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15 Best Gifts for Yorkie Lovers

Proud puppy parent of a crazy 5-pound Yorkie who thinks he is the boss of me.

Wondering what to get the Yorkie lover in your life? Check out these 15 adorable gift ideas.

Wondering what to get the Yorkie lover in your life? Check out these 15 adorable gift ideas.

Yorkie Gift Ideas

If you are looking for the best gift for the Yorkie lover in your life, your job is easy. Yorkie owners love anything that reminds them of their beloved dog. I can tell you this from firsthand experience; my wife and I have been proud Yorkshire Terrier parents for five years now.

Every time a holiday or birthday, or anniversary comes around, I try to think of the things my wife loves most in the world in order to pick out the right presents. I know she loves our little dog, and no Yorkie-related item has failed to make a big impression thus far.

I’ve become something of an expert on this topic in recent years, and in this article, you’ll read about my favorite finds. These are Yorkie-themed gifts I’ve given (or gotten) over the years, and each of these choices knocked the ball out of the park for me.

Words of Advice

  • Watch for quality. Because Yorkies are so popular, there are a whole lot of companies trying to make merchandise to satisfy this market. Some are better than others, so read reviews and compare to ensure you are getting a quality product.
  • No doggy outfits! Unless you are really sure your owner will want it. For some reason, people like to dress these little dogs up in all kinds of humiliating costumes. We will have none of this, and neither will our dog. Don’t go down that road unless you are absolutely sure it’s a good idea!
  • Look for similar items. In this article, you’ll find gift ideas that I personally love, but you might have better ideas. Maybe you’ll find something similar but a bit different than what I am recommending, and you’ll like it more. Consider this list as a jumping-off point.

Here are my best ideas (so far) when it comes to cool, unique gifts for Yorkie lovers!

Yorkshire Terrier salt and pepper shakers

Yorkshire Terrier salt and pepper shakers

Yorkie Gifts for the Home

You don’t have to guess what kind of dog we have. If you don’t see or hear him, there is plenty of evidence around our house and property. Here are a few of the items we’ve collected:

Yorkie Salt and Pepper Shakers

One Christmas, I gave my wife this set of Yorkshire Terrier salt and pepper shakers that are attracted to each other by magnets in their noses. When they come together, it looks like they are smooching. How adorable is that? A lot adorable, that’s how much.

Yorkshire Terrier Sandicast Sculptures

These are really cool, and we have a few of them around the house. Some larger life-size statues and sculptures are kind of expensive and smaller desk-top sculptures. The details are pretty good, and while you won’t mistake a statue for a real Yorkshire Terrier, they are very well done.

Yorkie Christmas Ornaments

Over the past five years, our Christmas tree has slowly become overtaken by Yorkie ornaments. There are all kinds out there, including Sandicast. When people give them to us, we write the year on the bottom so we can remember when we got them.

Garden Flags

My wife loves garden flags, so we have a bunch of them. Some of them depict Yorkies in different seasons of the year, and she seems to like those especially.


My top gift idea for Yorkie lovers is Yorkie-opoly. It is a game similar to Monopoly, with some Yorkies thrown in to liven things up and so cute you’ll fall off your chair.

I gave this to my wife for her birthday a few years ago, and she loved it. We play it whenever we are up for a board game. If you want to surprise a Yorkshire Terrier parent with a unique game they would never have dreamed existed, this will be a big hit.

There are a few key differences in gameplay compared to what you might expect, but otherwise, it’s pretty similar to another property-trading game you may have played before.

Of course, the tiles and cards are different. For example, instead of the tiles representing the property, they each represent a different little dog. Instead of houses and hotels, you mark your territory with bones. You think getting sent to Jail is bad; in this game, you get sent to the kennel!

You can play up to six players, which makes it great for families. There is even a one-hour version for those of us who have attention spans similar to our dogs.

Yorkie-opoly is one of the most fun Yorkie-themed gifts I’ve found. Normal, non-Yorkie-parent people might not get it, but what do they know anyway?

Yorkie Mom Gifts for Wives and Girlfriends

To be honest, this is the area where I have to most experience. Whether it is her birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, our anniversary, or Flag Day, if I’m stumped, I know my go-to gift is something Yorkie related. It works every time.

Here are some winners from the past five years:

Yorkshire Terrier Pandora-Style Charms

What better way for ladies to show their Yorkie love? My wife has a couple of them for her Pandora bracelet, but there are also charms for necklaces and other types of bracelets. If you are thinking about one of these for your wife or girlfriend, but she doesn’t have a bracelet yet, this is a great way to get her started. Maybe even create a Yorkie-only bracelet or necklace for her!

Yorkie Jewelry

If the Pandora thing is a bit too much, there are some pretty Yorkie-styled pendants, earrings, and other jewelry. Some of these look better than others, so be sure to read the reviews before making your choice.

Yorkie Socks

My wife loves funky socks, and she has a bunch of them with cute Yorkies on them in different colors. I can’t say I fully understand it, but this is something she gets really excited about.

Yorkie Mom T-shirts

My wife has a few with different slogans on them.

Flopsie Yorkie plush toy

Flopsie Yorkie plush toy

Plush Yorkshire Terrier

This is my top Yorkie gift recommendation for kids. It is soft and cuddly like the real thing, but it’s a lot quieter, and it’s much easier to get it to sit still.

There are a bunch of different kinds out there, but the Aurora Flopsie Yorkie is the one I liked best, and my wife loves it. She is a kid at heart, I suppose!

It’s a well-made and good-looking toy. Of course, kids will want to play with it, but adults can put it on display somewhere as a knick-knack.

We have hers stashed on a shelf just out of our dog’s reach. He can see it up there and, for a while, was intent on finding a way to get to it, but he’s pretty much given up at this point.

Always check the reviews and look closely at details when selecting these kinds of items. Some brands are better than others, so you want to make sure you get a quality toy.

It is important to emphasize that this is not a dog toy, and it’s not for dogs to play with. This plush Yorkshire Terrier is meant as a human toy or for display. For such small dogs, Yorkies somehow manage to be quite adept at tearing things apart, and you never want to give them items they can rip and choke on.

ZippyPaws Puzzle Toys and Critters

If you do want to give your Yorkie lover something they can enjoy with their dog, I suggest the Zippypaws Chipmunk Burrow toy. It is like a puzzle, and the dog has to figure out how to get the chipmunks out of the log.

It took our dog a while at first, but he got the job done. Now that he has figured it out, those chipmunks don't stand a chance.

It may seem like the log is too big for such a small dog, but our Yorkie is only five pounds, and he has no trouble with it. It has become one of his favorite toys, and he seems to like dragging the log around.

But what he really loves is chasing after the chipmunks. Yorkshire Terriers are little dynamos, and having a toy that keeps their attention and provides a physical challenge is important.

Our dog has several types of critters he likes to pursue. In addition to the chipmunks, he also has little sheep and bunnies that hide in a carrot. Why bunnies would hide in a giant carrot, I really don't understand, but it makes no difference to our dog.

This is a fun, slam-dunk idea where you really don't have to worry about whether the Yorkie lover in your life actually needs it. You know their dog will love it!

Our Yorkie loves his ZippyPaws critters.

Our Yorkie loves his ZippyPaws critters.

Yorkie Gift Ideas for Husbands and Boyfriends

I think I’m as rough and tough as the next guy, but that doesn’t mean I’m not susceptible to the charms of our little five-pound ball of fur. He’s a cute little guy, and he cracks me up on a daily basis with his antics.

My wife and family know this, and they know that men like Yorkie gifts too. Here are a few I’ve really appreciated:

Yorkie Coffee Mugs

Since I work from home, I go through a lot of coffee. I have a collection of mugs, including several Yorkie-themed coffee mugs.

Signs and Stickers

We have one of those Yorkie on Guard signs in the house. Clever signs can not only serve as nice decorations around the home but also as warnings to any intruder that a ferocious beast lurks within the home.

Yorkshire Terrier Calendars

Yeah, I have one of those, too it’s kind of funny how you see a lot of your own dog when you are looking at pictures of others.

Yorkie Car Window Decals

It might seem like overkill, but it makes a Yorkie owner feel good to see little reminders here and there. And it tells the drivers behind you what kind of dog you own. Of course, they care! I’ll admit I don’t put mine on my car, but it does have a prominent place on our fridge.

Go Yorkies!

Good luck picking out the perfect gift for the Yorkie owner in your life. I hope this list helped. All dog owners love their pets, but it seems like Yorkshire Terriers are one of those breeds that really make people go crazy.

Maybe it is because they are so tiny and seemingly in need of protection (they are not) or because they appear so helpless (again, not). Maybe it's because Yorkies are so cute and spunky and clever.

Then there’s that mind control thing. Are Yorkshire Terriers actually highly evolved life forms that have learned to tap into human brainwaves and subliminally control our actions?

What else explains how a five-pound dog makes the most intelligent creatures on the planet do its bidding and answer its every whim while it bounces around playing and eating all day?

Food for thought, but for now, it is probably best to keep on filling up our lives with all things Yorkie. The best gifts for Yorkie lovers are the ones that celebrate these wonderful little dogs.

Questions & Answers

Question: Where is the best place to find Yorkie-related gift items?

Answer: I do most of my shopping online, so that is typically where I get Yorkie gifts for my wife. Big online merchants have lots of different items, but check some of the smaller crafts sites as well. If you have local craftspeople nearby, you may want to check in and see what they have.

I’ve also created my gifts using sites like Zazzle. If you have a picture of the dog, you can make all kinds of cool, custom items with their exact Yorkie on them. I’ve made t-shirts and mouse pads, and I’ve even used pictures of our dog to make custom Christmas ornaments and cards to hand out to relatives at the holidays.

Wherever you buy from, be sure to check the reviews and watch for quality. I’ve found many great things since we’ve had our dog, but there is a lot of low-quality stuff out there too, and a few times I’ve been disappointed.