What Do I Want for My Birthday?

Updated on September 9, 2019
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Gift-giving is Tatiana's favorite aspect of the holiday season. She loves helping others find the perfect gifts for any occasion.

Help your friends and family save time by letting them know what you actually want for your birthday. You'll be glad you did!
Help your friends and family save time by letting them know what you actually want for your birthday. You'll be glad you did! | Source

Tips for Making a Birthday Wish List

Another year has passed and you’re yet another year older. Getting older doesn't have to be a bad thing, because luckily people have this really weird habit of wanting to buy stuff for you for your birthday. Pretty sweet, right? But along with the desire to buy you things come those questions asking what you want.

So, your Aunt asks you what you want: you are completely caught off guard and somehow manage to fumble out the words “fuzzy socks and Twizzlers.” You receive a strange look and a hesitant nod of approval, then the two of you awkwardly part ways.

You ask yourself in your head over and over again “what do I want for my birthday,” wondering if the answer you gave was truly something that would be on your birthday wish list.

"A birthday wish list, that’s it!"

That’s exactly what you should have and having one would have helped you to completely avoid that super awkward situation with auntie. So again, ask yourself “what do I want for my birthday?” But this time, have a pen and paper ready, or you’ll be receiving fuzzy socks and Twizzlers from everyone!


Ideas to Include on Your Birthday Wish List

Here are some helpful categories to consider when making your list:

  • Edibles you like: Well, you clearly already covered this category by requesting pounds and pounds of Twizzlers from everyone, right? Don’t stop at Twizzlers, though. The candy store is your oyster. Er, Twizzler?
  • Guilty pleasures: No need to go into your most secret guilty pleasures. Some of us may not want to know why you wanted those fuzzy socks so badly. They have counseling for that, you know.
  • Luxuries you wouldn't buy for yourself: These are the expensive things that you refuse to buy for yourself, but if you have that extremely generous Aunt who wants to splurge a little, by all means, add them to the list!
  • All things practical: Maybe you have something that you use every day that is beginning to wear out, or maybe there is just something you need that you don't yet have. Include necessities here.
  • Hobby supplies: Whether you want to try a new hobby such as canning or you have a current hobby and are lacking supplies, it never hurts to ask for supplies for your birthday!
  • Clothing from that one store: Everyone has a favorite clothing store to shop at, and many of us are guilty of diving only into the clearance racks. Ask for gift cards, or specify a clothing item that you just can’t live without!
  • Good reads: Magazines, e-books, and books, oh my! Whatever your taste, add some titles to the list. After all, you'll need something to read while you’re putting away all of those Twizzlers.
  • Furry friends: Not to be confused with fuzzy socks. If you have been wanting a dog or cat, now is your chance to ask! Just make sure you consider your local animal shelter for potential adoptions.


What's Your Favorite Typical Birthday Present?

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Things to Consider When Making Your Wish List

There are lots of things to consider when making your birthday wish list besides what gifts you want. Here are a few more wish list tips to help you along:

  • Figure out who you're giving your list to: Some people aren’t as “loaded” as others, for lack of better terminology. Asking your 16-year-old little sister who just starting working to buy you an iPad might not be a very fair request.
  • Listen to what others ask you: People are going to poke around for hints, so drop a few here and there to help them out. If they ask you straight up what you want, hand them your list. Don't worry, they'll appreciate knowing exactly what you want, so they don't get stuck with the "I don't know what to buy" blues!
  • Want something really expensive? A few family members may be willing to go in on a gift together and share the cost. Or, ask for cash to help fund the big-tag item so you don’t have to pay for it all yourself.
  • Include gifts with a variety of price tags: When a friend or family member asks "what do you want for your birthday?", you have no way of knowing how much they're looking to spend on you. So don't side-swipe them with only high-ticket items! It's okay to include a few, but make sure there's enough variety to fit everyone's budget!

Fun DIY Gift Ideas

Know Exactly What You Want For Your Birthday!

Utilizing the above tips, you should never find yourself asking “what do I want for my birthday” as you will already be prepared with your wish list.

You likely won't get everything on your list, and you may receive some things that were not even on there, but that’s okay, too! You'll be left over with ideas for other occasions such as Christmas.

When you are faced with the question "what do you want for your birthday?" I hope you'll have a better response and a less awkward conversation after reading this article.


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