Top 10 Best Birthday Gifts for Men

Updated on January 20, 2017

Birthdays are extra special with gifts. However, there are several factors that must be considered to make sure your gift won’t disappoint the celebrant. First is the celebrant’s gender. Men have different preferences compared to women in terms of birthday gifts. This also goes true old people and the young. Next, do you have a loose budget or a tight one? Expensive gifts are not advised nowadays but there are some cases where you don’t have any choice but to purchase them is they are what the celebrant wants.

Do you have a plan to surprise your man with a special birthday gift, but confused as to what to give? Here are the Top 10 Best Birthday Gifts for Men to serve as your guide. If ever I missed some great birthday gift ideas for men, feel free to share them in the comments section. Have a good read everyone and may every man out there celebrate an exciting and fun-filled birthday!

10) A Watch

Wrist watch for men
Wrist watch for men

Majority of men value time above all. They simply don’t want to let a day pass without doing something productive since the responsibility of supporting their family financially is at their shoulders. This is why your man will certainly love a watch as a birthday present. It needs not to be overly expensive. A simple but durable watch is enough. Search for something that matches his daily activities and style preference. If he works in an office, purchase a watch that has a sleek design. Otherwise, a sporty look should be preferred and one with added features like such as a compass. Good news is that there are several sites today that offer cheap but durable watches allowing you to save while making your man happy during his special day.

9) His Favorite Athlete's Jersey

Jets home hockey jersey
Jets home hockey jersey

Men love all sorts of sports both outdoor and indoor. If your man is fond of basketball, why not purchase a jersey of his favorite player as a birthday gift? A branded jersey would cost you a bit but the investment is totally worth it after seeing your man’s excitement while wearing it for the first time. Just make sure the jersey you’ll purchase actually fits on him. You can make the gift extra special by personally sewing the jersey. This requires excellent sewing skills so only consider this option if you have both experience and knowledge. It’s also important that you work without him noticing so the surprise won’t be spoiled.

8) Sports Memorabilia

Michael Jordan 1997-1998 basketball jersey
Michael Jordan 1997-1998 basketball jersey

A medium-sized figurine of Michael Jordan or any famous NBA legend will certainly make your man happy if he loves basketball. Basketball shirts and balls with signatures of his favorite player are also good options. They don’t need to be brand new. Overspending is not an option so search for cheap alternatives online. Try to visit e-bay and look for something your man will love. After deciding what to give, personally wrap it. The effort of making it special alone can bring tears to your man’s eyes upon receiving your gift. But before anything else, determine your man’s favorite sports team or icon. This is easy for those who have been living together for years but a very big challenge for new couples. Work hard but don’t let him suspect that you’re up to something or it will ruin your plan.

7) A Sweet Candle-Lit Dinner

An event worthy of a toast indeed!
An event worthy of a toast indeed!

He has been preparing sweet dinners to please you throughout the years so it might be the perfect time for you to do the same thing. Surprise your man with a romantic candle-light dinner on his special day. Keep it private as much as possible so the two of you can converse freely. Set it up at your backyard, on a quiet lakeside, or on your room filled with decorations. Your effort of planning and setting it all up will surely be rewarded with hugs and kisses. Always remember that majority of men prefer to receive priceless gifts. By considering this idea, you’ll not only make him happy on his birthday but show how much far you’ll go to express your love.

6) Technology Devices

Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy S3

Is your man’s mobile phone manifesting a lot of glitches after being around for a couple of years? Does he often complain about it? With this problem at hand, buying him a new mobile phone for his birthday is certainly a great idea. Doing so will make him realize that you care for him above anyone else. There are fully-functional but cheap handheld devices out there to choose from so don’t worry about spending too much for this purpose. In fact, some online mobile phone stores sell their products in great discounts so be sure to check them out. While choosing a phone, think of the features your man truly need and not buy one just because it looks good or it’s the latest and most expensive model up to date.

If he recently purchased a mobile phone, why not buy him a tablet or a laptop? These technology products can help him get rid of boring moments and make him more productive. Just remember to settle with brands that guarantee quality while keeping their product’s prices at a reasonable scale.

5) Something Helpful to His Job

Help him gain needed confidence!
Help him gain needed confidence!

If your man works as an engineer, buy him a safety hat or a scientific calculator with extra features perfect for his profession. If he is a businessman, buy him a suit which he can use during important meetings and formal occasions. There possibilities are only limited by your creativity. He will surely appreciate a birthday present which is useful in his every day activity. The secret is to find out which of the things he needs the most are either broken or missing. Don’t ask him since it might provide a clue. Research and keep it a secret so you’ll find him extra happy after being surprised about your timely and well-thought-of birthday gift.

4) A Trip to Anywhere He Wants to Be

It can't get any better than this!
It can't get any better than this!

Have you talked about a certain place your man dreams to visit? His birthday might be a perfect chance to do it. Not only will it make the event more special but very memorable as well. Grant his wish and add up a few surprises along the way. Don’t bluntly say you’re going for a trip. Secretly pack things for the both of you and pretend that you forgot all about his birthday. On his special day drive for him and commence your plan. Your main will surely love the thrills and surprises that await him.

A trip with only the two of you is romantic but you can also add up a few friends to make it less boring. Make sure you choose only those that are close to his heart. His family is a must especially if it has been years since he was spent quality time with them. Your man’s birthday can turn into a family gathering and an adventure he will never forget for the rest of his life.

3) A Couple Shirt

Simple but sweet!
Simple but sweet!

Others consider couple shirts cheezy and too vulgar but I find it really sweet. Wearing a shirt that expresses how much you love a man is not something to be ashamed of. Buying a couple shirt, which the two of you can wear during your man’s special day, is an idea he will surely love.

To make the shirts more special, why not personally create their design? There are several t-shirt printing stations today which allow their customers to create a scratch as their reference as they create the actual design. Keep your design simple yet catchy. A funny quote about love is excellent especially if your partner is a man teeming with humor. Pick his favorite as the shirt’s color and be sure you get his size right.

2) A Rare Addition to His Collection

A collection of antique toy cars.
A collection of antique toy cars.

Has your man been collecting certain stuffs for years? Whether they are old stamps or antique furniture, supporting him is a must as long as his hobby won’t cause him anything bad. Show your appreciation for his passion by adding a rare item to his collection. Searching for it won’t be easy but the effort, time, and money you’ll invest in the process are sure to be worthwhile as you see his smiles and hear words of gratitude.

There are two ways to look for rare collection items. First and the most common method, is visiting garage sales. Drive through several neighborhoods and look for stalls. You’ll surely find something worth buying for your man after a few hours. If you can’t afford to spend so much time searching, you have no better option left other than using the internet. Browse through e-bay and other online stores to search for collection items that can make your man extra happy during his special day.

1) Your Time and Attention

A date he will remember for the rest of his life.
A date he will remember for the rest of his life.

Time is probably the most precious gift you can give for your man’s birthday. Skip work and be by his side all day. Pamper him like there’s no tomorrow and make your man feel how much you love him. Cook and drive for him if possible. With these small but sweet acts, his day will be extra special even without an actual gift.

Spend the night watching the start on your rooftop or in a grass field. Keep the moment simple but sweet. A bottle of wine will definitely complete the night. Don’t forget to say how much he means to you. Men admire women who are not shy to express their love in both words and actions. Treat him as your prince and it won’t be a surprise if he treats you as his princess in return.

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      • cinderella14 profile image


        4 years ago from Philippines

        I always give t-shirts because this is the easiest to find and cheaper. Perhaps I have to reconsider these suggestions you have in here the next time I buy gifts.

      • profile image


        5 years ago

        It's good ...... But

        Need some more lovable gifts ...some of the men like accessories like ring ...

        Can you post these type of online purchase ...

      • Valerie T profile image

        Valerie Tapia 

        6 years ago from Nashua, NH

        Can't forget the cologne! :)

        Some colognes have such a wonderful scent, I'm always on the prowl looking for more to add to his collection. lol

        Great Hub, voted up and useful

      • profile image

        Jeremy Rawlings 

        6 years ago

        I'd like the Michael Jordan singlet or the rare collection item.

      • dailytop10 profile imageAUTHOR


        6 years ago from Davao City

        ...even if it comes with hugs and kisses? hahaha

      • Andy McGuire profile image

        Andy McGuire 

        6 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

        Oh.....Yeah, I'm not touching that one! Not with a ten foot pole!


      • dailytop10 profile imageAUTHOR


        6 years ago from Davao City

        What's the problem with couple shirts? I gave my hubby one 2 years ago and he liked it. Or he was just lying about it being the best gift in the word? hahaha

      • Andy McGuire profile image

        Andy McGuire 

        6 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

        Ah, the old sports cliché. I know many guys like sports, but sooooo many do not. Maybe suggest some alternatives to the ladies of non-sports guys?

        Oh, and couples shirts? Really? :P

      • dailytop10 profile imageAUTHOR


        6 years ago from Davao City

        More power to you as well. PS: Your inner beauty inside emanates. Glad to meet a great woman like you.

      • dailytop10 profile imageAUTHOR


        6 years ago from Davao City

        Thank you for appreciating my efforts. Have a great day!

      • webdesignerfaith profile image

        Faith T. 

        6 years ago

        Lol, I will keep it on mind. Wow, very long article you must be a very passionate blogger.

      • Deborah Brooks profile image

        Deborah Brooks Langford 

        6 years ago from Brownsville,TX

        this is great advice to find my hubby a present thank you..

        I do like the idea to take him on a trip.. we do love to travel

        blessings to you


      • dailytop10 profile imageAUTHOR


        6 years ago from Davao City

        Thank you for liking my hub. I did that once to my ex...and he was really happy that time.

      • Nyamache profile image

        Joshua Nyamache 

        6 years ago from Kenya

        I like your ideas on this hub. A trip to where he wants to be will surprise him.

      • dailytop10 profile imageAUTHOR


        6 years ago from Davao City

        Thank you again for reading my hub. It inspires me a lot. God bless!

      • Mhatter99 profile image

        Martin Kloess 

        6 years ago from San Francisco

        I thought I had you on this one, but you got all mine. Thanks.


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