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15 Horse Gifts for Horse Lovers

I'm an avid horse lover! I own a slightly older pony in the UK.

These gift ideas take "gift horse" to a whole new level.

These gift ideas take "gift horse" to a whole new level.

Shopping for a horse-mad friend can sometimes be a little tricky, especially if you’re not in the horse world yourself. As you may have seen some horse gear can be very expensive, however, I have put together a list of gifts; gifts from as little as a deli sandwich, right up to well a house deposit! Enjoy reading and hope it sparks some great gifting ideas.

We have split the post into three distinct areas, those who are on a budget, those who want to get personal gifts, and finally those who want to go all out and willing to go the extra mile.

‘On a Budget’ Horse Gifts

Here are five ideas for those who are more on a budget but still want t get something horse-inspired that any horse lover will still be incredibly grateful for.

1. Horse Magazine Subscription

This is the gift that keeps on giving! Not only will they receive a magazine around their birthday, but most subscriptions last for 12 months and they should receive one every month. This is a great gift for horse lovers and means their birthday present will continue well past the celebrations. ‘Horse & Hound’ magazine is a great one for older riders, whereas something like ‘Horse & Rider’ can appeal to younger riders. There are tons of horsey magazines out there though, so do a bit of research and select the one you think your friend might like.

2. Horse Home Decorations

There are tons of horse-related home decorations, such as hanging hearts with horses on or a horse picture frame, horse ornaments… the list goes on! The chances are if your friend is horsey mad then anything with a horse on and she’ll love it. To make it extra special, knowing the breed or colour of their horse is useful as there will be tons of gifts with her exact breed of horse on (much like you get hundreds of breeds of dogs, you do of horses too).

3. A New Jazzy Skull Cap

Most riders that jump will have a skull cap, this is the shell of a riding hat in which most people cover with a ‘skull cap’. This is basically like a pretty hat that goes over the top of your helmet. Skull caps come in all different colours, so you really can go wild. Priced at around the £10-£20 mark this makes a very nice but reasonable gift for any horse lover.

4. Horse Riding Gloves

You can never have enough pairs of riding gloves. Riding gloves make a great gift that you know will be worn and worn again. There are a few elements that would be handy to know and that’s the colour of their horse’s tack - as you can usually get all gloves in brown or black to match their tack or if they do a lot of dressage then some white competition ones may come in handy. Hand size is also important too as gloves come in many different sizes, if you do get it wrong though they will soon be able to swap the size if you provide them with a gift receipt.

5. Horsey Homeware

You can get anything from mugs with your friend’s horse on, to look-alike horse t-towels, oven gloves or cushions. You simply can’t go wrong with a horsey homeware gift for your friend. Ranging from many different price points, this horse gift suggestion allows you to spend what you want.

Extra Personal Gifts for Horse Lovers

This range of horse gifts are ones that can get truly personalised to the rider and their horse. We think these gifts can just give that extra bit of emotional connection between the owner and their horse, they can really prove to be sentimental.

6. Resin Horse Shoe

You can get resin horseshoes made using your friend’s horse's own horses shoe. Most horses wear metal shoes to protect their hooves, these get taken off and disregarded once they have been worn. If you manage to get hold of one of their old shoes you can send them off and have a resin keepsake version made. This is a particularly special gift if your friend’s horse has sadly passed away, as they can fill them with pretty flowers and have their ashes mixed in their too. It doesn’t get more personal than a gift like this!

7. A Portrait

Nothing says personal more than a personal commissioned picture of their horse or pony. There’s are tons of artists that commission this type of work, all with unique styles of work. This requires some research to find an artist you think may be best suited to your friend’s style. You will then need to get hold of one of the most favoured images of her horse to send over.

Price ranges for this type of work can vary dramatically, usually based on the artist's experience. Like I say research is key with this present as you can look around for artists that suit the style you are looking for and the right price. You will also need to start looking well before their birthday, as lead times could belong with them being personal commissions. This said this makes for an amazing birthday present that any horse lover would be over the moon to receive.

8. Horse Hair Bracelets and Jewellery

Another great personal gift. There are a few companies that specialise in making jewelry out of your own horse’s hair. This can be bracelets or necklaces where the hair is usually plaited or a curl hair is inserted into a necklace pendant. Some companies may also do ashes if your friend's horse has recently passed away, this makes for a very special and personal gift.

9. Competition Photographer Images

If you know your friend has recently been to a show or competition on their horse then the chances are they will have had some professional pictures taken whilst there. If you know the show you can usually search for it and the professional images should be there. Alternatively if you are at the actual show then sneaking off and purchasing on the day means you know exactly what you are buying. Buying ones of these makes for a very personal and special gift, where they can remember that day for the years to come.

10. Riding Lesson

Now, this gift doesn't have to break the bank but still has that personal element. Choosing a nearby riding school to take them for a lesson is a great idea. If they don't have a horse take them to a riding school where they will be given a horse to ride and an instructor will give them usually an hour's lesson. If they have their own horse then dropping hints as to what trainer they use or who they would like to have a lesson with is a good idea and booking in some session with them would make for a lovely gift. You may be able to book a single lesson or a block group of lessons depending on your budget.

‘Going That Extra Mile’: Pricey Gifts for Horse Lovers

We wanted to include this option for those who really want to treat someone and aren't overly concerned with their budget. Go ahead and take a look at some of the horse gift ideas we have suggested below.

11. New Riding Hat

If you know your friend or relative needs a new riding hat, then this will make for a great gift. A new blingy riding hat is not only a great gift but also an investment into their safety. Nowadays, you can get all sorts of rhinestone hats with different coloured sections on them. You will have to take them to the shop though, as a riding hat needs to be fitted before purchasing.

12. Safety Stirrups

Safety stirrups, again investing in safety, but they also make a great present for a horse lover. You can get a wide range of different colours to make them that bit more special. You can either do your homework and search for some well-regarded safety stirrups or make a day of it and go to a retailer that you know has lots of different options where they can be sure they pick exactly what they want.

13. Riding Boots

Investing in new riding boots always makes for a lovely present, although you will need to take them into the shop to try on as they come in all different calf widths if you’re going for tall boots. Why not print out a picture of the boots you have in mind and fold it into their card? This way they still have something to open and a nice day out to look forward to!

14. A Jazzy New Horse Rug

If you know the rug size of the horse or pony then a lovely new rug would be a lovely present. There are tons of different styles all with different uses, so asking a few cheeky questions beforehand may help with choosing. Your cheapest option is a cooler/exercise sheet which comes in tons of funky colours or if you’re looking for something a little more special than an outdoor winter rug would hit the mark.

15. An Actual Horse

The best gift of them all would be a horse or pony of course! But obviously, this is a huge commitment and will have to involve the birthday girl/ boys input as choosing a horse is a very personal undertaking. Being the highest price point of them all, you really need to do your homework, get advice from knowledgeable friends, and always have a horse 5* vetted before purchasing. Not only do you have the cost of the horse or pony, you also need to take into account the cost of actually owning a horse - vets bills, farrier, dentist, tack, etc. You can get an idea of what a horse costs with a bit of research.

Hopefully, that list will have inspired you to find them the very best horse gift; be it for a friend, relative, mum, daughter, etc. there is something that every horse person will love and covering all different price points too. Should you need any more help though, then don't hesitate to get in contact. With a horse background, I’ve got plenty of knowledge to help you choose that perfect horse gift they will love.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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