Crazy Funny Ways to Send Mail to Your Friends

Send snail mail!
Send snail mail! | Source

Whether you have a soft spot for the failing postal system or you just want to make an impression, sending something through the good ol' fashioned mail is a way to show a friend or loved one you care. Did you know that the postal service will deliver things other than letters or packages? Check out some of these wacky and zany ideas for an unofficial celebration!


Send a Wooden Postcard

  • For a friend's fifth wedding anniversary, why not send a wooden postcard?
  • Send a wooden message for someone who has just bought a new house.
  • Wood mail can be sent for a variety of occasions to say, "you mean more to me than paper!"

If you have any artistic ability, you can carve a small picture or design right on the front. Save your money and cut your own wood card out of old unused furniture. Just make sure it can't give your friend (or the postman) splinters.

Send a Ball

Whether you want to celebrate a big game on TV, a big win, or just challenge a friend to a competition- you can send a ball right through the mail with no packaging. Just stick on an address label and a cute message and let the postman toss your friend a ball.

  • Football
  • Soccer ball
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Rubber ball
  • Giant bouncy ball
  • Softball/baseball

If you are still nervous about sending a store bought ball through the mail, you can send one through this service called Send a Ball. They even have a ball that says, "Sorry I dropped the ball" as a cute way to send an apology. Who wouldn't forgive you after that attempt?


The World's Smallest Mail

This will either delight or annoy your friends. Send fairy mail. Teeny tiny little letters in honor of...

  • A new baby
  • A little girl's birthday
  • A little hello
  • Congratulations from the tooth fairy

A company called Leafcutter Designs will help you, so you don't have to inscribe the world's smallest message on a piece of scrap paper. If you want to attempt it yourself, go for it!

Things you can purchase from Leafcutter's...

  • Do it yourself miniature mail postal kit
  • Miniature packages
  • Matchbox theater
  • Puzzle cards
  • Recipe dice


Candy is a part of every American holiday, so pick out a colorful box of candy, stick an address label on and that is that! Kids will love getting a box of Junior Mints, Skittles, M&M's, or Mike N Ike's. Make sure you grab the candy that is in a box, not a bag- to minimize the possibility of ripping.

  • For Easter, send a giant plastic egg filled with candy and affix the postage and label all along the cracks of the egg to prevent spilling.
  • Send candies filled in a plastic bottle.


Random Mail Items

  • Why not send your friend a sombrero? Make sure the one you choose is sturdy, and tape your mailing address right on it. No box necessary!
  • How about a lime? Just stick an address on it with a promise for a night of margaritas. No wrapping or packaging necessary.
  • Send an orange that says, "ORRANNGE you glad __________" You fill in the blank!
  • Send a canister of play dough with a note about the stress relieving properties of playing!


Happy Summer!

Why not send a gift in honor of summer. Try sending a..

  • Flip flop
  • Pail
  • Shovel
  • Beach ball
  • Bottle of bubbles
  • Frisbee
  • Hula hoop

Postal Art

Sarah, an artist and mom- blogs about her adventures with mail art. Some of her ideas are found in this book at Amazon called Good Mail Day, A Primer for Making Eye-Popping Postal Art. The ideas are endless.

Check out the wooden spoon she received as a message!

There is even an International Union of Mail Artists. It is a community of artists who send art back and forth to each other, and some of the artwork is incredible.

Make an Origami Giftbox

Ideas for Boxes

If you decide you still need a box, use these recycled items to send a package.

  • Empty cereal box
  • Shoe box
  • Craft storage tray with a lid
  • Old fashioned lunchbox
  • Tea tins
  • Pencil boxes

Unique Care Package Ideas

For a traditional care packages, you can add a special touch with these unusual ideas.

  • A box filled with little balloons containing one dollar bills.
  • Care package theme such as Get Well Soon, Have a Sunshine Day, I Love You, Decadent Delights, Morning Pick Me Up.

Pick items that center around a theme. For a package that helps your college student wake up in the morning, send an old cereal box filled with specialty teas, gift card to Starbucks, some Powerbars, small bottle of shampoo, washcloth, etc.

No matter how you decide to send a piece of mail, your friends and family will feel treasured and loved because of the time spent to use snail mail verses a text or email. And one last thing- it would help to bribe your postman with random cookies and treats- just in case he isn't in a whimsical mood.

-Julie DeNeen

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Amanda 14 months ago

These ideas are awesome! However... I'm too lazy to send on my own, but theres a site and they sent a banana to someone for me. Doing the potato next! Everyone loves receiving mail... even if it is a potato!

Blehona 2 years ago

Hay. Guy

Mitch Alan profile image

Mitch Alan 3 years ago from South Jersey

Fun Hub! I'm going to hare to try some creative mailings and maybe use the concept as part of a marketing campaign for one or more of my clients.

Keep Hubbing!

RTalloni profile image

RTalloni 4 years ago from the short journey

What fun--and inspiring. Now I'm going to be thinking outside the box for my grandchildren... Thanks for springboard ideas!

I once received a coconut. :)

The Reminder profile image

The Reminder 4 years ago from Canada

Never really thought of sending my mail like this! Great hub!

Kalux profile image

Kalux 4 years ago from Canada

I love the tiny mail! This might be a stupid question but how would you ensure that it didn't get lost? I imagine being so tiny that could easily happen.

I can't believe people send poop lol.

Voted up.

Raquel 4 years ago

love it!! Im gonna get the book and start sending these ideas!

jen 4 years ago

I mailed birth announcements in baby bottles one time.

idigwebsites profile image

idigwebsites 4 years ago from United States

Nothing beats receiving a real mail. The excitement of receiving and opening it. Priceless. I love your ideas Julie, I'll try sending one with a candy (provided that it would last long before the expiration date) :)

LetitiaFT profile image

LetitiaFT 4 years ago from Paris via California

What fun ideas! I'm anxious to try a few.

vespawoolf profile image

vespawoolf 4 years ago from Peru, South America

What unique and interesting ideas! This is the first time I've heard of wooden postcards or miniature letters. I had no idea you can send balls, etc. in the mail, either. We need to take advantage of these opportunities while the postal system lasts. Voted up and shared!

Sinea Pies profile image

Sinea Pies 4 years ago from Northeastern United States

That snail mail photo is so cute I just had to read this hub. So fun and creative. I love it. My grand-babies would LOVE the tiny mail. How about personalized M&M's and the recipient has to put them in order to get the full message? Just a thought. Voted up and funny!

ThoughtSandwiches profile image

ThoughtSandwiches 4 years ago from Reno, Nevada


This is incredible! I am going to send limes to people just because I can (apparently). I will forgo the sending of poop for fear of the 'ole "Return to Sender" possibility...but a lime...oh hell yeah!



CarlySullens profile image

CarlySullens 4 years ago from St. Louis, Missouri

Love it! Can't wait to mail you something interesting... he he he... (my mischievous laugh)

petenali profile image

petenali 4 years ago from Ontario, Canada

This hub is really neat. I made the mistake of clicking on the link to poopsenders and spent the next several minutes laughing hysterically....

Waaaaay too funny!

MarleneB profile image

MarleneB 4 years ago from Northern California, USA

I really enjoyed reading all of these ideas. I am especially fond of the teeny tiny letters.

Julie DeNeen profile image

Julie DeNeen 4 years ago from Clinton CT Author

This hub made me think of you since you are the queen of cool cards :)

randomcreative profile image

randomcreative 4 years ago from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This hub is awesome! I love sending snail mail. All of these suggestions are so creative.

Julie DeNeen profile image

Julie DeNeen 4 years ago from Clinton CT Author

used as in already written in?! That would be hilarious! LOL

Mhatter99 profile image

Mhatter99 4 years ago from San Francisco

I sent in Chinese then switched to Korean. ever send used b-day cards?

I Am Rosa profile image

I Am Rosa 4 years ago from Canada

Great hub! Love some of these ideas!

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