Making Your Wife or Girlfriend's Birthday Special on a Budget

Updated on September 26, 2019
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Having been involved in several long-term relationships, Chris has developed a firm insight into what works and what doesn't.

If it's your wife or girlfriend's birthday and you want to have a special celebration without overspending, consider these ideas.
If it's your wife or girlfriend's birthday and you want to have a special celebration without overspending, consider these ideas. | Source

So, Her Birthday Is Approaching

We have all known the feeling at one time or another: You look at the calendar and notice that your significant other has a birthday coming up, and you want to do something special for her. Unfortunately, times are difficult, and the balance in the bank account is putting limitations on your plans.

It can be a frustrating situation, but it doesn't need to be. With a little thought and creativity, you can make her special day the best birthday of her life. Remember that it is the thought that counts and she will be thrilled that you put so much effort into making her feel special.

In this article, I will provide a few simple suggestions on how you can treat the special woman in your life to a great birthday without putting yourself into debt.

  • Make Her Breakfast
  • Have a Birthday Dinner
  • Spend the Day Together
  • Show Her a Little Romance
  • Don't Forget the Flowers

Make Her Breakfast

What better way to start the day? It does not need to be fancy, just something simple that can be made in short order. Bacon and eggs require only minimal cooking skills, and the small amount of effort will be greatly appreciated. If you really want to surprise her, wake up early and serve her breakfast in bed.

Lastly, make sure you clean up any mess you made in the kitchen. The whole breakfast in bed idea is so much more enjoyable for her if she does not have to spend the morning cleaning dishes.

Have a Birthday Dinner

Every birthday celebration should include a nice dinner. A reservation at a 5-star restaurant with dinner served by candlelight always sounds romantic; however, it can prove costly. Don't despair—there are other options available.

Do you know how to cook? Why not make the birthday dinner yourself and really impress the lady in your life. I don't mean tossing a couple frozen dinners in the microwave, but a fresh from-scratch meal. You don't need to be a gourmet chef in order to put together a nice dinner. With a little basic know-how and effort, you can prepare a meal that your significant other will absolutely love.

A couple of steaks can serve as the main dish; lots of people know how to cook a steak. Now add a couple of vegetables to the menu; baked potatoes and corn go well with steak and are relatively easy to prepare. Add in a nice salad, and you have a nice dinner to serve up on her special day.

Believe me, the effort you put into the meal will mean more to her than any dinner reservations because it came from the heart.

Spend the Day Together

Although it may sound simplistic, spending the day together can be a very enjoyable day. These days, people's lives can be so rushed that there is often not enough time spent together.

Consider visiting a local park and taking a nice walk together. Perhaps even take a picnic lunch along and make an afternoon of it. It does not take much money to put together a nice picnic lunch: a few sandwiches, a bag of potato chips and dip along with some soft drinks or iced tea, and you are all set. Just don't forget a blanket or tablecloth.

If you are fortunate enough to live near a beach, you could take your lady and—if the weather permits—do a little swimming. Relaxing on the beach is a great way to spend some time, and the sound of the waves rolling against the shore adds a touch of romance to the atmosphere. There is a reason why poets look to the sea and dream.

Show Her a Little Romance

Many women like their partners to shower them with a little romance from time to time. This doesn't mean you need to go overboard with it; she will not be impressed if you appear to be acting out something you saw in a movie. Keep it real. Sincerity is the key to romance.

Romance is not an overt action; it is the subtle things you do. Opening doors and pulling out her chair are good examples. It is not only the words you say, but how you say them. Show her how much she means to you and that you are happy that she is sharing her life with you.

Ask her about her hopes and dreams. Then listen to her reply. Let her know that you will always be there for her and be supportive of her dreams and ambitions. She needs to know that she has your support in the pursuit of her ambitions.


Don't Forget the Flowers

Yes, it may sound cliché, but most women do enjoy getting flowers. Even if they say they are not really into flowers, when they get them it is a good feeling.

You can order a dozen roses online and have them delivered to the doorstep, which is certain to put a smile on her face. Having them delivered to her workplace can be even better, because sometimes it's nice to have friends and coworkers see how sweet and thoughtful one's partner is.

Having flowers delivered can be a bit expensive; if it does not fit into your budget, then you can always pick up some flowers from an area store and hand-deliver them. Many of the larger grocery stores have a floral section, and it only takes a moment to stop and pick up a few roses or a nice bouquet.

In Conclusion

The woman in your life only has one birthday each year. It is up to you as her partner to listen to her desires and make her day a special one. Every woman is different, but if you know your partner well and stay tuned into what she likes, then you will have no problem doing this.

Make it simple, make it special, and you both will have a happy birthday celebration.

© 2012 Christopher J Wood


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      3 years ago

      You can also go for gifts that are cheap yet very romantic. For such gifts you can switch to

    • profile image

      Mike Jax, FL 

      7 years ago

      Thank you for your insight. You made it much easier for me to make my wife's birthday special.

    • CJWood71 profile imageAUTHOR

      Christopher J Wood 

      8 years ago from Florida, USA

      Thanks for the comment Rob Winters and thanks for taking the time to read my hub. Hopefully it will be of some use to others out there.

    • Rob Winters profile image

      Rob Winters 

      8 years ago

      Straight forward, useful and real tips here CJ.There's no real excuse for not making things special for loved ones on their birthday etc.


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