GlobeIn Fair Trade Artisan Subscription Box: The Cheers! Box Review

Updated on September 12, 2019
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Emma is a Swedish university student and fiction writer with a particular love for language and the written word.

I wish I could say that I received the Cheers! box just before New Year's Eve 2017 and proceeded to toast to the new year with its contents. That would've been very appropriate for the season. Unfortunately, it takes quite a while for the boxes to get to me here in Sweden, so it didn't come in until after the holidays. What a lovely box, though. Well worth the wait! Let's have a look at what's inside.

Mini Handwoven Basket From Mexico

I was pretty tickled to see the tiny palm leaf basket in this box. It's my first time receiving one of these little guys (although I have many full-size palm leaf baskets and even a palm leaf bottle basket), and I can think of about a gazillion uses of a basket in this handy size. Other than being small and eminently useful, it is also wonderfully colorful. I really love the pattern on it and the bright colors. Honestly, if the rest of the box weren't so top-notch (as you will see below), I think this would honestly be my favorite item in it.

Checkered Table Cloth From India

This beautiful blue-and-white checkered table cloth was a delightful surprise in this box! It's not normally the sort of thing I get super excited about, but it's one of those items that looks so much better in person than in a photo. There's a lovely black and white embroidery thread running along the center of the blue lines in the pattern, which gives it just that little extra edge of uniqueness! It's quite big too, and large table cloths that cover the whole table is something I don't have a lot of. I look forward to bringing this out—although perhaps later in the year when the weather turns warm. It strikes me as a summer table cloth.

Confetti Champagne Flutes From Mexico

These glasses were the real highlight of the box, which is saying a lot because I loved everything in it. I hadn't had very high hopes for these, I'll admit. The photos I'd seen of them hadn't really impressed me (a bit of a pattern with this box), but in person... boy, did I change my mind! These are so incredibly gorgeous. Their pattern and the way the colors shift in the light is lovely, and the colors themselves are also very festive and bright! The glasses are a lot heavier than I expected—the glass is very thick, something I assume is due to the technique involved in creating the beautiful pattern. It was a bit jarring at first, but I assume it won't be much of a problem when actually using them, which I look forward to doing whenever I get the chance!

Elephant Poo Greeting Card

The final item in this box is the smallest, but should not be shamed for that. It's a lovely set of an envelope and a greeting card with a cute, cheerful embossed design on it. What's cool about this set is what it's made of—elephant poop! Okay, that's not strictly true. It's made of cellulose fibers which are found in elephant poop. It sounds a bit odd but it's a great concept—being able to produce acid-free paper products from elephant excrement is a cool way of making stationary in a more environmentally friendly way. It also makes the elephants useful to the population in areas where their grazing might otherwise cause conflict with local farmers. I really enjoy the color selection on this set, too!

Overall Impression

I am absolutely thrilled with this box. It's definitely my favorite of the boxes I've received recently, and that's saying a lot because the quality has stayed consistently high. This box is pretty similar thematically to the Celebration box I reviewed a while back, although on the balance I think I prefer this one. I'm even struggling to pick a favorite item from it—the table cloth is so gorgeous, the basket so cute, and I just love stationary! But if I had to pick, I'd have to pick the champagne flutes. I've never really seen anything like them. They're magical!


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