Messages to Write in a First Anniversary Card

Updated on September 9, 2016
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What to Write in a First Anniversary Card

Your first anniversary only happens once, so it's important to write something special in your card. Don't feel too pressured, though, there's help right here for you, everything you'll need to craft a great message for your someone special.

Here, you will find ideas for him (husband, boyfriend) and for her (wife, girlfriend). Of course, feel free to make these anniversary messages specific to the person you are writing. For example, if you don't want to say the word "love," then you can substitute with "enjoy," "like," or "cherish." Take time to read these through and decide if you want something funny or something that will warm the heart.

This is a simple, fun message that looks forward to commitment.
This is a simple, fun message that looks forward to commitment.

Funny First Anniversary Card Ideas

Use these funny first anniversary messages if you have a humorous person to give these to: if not, skip to the next part.

  1. The first year is just practice, right? I'm ready for the real thing now.
  2. Our first year was so amazing that I almost want to break up just so that we can get back together again for another first year together.
  3. Let's just act like it's the first year all over again.
  4. We've been married for 525,600 minutes, but I still feel like a newlywed.
  5. Congratulations, graduate! In one year you've earned your master's degree in... ME!
  6. It doesn't seem like we've been together for an entire year. It seems like it has only been 365 days.
  7. I know it's time to renew our contract because it has been a year, but I'm a little worried I won't be able to afford you any more now that I have you trained.

Sincere Ideas

These messages are for the romantic who wants to acknowledge the relationship, compliment his/her companion, or express feelings.

  1. I have enjoyed being with you this last year, but I can't seem to figure out the right words to tell you how much.
  2. All I can say about the last year with you is, wow!
  3. With you, every day feels like an anniversary, it's just that it's official for the first time today. Happy actual anniversary!
  4. This first year with you has been amazing. Time flies when you are having fun with your new spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend.
  5. One year down: many more to go!
  6. Even thought I didn't think more love was possible, I have grown to love you even more over the last year.
  7. Thank you for treating me specially every day, and not just on special days like today.
  8. It has been an entire year since we took our vows and I feel just as strong in my commitment to you as I did that day. Happy anniversary!
  9. Even though we've only been together for a year, I feel like I have known you all my life.
  10. You have given me more love in a single year than I imagined anyone could give in a lifetime.

Using analogies can help you come up with a great message: "our love is like _____" or "marriage is like _____."
Using analogies can help you come up with a great message: "our love is like _____" or "marriage is like _____."

A Creative First Anniversary Idea

If you don't want to go the route of the traditional greeting card for your first anniversary, you can get creative and make a video, a photo montage, or a photographic card: write several short strings of words on several sheets of paper to deliver a message on a video or camera.

Even better: use this idea but write something a little more clever, romantic, or fun on the pieces of paper. You might want to include some favorite memories over the last year (or even shoot the video/take the photos in spots that were important to you as a couple). That way, years from now when you are looking back at the video you made, you can remember your first year of marriage.

Another great idea is to write a love poem that can be delivered in a video. Whatever you do, let technology allow you to be creative with your delivery of special words.

1st Anniversary Poem

Life Sentence Together

First day, first month, and first year
Have come and gone with pleasure
You and I are still together right here
Feelings getting more difficult to measure

It is an exciting milestone to travel
With you it'll always be good weather
The judge has thrown down the gavel
Now we serve our life sentence together

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