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GlobeIn Fair Trade Subscription Box: The Snug Box Review

Emma is a Swedish university student and fiction writer with a particular love for language and the written word.


Isn't Snug a great name for a box to buy in the fall? I think it is! But the name of the box isn't the important thing—it's what's inside! This box was quite similar to the Cozy box that I reviewed some while back, both thematically and in terms of content. I'll compare the two boxes at the end of this review. (Note that the photo above is missing one piece of content, as you will see below.)

Here's what the subscription box included:

  • Handwoven Basket From Mexico
  • Pair of Mugs From Palestine
  • Eye Mask From Malaysia
  • Cotton Beanie from Uganda and Peru
  • Organic Dark Chocolate Caramel Crunch With Sea Salt From the Dominican Republic

Handwoven Basket From Mexico

Another GlobeIn box, another pink palm leaf basket. I don't know why I get pink ones so often! I suppose it's just chance, but I'd love to see some more color variation for these. But hey, they're always pretty and although there are only so many I have use for personally, they make excellent gifts and work equally well as super fancy gift-packaging for some other gift. So, in spite of the repetitive colors, I can't really complain.


Pair of Mugs From Palestine

These beautiful mugs were the highlight of this box for me. They are made by Palestinian artisans and I already have a salt and pepper shaker set and a ladle rest from the same company, which I've received in previous GlobeIn boxes. They all feature this gorgeous blue and green floral design.

There were two mugs in this box, and the quality seems very high. I ended up giving them to my grandmother for Christmas, which is why they weren't part of the top photo with the rest of the contents. I didn't really need any new mugs, and my grandmother really loved them, so the mugs were really a double win!


Eye Mask From Malaysia

These eye masks from Malaysia are made from a beautiful hand-dyed and printed batik fabric. Now I'll admit . . . eye masks—not really my thing. Never used one. Don't quite imagine I ever will. Nonetheless, it's a well-made product.

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The stitching is very thorough, and the pattern of the fabric is fun and lively—particularly for being a black and white pattern. I've tucked it away in the chest where I keep presents that haven't found a receiver yet. Someday, it will brighten someone else's day!


Cotton Beanie From Uganda and Peru

I'm not quite sure why this cute beanie is listed as being from both Uganda and Peru. The little booklet that always comes with the GlobeIn boxes says it is crocheted in Uganda, so presumably Peru is responsible for the production of the yarn itself.

Either way, this is a lovely little hat. It is incredibly soft and the stitches are even. I don't know if it came in several different colors or not, but the one I got was a dark-purplish brown (it looks more brown in the photo than in person) and since purple is my favorite color, I was very pleased about that.

It's a great design that goes down over your ears (a key feature for a good beanie if you ask me) and the yarn doesn't itch at all (arguably, even more important than my ears being covered). I say that as a person with a very itchy head who ends up not using most hats I get for this very reason. I actually just lost my favorite non-itchy hat on a bus recently, and I think this one might be a really good replacement!


Organic Dark Chocolate Caramel Crunch With Sea Salt From the Dominican Republic

I always enjoy getting edibles in my GlobeIn boxes. I enjoy getting other things too, of course, but edibles are extra fun because, well . . . they're tasty! What more reason do I need, really?

I've received this sea salt and caramel chocolate before in the Celebration box, and I was quite happy to find it again both because it's nice to see that GlobeIn has long-term cooperation with the same companies and because it's really nice chocolate.

In my first review of it, I said I would've preferred it to be a little darker, perhaps in the 60–65% range, to compensate for the sweetness of the caramel. I'm going to revise that for this review: I would've preferred it to either be darker to balance out the chocolate or to actually be milk chocolate and be meant to be very sweet.

That being said, it's still very tasty chocolate even if it doesn't have the optimal cocoa quotient according to my tastes. I recommend it! The cocoa in this chocolate was grown in the Dominican Republic by a co-op of small-scale farmers.

Overall Impression of the Subscription Box

This was a good, solid box even though not all the items in it were quite the sort of thing I had use of. I honestly find it hard to say whether I prefer the Cozy box I've previously reviewed or this Snug box. The ceramics in this box are higher quality than in the Cozy box and it has one more product than it as well, but other than that I have to say the quality is pretty even. If put in a position to chose between them, I really think it's more a matter of taste and preference than quality.

I will say that I don't quite think that the contents fit the theme of the box, Snug. The hat and the cups were certainly snug, but I don't know about the rest. However, that's pretty marginal as criticism goes. I am a bit of a sucker for a box with a solid, well put-together theme but it's nowhere near as important as a box with solid, high-quality content, which this box certainly has!

© 2018 Emma Lindhagen

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