What to Buy Your Girlfriend This Christmas

Updated on September 27, 2019
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Natasha's favorite aspect of the holidays is the chance to find the perfect gifts for her loved ones.

Turn Your Christmas Into a Fun Experience

It is that time of the year again. For many, it is a well-anticipated event filled with excitement and joy, and for others, it is a daunting and dreaded time simply because of the stressful shopping experience. It is so difficult to go into the stores without having any idea about what to get, and this is what makes the festive season stressful and for many.

Don't let the shopping spoil your Christmas this season because if you have an idea of what to get and where to go, then your life will be so much easier. Your shopping will be stress free, and your girlfriend will be extremely happy once she opens her gift.

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Investigate Your Girlfriend

Your first step is to figure out what she would like. She will be happy to help you with this by giving you a list. If you enjoy surprising her, then it will be a little more challenging for you but will be worth it because we all love surprises.

You can get an idea of what she likes or enjoys by paying a little attention to the jewelry she wears, the accessories she wears, and her favourite colours. Her home will also give you a few ideas, so take a look around and see what she has on display. check out her movie and music collection, and find out what she enjoys doing in her spare time.

Once you have done some investigative work, then you are all set to go to the stores that might sell the products she would be interested in. The important thing to remember is that it must come from the heart and some thought has to go into what you are giving her. Be sure to choose her gift with love—otherwise, do not bother.

See if she has a hobby and find out if she likes sparkle or practical. If you really have no idea, then have a look at the list that I have provided you.


Don't forget that your gift has to come from the heart. If you are buying her a card, then think very carefully about it, because she is going to read it and analyse every word—mean what you say!

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What to Get Your Girlfriend for Christmas

If you really have no idea what to get her then there are some great ideas for you to go through. Every woman loves anything that sparkles and smells nice, most women love to be pampered and we also enjoy being whisked away to some exotic place for a romantic weekend away. If you don't have the money for that kind of thing than a spa treatment is also a good idea. Here is a list of a few things that could help relieve your stress when shopping this Christmas.


If you are not too sure than something simple and elegant is nice. Don't buy gold plated if you are in a real jewelry store that sells real gold because that will just seem cheap. Either get the real thing or go for costume jewelry, but NEVER pass off gold plated as real. If you are buying a nice piece of jewelry, then a simple necklace is a good idea as long as it is gold and has a pendant of some sort on it.

Hair Salon Voucher

This is a gift for someone that you have been with for a while or someone that could do with a pamper but it is not a very personal gift therefore it needs to accompany something else too.

A Romantic Weekend Away

This is a great idea, and it doesn't have to be a fancy place just a getaway with the two of you and a tranquil environment.


Every women loves candles. They are romantic and peaceful, and it doesn't matter what color you get but try to keep the fragrance subtle.


Unless you know her brand, don't buy it.


If you know her style and size well, then you can buy her clothing, but avoid this if you have no idea.


You have to know what style she likes because this could be a bad buy.

Kitchen Equipment

NO! NO! NO! Unless you are buying an espresso machine.


A good idea if you know what style she likes otherwise a safe bet is to get her a voucher so that she can choose it herself but again this is not a personal gift and she will be a little upset. If you do go for glasses than choose a nice pair that is a well-known brand.

Body Lotions and Pamper Products

Bubble bath, body lotion, and soaps are nice in any range and fragrance. It is a safe buy, and she will be happy with this.

Chocolate and Flowers

A great accompaniment for a voucher.

Mini Water Feature

It is relaxing and peaceful and low maintenance.

Jewelry Box

Always a good idea as long as put something small inside.

A Goodie Bag

This is creative and you can add a few things in here like body lotion, photo frame, accessories, chocolate and a USB with her favorite music loaded onto it.


Black and sexy is always a good idea, but you have to know her well.


Nice to get if you know that she is a reader, and love stories are usually a win but not for everyone.

Beach Towel or Bath Towel

A nice large and colorful one is great for the beach, and you can also find the round towels that make perfect sense for the beach

Bath Robe

The towel ones like the one Julia Roberts wore in "Pretty Woman."


Or a bikini if she likes to be in the sun.


You have to know the size but if you do go for a really high heel than it is one size smaller than her regular shoe.

Day Spa Voucher

This is a great idea for people who are always on the move and get no time to relax. A day at the spa will uplift her spirits.


A purse not a wallet and it must be feminine and practical. She needs space for cards, coins and money.

Bag Organizer

This is a great gift if you don't know what bag to buy her because with this little number, she can transfer all of her items from one bag to another on a daily basis without losing anything in the process.

Digital Photo Frame and Organizer

These are great because you can put images onto a USB and load it onto to the frame, and it is also an organizer that has a space for verbal memo's and messages.

Christmas Gift Ideas

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A weekend getaway for two to a romantic destination is a great idea for a gift Christmas cake as a gift for in - laws can be impressiveInteresting and unusual jewellery and accessories A nice colourful bouquet of flowers will be appreciated
A weekend getaway for two to a romantic destination is a great idea for a gift
A weekend getaway for two to a romantic destination is a great idea for a gift | Source
Christmas cake as a gift for in - laws can be impressive
Christmas cake as a gift for in - laws can be impressive | Source
Interesting and unusual jewellery and accessories
Interesting and unusual jewellery and accessories | Source
A nice colourful bouquet of flowers will be appreciated
A nice colourful bouquet of flowers will be appreciated | Source

Cheap Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

If you don't have the budget for anything this Christmas don't worry because as long as it comes from the heart she will like it. There are so many things that you can do to make her feel special and loved without spending much money at all.

Day Spa at Your House

Make a voucher that entitles your girlfriend to a massage treatment and a champagne breakfast at your house. You will have to give her that massage and she will expect it to make her feel relaxed.

Candlelit Dinner for Two

Make a voucher that invites her to your casa for dinner and make sure that you have candles, music, and a good meal set up for two—just like you would see in a fancy restaurant.

Make her a Gift

This is a chance for you to showcase your talents by making her something special. It can be a photo of the two of you in a frame that you have made or if you have a hobby then put it to good use.

Goodie Bag

Fill it up with chocolate, cappuccino sachet, face mask, lotion, soap, or stuff for a bubble bath.

Gift Ideas for Expensive Taste

If money is no object than you can buy almost anything:

A Holiday Away

Take her to her favourite destination or just surprise her!


Gold, diamonds and anything with bedazzle.

Expensive Glasses

As long as they are polarised and you know that shape she wears.


Italian designer or French always wins.

A Limo Ride to a Fancy Restaurant

Do something unusual and take her to the most romantic restaurant that you can find.

Tablet or iPad

f she doesn't have one then she might like this for everyday use organising her schedule, playing games or using social media.


The safest scents are subtle ones but if you like the smell of it chances are she will like it too.

A Digital Camera

Everyone loves to capture the memories and moments.

Things to Avoid at Christmas

Stay away from the shops when it is busy because this will put you off completely and you will end up buying something for the sake of buying which will end in tears. The best time to go is late at night or early in the morning. You can also shop online and collect the items in store or have them delivered to your door.

Stay away from stores that you cannot afford, and rule them out of your pathway to make it easier to decide which shops you can go into so that it saves you time and money. When looking for a gift for your girlfriend, it is important to know that whatever you buy she will like as long as you have put some thought into it and it comes from the heart.

A woman knows when you have not thought about or made an effort and this will just ruin your day. Finding a gift that she will love is about taking the time to notice her and pay attention to the things that she loves to do, say or what she wears because this will help you a great deal. If you are stuck for choices then you can never go wrong with jewelry, perfume or beauty therapy like lotions, salts and candles.

Romantic Dinner for Two

How to Make a Romantic Dinner

The video will give you an idea on what to do to get a romantic dinner on the go for you and your other half. This will impress her and to make it extra special you can get some romantic music, candles and set the table as though you are in a restaurant. Give her your undivided attention and make her feel as though she is the most important person in your life and don't forget to listen to her and give feedback. If you can do all of this then you have given a great gift and she will really appreciate your efforts. The one thing that you must avoid is having her do the dishes and giving her work to do as this must not feel like a guilt trip it must be enjoyed.

How Well do you Know Your Girlfriend

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