50+ Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him

Updated on August 31, 2019
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Valentine's Day Gifts for Him
Valentine's Day Gifts for Him | Source

Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

You still don’t have a Valentine’s Day gift for him? Oh, darn it! Lucky for you, this list is here to lend a hand.

Lined up here are gift ideas that you could use to solve your gifting predicament. What does he like? What does he want? What do you think suits him perfectly? Well, the choice is yours to make!

Valentine’s day is a day of love. I’m quite certain that whatever you choose to give the special guy in your life, he’ll appreciate with all his heart. After all, it’s always the thought that counts!

Cliché Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

  • Giving him some good ol’ Valentine’s day chocolates requires minimal effort. However, if you want the chocolates to be extra special, then I suggest that you make them from scratch!
  • Who says flowers are just for girls? Try sending him some and see what reaction he makes. I'm telling you that there's a big chance that he's going to show you a delightful reaction.
  • The 'I'll be your chocolate' and 'I'll be your marshmallow' couple shirts are so cute! I've seen some friends wearing these shirts with their partners, and the sight was so endearing. The matching shirts made them look enchantingly synergistic. Like donuts and coffee, bacon and eggs, milk and cookies, salt and pepper, and chocolates and marshmallows—couple shirts add a new layer of perfection in romantic relationships!
  • As many people say, 'the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.' Keeping this in mind, why not treat your beloved gentleman to an indulgent, romantic lunch or dinner for two on Valentine’s day? It's cliché, yes, but it always works!
  • A classic gift that never goes out of style is a t-shirt with a funny caption or design! Here are some caption ideas that are great for Valentine's day: 'I am the boyfriend of a goddess,' 'I love my crazy wife,' and 'If lost, please return to babe!'
  • A simple Valentine’s day card is always appreciated. You’ll find a variety of these online, in craft stores, and in bookstores.
  • Couple key-chains are in! They come in all sizes and shapes. There are key-and-lock key-chains, kissing animals key-chains, puzzle key-chains, and heart-shaped, fit-together key-chains. It's all just a matter of finding the right one.
  • A nifty cardholder, a wallet, or a money clip. It’s time for him to take his finances seriously!
  • Give him a brand new pair of shoes.
  • For some reason, men just love watches. Give him one if you can afford it. The more luxurious the watch is, the better! After all, watches are like jewelry for men.
  • Buy him a bracelet. Bracelets are inexpensive and easy to find. For added romantic effect, try looking for a pair that matches together.
  • A cap is one of the most fail-safe gifts you can give a guy. Be sure to pick a design that you think he’ll like.
  • Sunglasses are always trendy. Pick a stylish one for him. Make sure that it complements the shape of his face.
  • Couple mugs are adorable!

  • You can buy him an alcoholic drink if he enjoys drinking from time to time. I suggest you make him try a drink that’s made of chocolate and liquor. I forgot the name of the drink, but I think it's a marvelous beverage for Valentine's day.
  • If you want him to smell good every time you’re together, then, by all means, give him a perfume or cologne. Be sure to pick one with a smell that you both like.
  • If there's a drink that always radiates class, it's champagne. Have a toast with him on dinner night to celebrate your beautiful friendship as lovers.

Couple shirts are so the trendy and perky! You'll know who's a couple or not just by looking at what they are wearing. If it's a matching pair, then there's something between them. Love, perhaps?
Couple shirts are so the trendy and perky! You'll know who's a couple or not just by looking at what they are wearing. If it's a matching pair, then there's something between them. Love, perhaps?

Gifts That Ooze With Cuteness and Sweetness

  • A What I Love About You Fill In The Love Journal. Simply answer the sappy fill-in-the-blank questions inside and hand it over to him. Once he reads it, he’s sure to fall in love with you even more. Believe me, I have a friend whose girlfriend gave him this journal. As of this writing, they're still together. It must be the power of the journal, I swear!
  • A stuffed animal that represents you. If you’re chubby, then give him an elephant, pig, or a whale plush. If you’re lazy, then give him a sloth, koala, or a panda plush. If your temper is on the fiery side, then give him a lion, wolf, or a grizzly bear plush.
  • The Daily Drawings of Us, by Curtis Wikland. This is a book of heartwarming sketches that depicts the sweet yet mundane moments of living life after marriage.
  • A bucket list journal that will list down all the things that you two will be doing together in the future.
  • Me Without You, by Ralph Lazar and Lisa Swerling. It’s a book of cute drawings celebrating the moments in life that are simply incomplete without two. You could either buy it in kindle form or in paperback form. But of course, with books like this, I recommend that you buy it in paperback form for more impact. I've seen this book before, and it managed to melt my heart. I won't go into details, but I remember grinning from ear to ear as I savored every page of this book.
  • Everyone loves plushies! Get him a cute/cool-looking one. Recently, I saw this cute heart plushie that resembles a real heart. I don't remember where I saw it, but you happen to stumble upon it, then consider yourself lucky.
  • A Valentine’s day gift basket that is over-packed with goodies. Some lovely items that you can include in the basket are chocolates, liquor, snacks, and his favorite things.

Do-It-Yourself Gifts for Him

Handmade gifts always have more value than common, store-bought gifts. You just know that they were made from the heart and required a lot of effort, time, and dedication. That is why they're so special. Also, handmade gifts are often fail-safe in a way that they are always appreciated.

  • An old-fashioned, handwritten love letter. Not only are love letters classic, but they’re also nostalgic and sweet.
  • Are you feeling artistic? Paint him something! Use him as the model for your painting if you want. All you need is a canvass and some coloring materials, and you’re all set!
  • Do you know how to bake? If you do, then bake him a cake, a cupcake, or any love-filled sweet pastry for Valentine’s day.
  • So that he never forgets about you, why not give him a fancy picture frame with your picture in it? A picture of both of you together will also work, by the way.
  • Create a book or calendar with pre-planned dates and give it to him. This way, you’ll both be set for your dates for the rest of the year.
  • You can make a collage or compilation of your journey as a couple so far in your lives.

Aside from Christmas, Valentine's day is another holiday that's big on sweets and confectionery. Honestly speaking, I sometimes forget that it's a holiday about love and romance. It has become a holiday about chocolates, cakes, and pastries for me.
Aside from Christmas, Valentine's day is another holiday that's big on sweets and confectionery. Honestly speaking, I sometimes forget that it's a holiday about love and romance. It has become a holiday about chocolates, cakes, and pastries for me. | Source

Gifts That Are Practical for Any Guy

The most important thing about these practical gift ideas is that they're useful in everyday life. They make life easy and convenient. If you want to make life comfortable for him, even for a tiny bit, then these things might just be what he needs.

  • This body groomer kit is very convenient to use for trimming and shaving all the tiny hair details from head to toe. As a guy, body hair can get messy from time to time. This groomer kit may not be perfect, but it works fine. I can attest that this item hits the spot in terms of functionality and affordability.
  • If he is a gym junkie, then a jar of protein shake powder will definitely help him in achieving his fitness goals faster.
  • A good pair of earphone/earbuds is always convenient. I mean, who doesn't have earphones/earbud? They're even better if they are good quality ones.
  • This might be a personal opinion, but I love pillows! They’re comfy, fluffy, and soft. You can try giving the special guy in your life a pillow so that he remembers you every time he sleeps.
  • A nose hair trimmer. Not only are long nostril hairs unnecessary, but they also make men look like cavemen!
  • Personalized socks. No matter what he wears on the outside—good or bad—he will remember that there’s a cool pair of socks on his feet that will give him all the confidence he needs to get through the day.
  • In this age, tripods are really useful. Whether he’s binge-watching something on his phone or he’s taking pictures, a tripod always comes in handy.
  • This slick-looking Bluetooth headphones set. If he’s always on the go and loves listening to music or watching videos anywhere, then this piece of sound technology would be really suitable for him! Just so you know, I have this particular set of headphones and they work really smooth. It sits comfortably on my ears and produces high-quality sounds. What's really good about this item is that its battery lasts really long. I have no complaints about it.
  • A premium subscription for a magazine, an application service, or a game network he’s interested in.
  • Give him a Swiss army knife. It’s the handiest tool of all time!
  • A tie. Pick any kind—fancy, funky, formal—he’ll appreciate it, trust me. This works best if he works most of the time in a formal or semi-formal setting.
  • So you're telling me that guys don’t moisturize their skin? That’s a load of baloney! I do and all guys should! It’s to keep the skin soft and smooth all the time. Try giving him a good moisturizer for Valentine’s day so that he'll become even more attractive to you.
  • A high-quality notebook. It’s perfect for the times when ideas suddenly pop in his mind.
  • If he is into health and fitness, or you just want him to be a little more self-conscious about his entire well-being, try giving him a Fitbit watch for extra motivation.

Gifts That Will Ceaselessly Entertain Him

These gift ideas are meant to entertain him. Be extra careful when gifting your guy these things. They might just grab his attention and time from you. But then again, there's a big chance that he'll love these gifts. You just have to learn to adapt and enjoy them with him for a mega boost in your relationship status.

  • A SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless Headset for all his music streaming, video watching, and gaming needs. This wireless headset is more of a gaming headset than a no-frills, music headset. This is the best headset for him if he usually stays home. My friend, who's a die-hard PC gamer, has this headset and I never see him on his computer without wearing it. I do try it on from time to time, and I must say that it does create a truly immersive gaming experience as compared to just playing without it.
  • Nowadays, many guys are into gaming. If the guy in your life is into gaming, then why not give him a gaming mouse or keyboard?
  • If you see him slouching around all day in front of his computer, then you can make him even more comfortable by providing him a dedicated gaming chair.
  • A fun board game! If you give him one, it’s assumed that you’ll both be playing it and spending quality time together in no time.
  • This Our Moments Couples card game is a perfect Valentine’s day gift if you want to spend some quality time with him while having fun and learning more about each other. One time, I found this card game in the house of my uncle and aunt, and they told me that it's for couples only. Oh well. But at least I know it's effective because their marriage is still rock solid!
  • If he’s into video games (especially portable ones), then there's a big chance that the Nintendo Switch would suit him well.
  • Speaking of Nintendo Switch, you can also buy him some great multiplayer games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Super Mario Party, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, and Just Dance so that you can both have fun while having some quality together.
  • A retro gaming console like the Super NES Classic or PlayStation Classic.
  • It is almost certain that a drone will make him happy and giddy. It’s like giving a child a remote-controlled toy car or plane.

Our Moments (Couples) is a truly engaging game. It's perfect for you and your partner! Not only is it fun to play, it also strengthens the bond between both of you. It never gets old, really, no matter how many times you play it.
Our Moments (Couples) is a truly engaging game. It's perfect for you and your partner! Not only is it fun to play, it also strengthens the bond between both of you. It never gets old, really, no matter how many times you play it.

Random Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Special Guy

  • Any Funko Pop collectible action figure. Who doesn’t love these figures? They’re always nice to look at, especially when displayed on top of a shelf.
  • A superman compression shirt is a great gift for the Superman in your life. It’ll definitely suit him, especially if you pick the right size for him.
  • A moon lamp. Tell him to always think about you whenever he stares at the moon lamp. This way, he'll always be equating the moon to your visage. It's like every time he adores the moon, he also adores you!
  • Give him a trophy for being the best Valentine’s day date, boyfriend, or husband for you.
  • Give him a hoodie that matches with yours. Bonus points for you if it has a cheesy caption that just screams love all over!
  • Many guys think that drinking beer makes them manlier. Of course, it hasn't been proven; but if he likes beer, then you might want to consider giving him a beer mug as a gift.
  • A Hershey’s Kisses giant milk chocolate. You can never go wrong with chocolates, especially when it is Valentine’s day.
  • Sexy boxer shorts. I assure you that giving this gift will never fail in sending him your romantic innuendoes.
  • If you want to get the message that 'he is running hot' across, then you should give him some hot sauce. This works really well if he, indeed, loves hot sauce and spicing thing up with it.
  • A toilet paper with "I Love You From Top To Bottom" scrawled all over it is an extremely funny gift. If you want him to think about you all the time, even in moments when he is busy doing his dirty business, then this is the perfect gift. I once sent this funky toilet paper to some friend, not as a romantic gift, but as a prank gift. Alas, it was a truly hilarious experience for them.
  • If he is into pranks and jokes, then a farting teddy bear would be a perfect gift for him. What does it do? Well, it farts whenever it is hugged!

Free Gifts You Can Give Him

As they say, the best things in life are free! By the way, you can give these things to him even if it isn't Valentine's day. However, the said holiday just makes them even more special.

  • A big, warm hug!
  • A peck on the cheek.
  • A sweet, passionate kiss!
  • A relaxing massage.
  • Just greet him 'Happy Valentine's Day!' for a no-fuss gift.
  • Your undivided attention.
  • Your overflowing love for him.

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