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15th Birthday Card Wishes, Messages, Jokes, and Poems

Blake started out scribbling in cards over 30 years ago. Though his handwriting is mostly unchanged, the content has improved.

15-year-olds are cooler than cool. Be sure your birthday card message is lives up to their standards.

15-year-olds are cooler than cool. Be sure your birthday card message is lives up to their standards.

What to Write in a 15th Birthday Card

Every birthday deserves a special birthday message. 15 is not a major milestone, but it is a minor milestone. At 15, you're still legally a minor, and 15 is a round number. But the main reason to write something special in a 15-year-old's birthday card is that everyone only gets to turn this age once. If there's something you need to say related to this year's celebration, this is your chance.

15 is the age of figuring out who you are. It brings angst for independence. It is a time for the development of competence. It is the age at which many begin to explore and develop their interests. Social peer groups solidify around 15. At this age, you are the epitome of cool. If you're nerdy, then you are a cool nerd. If you're athletically or musically inclined, then you are a cool jock or musician. Above all else, make sure that any birthday wishes for a 15-year-old are cool. But that could mean writing something funny, inspirational, meaningful, or smart. Any of these can work, so think about the person you are writing to and consider what sort of message they would like to receive.

Top Ten Funny Things About Being 15

These jokes can be used as funny messages. Choose one or a few of these to include in a card, email, or text message.

When you are 15. . .

  1. Your dog may still be older than you.
  2. You don't have long until you have to get a job.
  3. Sleep is a lower priority than using electronic devices.
  4. Home room is your favorite class.
  5. You're no longer a boy/girl, and you're not yet a man/woman.
  6. You're old enough and young enough not to care.
  7. No one above 25 can understand the lyrics in the music you like.
  8. Your biggest accomplishments have been achieved in a virtual world.
  9. You're more likely to be able to hack into your parents' accounts than the other way around.
  10. You work extremely hard at making it look like you don't work hard at anything.

Example 15th Birthday Card Messages

  1. The bad news is that you only get to turn 15 once. The good news is that you only have to be 15 for one year.
  2. It's not easy being 15. It's definitely more responsibility than 14, but it's not as much freedom as you get at 16.
  3. 15 is not just one year older than 14, it's also one year cooler that 14.
  4. Most people are never more cool than they were when they were 15. That's why the coolest people seem to be frozen at that age.
  5. I wanted to write something profound in your birthday card, but then I had to keep in mind my target audience and come up with an age-appropriate message. Oops! I used the word "profound."
  6. You've learned a lot since you've been born, but there's still much more to learn before you turn 16. Good thing you have another 365 days to learn everything you'll need to know to be 16.
  7. Congratulations on turning 15. You're still not old enough to do anything you really want to do.
  8. Now that you're 15, you only have another ten years or so to move out of your parents' house. Start saving for a house!
  9. Now that you're 15, you're really going places. Too bad you mom still has to drive you!
  10. Don't feel ashamed that you don't look old yet. You have many more years left to have to shave.
  11. You're 15 years old now in your real life, but what level of wizard are you?
  12. You're mom and dad still think you're too young to date. That's probably for the best considering what's available in your age.
  13. Time to trade in the bike for a motor-scooter!
  14. Confucius says, “Boy who makes it to 15 is on the right path to 16!”
  15. 15 is the end of children’s toys, and this iPad will be your first adult toy.
  16. I'm sincerely wishing you a wonderful 15th birthday. Life can be hard at your age, but you may end up looking back on this age as 'the good old days.'
  17. Don't grow up too fast. Stay 15 for at least the entire next year.
  18. Before you know it, you'll be graduating high school. Then you'll look back and think nostalgically about being 15. Enjoy each step as it comes.

15th Birthday Poems

F.I.F.T.E.E.N. Acrostic Poem


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Slow down the clock at this age and stay
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rack off on July 18, 2019:

these are ridiculous, i'm trying to write a card for my friend not my grand daughter

Elizabeth Eder on July 11, 2019:

these sound patronizing and ageist. I would use this when giving a card to my daughter.

Lori Colbo from United States on March 18, 2019:

My grandson is turning 15 tomorrow and I'm making him a card. I will use one of these. This came up first on google.

Brandon R Nance on February 20, 2018:

I loved it i will be using this at my brithday party

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