Gifts Made of Wood for a Fifth Wedding Anniversary

Updated on September 18, 2019
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Sadie Holloway likes giving practical yet thoughtful gifts to loved ones. She enjoys hunting around for the best presents she can find.

The fifth anniversary marks a special milestone for couples. After five years, the couple is no longer considered newlywed. Tradition says that couples give each other gifts made of wood on to mark their five years of marriage. Some couples who adhere to this tradition often give each other wood gifts such as a wooden clock, a music box, or a wood picture frame with a photo of the couple together.

If you want to give your spouse a wooden anniversary gift, but you want to exchange gifts that are a little more contemporary or functional, you've got plenty of lovely options. Read on for a list of creative gifts made of wood to give to your spouse in honor of your fifth wedding anniversary.

Congratulations on your fifth wedding anniversary!
Congratulations on your fifth wedding anniversary!

Jewelry Made of Wood

String together a one-of-a-kind necklace or bracelet made of wooden beads and give her a sweet keepsake reminder of you. (Watch the video below for do-it-yourself instructions.)

Other jewelry items and fashionable accessories made of wood include brooches, hair clips, bangles, rings, belt buckles, make-up cases, purses, and eyeglasses cases. Craft fairs and farmer's markets are excellent places to find high-quality, one-of-a-kind hand-crafted wood jewelry items and accessories.

Cozy Wood Homes for Garden Bugs and Birds

Give your lovebird a sweet little birdhouse made of wood for your fifth wedding anniversary.
Give your lovebird a sweet little birdhouse made of wood for your fifth wedding anniversary.

Fun Facts About 5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

  • Flower: Daisy, a symbol of love, loyalty, purity, and innocence
  • Gemstone: Sapphire, symbolizes wisdom, holiness, virtue and good fortune
  • Traditional gift: wood
  • Modern gift: silverware

If your spouse has a green thumb or is an avid birdwatcher, you could give her a gift to enjoy in the garden. A birdhouse is rich with wedding symbolism: pair-bonding, hatching a family, making a home together, love birds and much more.

Ladybugs are symbols of good luck, and they also help keep pesky aphids away. You can find a ladybug house at a garden store or online, complete with live ladybugs ready to turn your garden into their new home.

Butterflies make beautiful garden guests. And they also symbolize growth and transformation, two elements of a happy and healthy relationship. Attract butterflies to your backyard with a butterfly shelter and butterfly-friendly flowers such as Cosmos and Purple Coneflowers.

If you can't make your own birdhouse from scratch, you could still buy a wooden one at the garden or craft store and paint it in bright colors with romantic sayings about sharing a happy home together.

Games Made From Wood

Classic games made with wood game pieces and boards are not only perfect wood gifts for a fifth wedding anniversary, they can be played all year round, especially on cozy date nights spent relaxing in front of a crackling fire. Checkers, chess, and backgammon are games that are often made of wood, but don't forget classics like Scrabble, Jenga, cribbage, or mancala, (Check out the video on the right for the rules for playing mancala, a traditional game played in Madagascar.)

Outdoor games made of wood are also fun anniversary gifts for couples who like to spend time outside together. Croquet, kubb, and lawn dominoes are some suggestions. The important thing when picking out a gift made of wood for a wedding anniversary is that the happy couple has fun, even if they are playing against each other.

Bonsai Tree

Bonsai trees, shrubs, and saplings are the ultimate wood gifts for a fifth wedding anniversary and can be infused with symbols of love and longevity. Over the years, a tree planted to mark your wedding anniversary will grow into a strong, enduring marker of your years spent together. A desktop bonsai or miniature rosebush will remind your spouse of you and your special anniversary when she is away at work. A gift of five bamboo stalks woven together invites wealth and wisdom into the recipient's life. In Feng Shui, the number five is believed to attract positive energy into your life, resulting in greater health and prosperity.

If you still can't decide on a gift made of wood to give your spouse on your wedding anniversary, here are a few more ideas:

  • Welsh Love Spoons
  • Kitchen accessories, tableware, cutting boards, and serving platters
  • Antique grandfather or grandmother clocks
  • Wood sculptures, wall hangings, or objet d'arte
  • Furniture
  • Jewelry boxes or change caddies
  • Sporting equipment: tennis rackets, skis, canoes, etc
  • Christmas ornaments or seasonal decorations
  • Carved or painted house numbers
  • Vintage signs
  • Good luck charms and symbols carved in wood
  • Musical instruments made of wood
  • Outdoor welcome signs and house blessings

Fountain Pen Made of Wood

Fountain Pen Writing Set Case 100% Handcrafted Bamboo Vintage Collection with Ink Refill Converter - You Get Best Signature Calligraphy Antique Executive Business Gift Pens - 100% Quality Guarantee
Fountain Pen Writing Set Case 100% Handcrafted Bamboo Vintage Collection with Ink Refill Converter - You Get Best Signature Calligraphy Antique Executive Business Gift Pens - 100% Quality Guarantee
A fountain pen with a hardwood case makes an excellent fifth wedding anniversary gift for a man or woman. It's a stylish, practical, and timeless. My husband gave me a wooden fountain pen on our anniversary--and as a writer and artist, it's one of my most treasured possessions!

© 2017 Sadie Holloway


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  • MsDora profile image

    Dora Weithers 

    3 years ago from The Caribbean

    You didn't ask, but I'd vote on the bonsai tree. All the gifts are desirable. Thanks for the list.


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