeping an eye on the situation, there should be no mix ups. This is a great small "Secret Santa" style gift or stocking filler. You can also make them easily if you are quite crafty—they would be great for wedding favours!

9) Wine Chilling Stick

This saves the lovely wine from being diluted with ice—I will never understand those who do this!

The stainless steel rod is put in the freezer while your bottle is chilling as normal, then the device is fitted onto the bottle once opened. It then keeps the wine cool while allowing drinks to be poured from the non spill spout. There is also an aerator in the device which helps the wine breath and improves the flavour. This is a much better option than the messier ice bucket, in my opinion.

For the non wine drinkers, this is a gift for the white and Rose drinkers, as red wine should not be served cooled.

10) Wine Making Kit

"Why give a man a fish when you can teach him how to fish" or something along those lines anyway. Why not give the interactive gift of a wine making kit, so that your friend or loved one can learn how to create their own perfect blend in the comfort of their own home. There are kits available to make wines out of fruit, berries and even flowers, so it is worth doing a little research and choosing one that matches the recipient's preferences.

While a kit may not allow much personalisation, it would certainly be used as a starting point for their very own micro winery, and would at least keep them in wine for a couple of months!

Which of these would you buy the wine lover in your life?

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