What to Give a Boy for High-School Graduation

Updated on September 12, 2019
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Graduation Gift Ideas
Graduation Gift Ideas | Source

What Is the Best Graduation Gift for Boys?

My son will be graduating from high school this year. I've already had a lot of friends and family members ask me, "What gift does he want for graduation?" When I asked my son this question, his reply was:

  1. Money
  2. Car
  3. Truck
  4. House
  5. iPad
  6. iPhone
  7. All-expenses-paid trip

And all in that order, too. Now, a couple of items on that list are doable for most people—others he'll probably have to wait on until his kids graduate high school.

My son isn't too different from other guys his age. I'm sure that his list is pretty similar to theirs. Either way, I've come up with some pretty nice gift ideas for graduation. Some of them might not be on his list, but I'm sure he or any other graduating boy would love to get one of these on their graduation day.

Dorm Room Essentials
Dorm Room Essentials | Source

1. Gifts for Their College Dorm Room

If he'll be moving away to college in the fall, great gifts to get him for graduation are things he will use in his dorm. Money is tight for college students. His parents may or may not be able to help him furnish his dorm room. He will really appreciate any gifts that he receives that he can use in his dorm room.

And, really, how many teenage guys know what to buy for a home? This will be their home for the next four years, so help make it as comfortable as possible.

Great graduation gift ideas for a dorm include:

  • Toaster Oven Combo
  • Bedding Sets
  • Storage Sets
  • Dorm Fridge

Basically anything you would buy for a small apartment would go well in a dorm room. Just remember to buy things that are compact and serve more than one purpose.

College Apparel and Gear
College Apparel and Gear | Source

2. College Apparel and Gear

If you know which college he'll be going to in the fall, a gift showing his school spirit is great to give for his high school graduation. They don't put college logos just on t-shirts anymore. Nowadays they put college logos on just about everything. Mousepads, robes, socks, backpacks, and iPhone cases are just a few of the items that now are sold with college logos.

A t-shirt is a great gift, but why not give them something useful? Give them gifts that will be functional and not just get buried under clutter in their dorm room.

Useful college gift ideas include:

  • Desk Lamps
  • Alarm Clock

Every student needs a desk lamp. Dorm rooms are pretty stark and may not be well lit enough for him to do his homework. Don't let him oversleep the next morning after doing his homework! An alarm clock is a must-have for students to get to classes on time.

Graduation Presents

When it comes to giving a graduation present, what kind of gift do you tend to give?

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An All-Expenses-Paid Trip
An All-Expenses-Paid Trip | Source

3. An All-Expenses Paid Trip

Sometimes the best gift to get a boy graduating from high school is just something they wouldn't normally get. It's not for college, it's not for their new life ahead, it's just something fun.

Now, my son would love to get an all-expenses-paid trip. Yeah, well, he won't be getting that from me, I'll need one of my own by the time his graduation is over. But it's not that expensive. Buying a graduate an all-inclusive vacation can be a really great gift for someone who is responsible and has really worked hard to get where they are.

4. Food in Fun Forms

My son also said he wanted money, right? It's a pretty standard graduation gift. But we're looking for fun gifts for graduation. Why not give him chocolate money?

Yeah, he might be disappointed at first, but once he realizes his money is actually food, all will be forgotten. Have you ever met a teenage boy who didn't like to eat? Especially chocolate?

My son's wish list for graduation includes a new truck.
My son's wish list for graduation includes a new truck. | Source

5. A Car

A car is not something that I will be getting my son for graduation, but somebody might. If you can afford it and he's special to you, why not? No, I'm not talking about a real car, although I'm sure he would think that was fun. This time this will be a fun gift for the gift giver.

Play with his mind. Tell him there's something outside that's shiny and has a bow on it and it's his. He'll kill himself getting out the door until he realizes it's not exactly what he was thinking it was.

6. A Suit for His Graduation Ceremony

A suit is a great gift for a graduate. Even if his suit is covered up by his cap and gown, he will still look snazzy for all his pictures that night. This is actually what I was thinking of buying my son for graduation. He loves to dress up, anyway.

But even if your guy isn't the fancy type, it's still a good gift to give him. He'll need it in the future for any weddings of his friends or job interviews. Be sure to buy him a nice dress shirt and tie, too. If he's not the suit type, chances are he won't have either of these items either. If buying the whole outfit is a little beyond your budget, get together with several others and each of you can buy an item.

7. Class Rings Are a Great Gift for a Graduate

Getting a class ring in high school is a rite of passage for nearly every teenager. Sometimes though, for one reason or another, he just didn't get one. Let's face it graduation can get expensive. If you're a parent buying the invitations, cap and gown, hosting the party, and graduation pictures, chances are you don't have money left over to buy a class ring.

If you're wondering what to get a graduate, a class ring is a perfect gift to give him if he doesn't already have one. It's something he'll appreciate the rest of his life.

Give Great Graduation Gifts

Truly, almost anything you give him for graduation he'll love. He's excited about graduating and started a new chapter in his life. Anything you give him that he can use or that will make him smile will be appreciated.

Ultimately, the best gift you can give him for graduation is being at his ceremony, or if that's not possible, being there for him when he needs you most.

Questions & Answers

  • I want to give my son a gift for after his graduation ceremony, like how girls get flowers. What should I get him?

    Maybe you should get him a fancy pen/pencil set. Or if he's religious, a monogrammed Bible would be suitable. A watch can be appropriate as well.


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    • Abbyfitz profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Florida

      Lol you didn't put it on your list

    • profile image

      Aaron Waldorf 

      7 years ago

      Momma where's the music gear stuff at?? Il take that too!! :)


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