6 Perfect Birthday Gifts for Your Pregnant Wife, Girlfriend, or Daughter

Updated on February 8, 2018
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Susana has worked extensively with pregnant women and families with children under 5. She is a mother to 3 children from 4-25 years old.

Perfect Birthday Gifts for the Pregnant Lady in Your Life
Perfect Birthday Gifts for the Pregnant Lady in Your Life

Practical & Luxurious Gifts for Moms-to-Be

Struggling to find the perfect Birthday gift for the pregnant lady in your life? Whether you're buying for your pregnant wife, daughter, or girlfriend, you can rest assured that your struggle is over. On this page, you'll find six products I highly recommended as gifts for moms-to-be, any one of which is guaranteed to make her feel extra special now and in the coming months.

I've used all of these items, and they're my list of must-haves for a happy, healthy and relaxed pregnancy for—mom and baby.

Every single one of the pregnancy gift ideas here is both practical and luxurious, and with some amazing price reductions on offer, they won't hurt your finances either.

1. Buy an Awesome Pregnancy Music System

The BellyBuds Pregnancy Music System is great for Moms to be who want to play music to their unborn child and are without doubt a gift that the pregnant lady in your life will love to bits.

Just pop your iPod or other MP3 player into the specially created pocket, plug in and give the baby a chance to swoon to Mozart or some other relaxing music of your choice. This music belt is superior in quality and comfort and the technology within it also ensures that the music is played at optimal fetal sound levels.

I was bought the BellyBuds Pregnancy Baby Bump Headphones as a gift when I was pregnant with my second child (I'm now on my third) because my husband was fed up with me spending all day sitting next to the stereo :) I really believe that certain types of music enhance my babies experience of being in the womb and potentially their temperament and character afterwards. I always played classical...Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin mostly, alongside more new age chill out music.

With the BellyBuds I was able to get off the sofa and move around which meant I had no excuses and had to do more housework! Seriously though, I wouldn't be pregnant without one.

BellyBuds is an Awesome Gift
BellyBuds is an Awesome Gift

2. Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

Getting comfy during pregnancy can be difficult to say the least, so you can be guaranteed that any pregnant woman will appreciate this item as a Birthday gift, whatever the occasion. The Restorology Full Body Pregnancy Pillow will remedy pregnancy aches and pains straight away and ensure a good night's sleep.

This superb pregnancy gift idea is not limited to pregnancy either - it's also designed to support Mom and baby while nursing and of course, it can be used simply to achieve extra comfort at any time.

I literally couldn't have lived without this comfy body pillow when I was pregnant with my third daughter because I struggled so much with physical discomfort - mainly PGP (pelvic girdle pain) and SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction). As the pregnancy progressed these conditions gradually got worse and sleeping became difficult...and turning over during the night was especially hard. The Full Body Pillow allowed me to stay in a comfortable position without the need to switch sides.

Restorology Full Body Pregnancy Pillow
Restorology Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

3. Mamma Mio Stretch Mark Oil

Really spoil her with this beautifully nourishing Mamma Mio Tummy rub and stretch mark oil. In my experience it does an amazing job when it comes to preventing and minimizing stretch marks and makes the ideal gift for pregnant women. She can pamper herself with a daily tummy rub or ask her partner to massage the oil in for her - either way she will will benefit.

The price of this amazingly moisturizing tummy oil means that she is unlikely to buy this for product for herself, so why not buy it for her? She will be forever grateful, especially when she sees her post pregnancy body is stretch mark free.

I was lucky enough to be given some Mama Mio Oil at my baby shower and wow! I absolutely love it. It goes on smoothly, absorbs really quickly and never rubbed off on my clothes. I definitely recommend a few squirts on your tummy, boobs and hips after your shower or bath to get all that richness deep into your skins layers. Super important for me is it's a completely natural product, organic, and contains no man made nasties.

Of course the big question is, "Did it work?!" The answer is yes it did! I have no stretch marks after using Mama Mio for 3 pregnancies. In my opinion it really is a must buy.

4. Prenatal Yoga DVD Set

This Vinyasa Prenatal Yoga DVD set by Jennifer Wolfe comes very highly recommended and will make an excellent gift for pregnant women who want to stay fit and healthy as well as prepare for labor and delivery.

Perfect for beginners and the more experienced alike, this 2 DVD set offers gentle work outs for each trimester at various time lengths (15, 30, 45 & 75 minute work outs), relaxation exercises, a routine you can do with your partner and poses to help with labor, childbirth and postpartum recovery.

As someone who likes to keep fit and lean whether pregnant or not, I absolutely loved this yoga DVD set and used it daily throughout two of my pregnancies.

5. Pretty Pushers Stunning Labor & Delivery Gown

Labor and delivery is a time a woman's life when she often feels the most vulnerable, exposed and unattractive, but if you give her this gift it doesn't have to be that way. The Pretty Pushers labor and delivery gown will make her feel extra special at this time and is specifically designed to allow for fetal monitoring, epidural and breast feeding.

This is another gift that I was given for my birthday when I pregnant with my April baby. It was great in early labor when I still had some modesty but to be honest when I was in full blown labor I wanted to be uncovered, so I took it off. Unlike me, several of my friends have worn one throughout the whole experience and have found them to be well designed with access in all the right places.

Available in several beautiful fabric designs and made from 100% soft cotton, this is a low cost maternity birthday gift that most women will simply adore.

6. Maternity Support Belt

Think this gift is toooo practical? Think again.

A good quality, comfortable maternity support belt is definitely a must have item during pregnancy to ease the weight of a pregnant belly as well as relieve back, hip, leg and pelvic pain. This soft form maternity support belt is available in a range of sizes from small to large and is made from ultra soft materials for exceptional comfort.

As I mentioned above, I experienced A LOT of pelvic pain during the last few months of pregnancy. This was due to the effects of the hormones that relax your tendons and ligaments in preparation for birth. It's a very common complaint. Back pain was another issue in the later stages of pregnancy. I can't tell you how excited I was to get my support belt on! I felt immediate relief from both the back pain and the pelvic pain and wore it pretty much constantly throughout the last couple of months (only to interchange it with the pregnancy music belt for a few hours per day).

The Soft Form Maternity Support Belt is a birthday gift idea that is highly practical but I think if your pregnant lady is in pain and discomfort, she will definitely appreciate the fact that you've been so thoughtful.

The Soft Form Maternity Support Belt is Practical But She'll Love it
The Soft Form Maternity Support Belt is Practical But She'll Love it

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