What to Write in a 12-Year-Old's Birthday Card

Updated on September 20, 2019
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Blake started out scribbling in cards over 30 years ago. Though his handwriting is mostly unchanged, the content has improved.

Wish the new 12-year-old in your life well with a funny or inspiring birthday message!
Wish the new 12-year-old in your life well with a funny or inspiring birthday message! | Source

Writing in a 12-year-old's birthday card can feel as awkward as eating lunch by yourself in the school cafeteria. Put yourself in the mindset of a pre-teen to come up with the best words.

Whether you write something funny or inspirational is up to you. Below are some examples of birthday messages for 12-year-olds. Don't stress out too much. Remember that you're writing in a birthday card, not trying to create the next bestselling novel. This article will provide you with:

  • 27 birthday wishes for a 12-year-old
  • 5 jokes for a 12-year-old's birthday
  • 4 poems for a kid's birthday

Even though 12-year-olds probably like funny birthday wishes, you also have an opportunity to inspire with a meaningful or religious message. Below are 27 ideas for funny and meaningful birthday wishes.

27 Birthday Wishes for a 12-Year-Old

  1. When I turned 12, someone shared with me a very important and wise message that I'd like to share with you. "Have a happy 12th birthday."
  2. I haven't been this excited about your birthday since about a year ago.
  3. Somehow you barely look older than an eleven-year-old. Good thing your maturity makes up for your youthful looks.
  4. One more year until you're a teenager!
  5. You've been around for 4382 days. You are getting really old.
  6. Being 12 is underrated. Look how cool you are!
  7. You are the youngest 12 year old I know.
  8. If I had to guess, I wouldn't have thought you are 12. I would have thought you to be about 144 months old.
  9. I hope your 12th year is even better than your 11th!
  10. I'm looking forward to hanging out with a 12-year-old this year.
  11. Getting older is a fact of life. Being 12 is a blessing. Enjoy your youth!
  12. I'm looking forward to having a 12-year-old friend for the next year.
  13. You only turn 12 once, but you get to act like a 12-year-old for 365 days.
  14. You still look like you did when you were born, only you act like a 12-year-old now. Wait! I think I got that backward.
  15. Don't forget where you came from. You used to be 11.
  16. It seems like just yesterday you were only 11.
  17. If only all 12-year-old people were as nice as you, the world would be a much better place.
  18. 12 is a magical age. You have one year before your unlucky 13th birthday.
  19. If it wasn't for being around other 12-year-olds, being 12 wouldn't be too bad.
  20. You are an amazing 12-year-old! I am looking forward to seeing what great things will happen in your life this year.
  21. Don't let anyone look down on you because of your age. This is the year for you to amaze people.
  22. God has great plans for you this year. I know you will be used for His great purpose.
  23. It has been a joy watching you grow into the young person you have become. I can see you becoming more like an adult every day.
  24. If I could give you any advice today, I would tell you to keep doing what you are doing. You are one 12-year-old who is already doing well.
  25. I am amazed at your level of maturity. I seem to forget that you are only turning 12!
  26. Now that you're 12, so many of your peers will need a good role model. I know you will be a good influence!
  27. Being 12 is more difficult than being 11, so I am wishing you luck with all your new pressures and responsibilities.

5 Jokes for a 12-Year-Old's Birthday

  1. You could still eat off of the child's menu, but you order off the adult menu anyway since your parents are paying.
  2. The IRS will never suspect that you are making $50,000 a year mowing lawns or babysitting.
  3. You don't have to be 11 ever again!
  4. There's something good about turning 12?
  5. You know you're 12 years old when...

    -Your parents aren't very smart anymore.

    -You've perfected the take-a-day-off-from-school cough.

    -The price of your shoes is higher than your I.Q.

    -You're too cool to hug your parents in public.

    -Hair is showing up in the strangest places.

Birthday Poems for a 12-Year-Old

While Childhood Lasts

Teenage years are on their way
There's no need to grow up too fast
Please make your innocence stay
Have fun while your childhood lasts

Take a Bow

You don't have to be grown-up
But you can do great things now
Drink responsibly from your cup
Eat birthday cake and take a bow

Don't Worry

Don't worry too much about doing it wrong
You won't be twelve-years-old for very long

Acrostic Poem for 12th Birthday


What is the worst thing about being 12?

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