Great Gifts for Your Boyfriend/Husband

Updated on September 26, 2019
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Jaeda has been with her man for almost 5 years. They have a corgi and a black cat! Their relationship isn't perfect, but it's full of love!

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost five years. All of the birthdays, Christmases, Valentine's Days, anniversaries, and all of those things in between have called for gifts! It wasn't always easy coming up with something for him, but in the end, I always felt like I succeed! Here I have listed some very personal, homemade gifts that will make any boyfriend feel loved. I have also listed gifts that I have gotten him over the years that made him happy as well. Gift-giving doesn't always have to be difficult, but I think it always needs some thought put into it. Even it's not homemade, he needs to feel like you had his best interests in mind!


Last year, for our four-year anniversary, I gave him a scrapbook. This was by far my favorite gift that I have given him, and I know that he loved it too! I gave it to him when we went out on a date, and he even teared up! I spent a lot of time on this scrapbook and learned a lot of new and different craft tricks! Feel free to follow any of the designs I created.

I bought the adventure book from the movie Up! off of Amazon. It wasn't very expensive, but it's so cute! I got a lot of my craft paper, tapes, stickers, and scissors off of I also left the last five or six pages blank for our future adventures. This is a very cute gift and one that can be kept forever!

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Jar of Firsts

For our one year anniversary, I gave him a fishbowl of our firsts! It included our first kiss, first sleepover, first Christmas, first time saying "I love you," first time making dinner together, first time going to prom, etc. He loved it very much, and he still has it on his end table almost four years later!


I know it sounds funny, but you're probably the only other person in his life that cares about what his underwear looks like! My boyfriend really likes underwear from Duluth Trading Co. They're a little spendier than most, but they're more comfortable and they have some really fun patterns! If you and your boo aren't completely comfortable with each other yet, maybe wait a year or two to start giving underwear as a gift!

Customized Mouse-pad

My boyfriend is a huge gamer, and he spends most of his gaming time on the computer. I noticed that he didn't have a mouse pad, so I had my idea for my next gift! I found a website where I could put my own pictures on. I did a photo-collage of us, and it turned out great! He loved it and still uses it.

Controller or Game

I'm sure most of your boyfriends are gamers of some sort. Whether it's XBOX, Playstation, or Nintendo, find out what they use and buy them a new controller or new game for it! They'll really appreciate it, and I know that they can always use an extra one. Sometimes the dog chews on one, they lose one, or they throw one against the wall. This is a great gift for any occasion! Make sure it's wireless—dudes hate controllers with wires!

Pocket knife

We live in small-town Iowa, and my boyfriend is a farmer so a pocket knife is a little more applicable in his everyday life, but every guy would love to have one, even if they just keep it at home! On Amazon, you can personalize them for pretty cheap. Last year I gave him one with his last name engraved into it. He thought that was pretty cool!

This is the same knife I got my boyfriend. His name is not Steve.
This is the same knife I got my boyfriend. His name is not Steve.

Love Book

Check out They have some really awesome stuff on there. You can make "Reasons Why I Love You" and so many more! You get to pick the stories and the stick people drawings to go on each page. It is a really cool thing to have, and you can look at it for years!


If your boyfriend is like mine, he has a horrible sense of fashion! I like getting him shoes that he can wear on many occasions because you know he will. I love getting shoes for Christmas and so does he. So maybe if I buy him enough pairs of shoes he'll get the hint?

A Pet

I have gotten my boyfriend two pets for Christmas!—a dog and a cat. I go them for him one year apart, but he loves them both so much! He says every day how grateful for them he is. He lives in his own house alone, and he says they keep him really good company. Pets, obviously, are not for everyone! Make sure your boo wants a pet before even thinking about buying him one. This can also be something you guys do together. Pets are great for relationships, and in my opinion, pets are just amazing!

This is our corgi, Oscar, he is much bigger now.
This is our corgi, Oscar, he is much bigger now.

What Will You Give Your Hubby?

There are many things to get your boyfriend, but these are things that I have had personal success in. All of the gifts I listed here were given to my boyfriend at some point in the last five years of our relationship, and I can safely say that he loved all of them! If you need more ideas on top of these, let me know, and I will post another article! Thank you!

© 2019 Jaeda Storm


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      9 months ago

      Love the article! I don't have a boyfriend or anything like that though.....cause I don't swing like


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