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1st Birthday Wishes: What to Write in a One-Year-Old's Card

Blake started out scribbling in cards over 30 years ago. Though his handwriting is mostly unchanged, the content has improved.

While a one-year-old won't be able to appreciate your birthday message for at least a few years, it will mean a lot to their parents.

While a one-year-old won't be able to appreciate your birthday message for at least a few years, it will mean a lot to their parents.

What to Write in a One-Year-Old's Birthday Card

First birthday card wishes are really for the parents to read (unless their one-year-old is some kind of baby genius), so have some fun with what you write. While the birthday kid may read their card eventually, your message should be aimed at pleasing or amusing their parents. Make a joke, say something cute, or poke fun at the parents. Make your card memorable so that it will be saved and read again and again.

Your first birthday wish will probably stand out among all the others if you write something really funny or cute. Feel free to adapt or personalize any of these humorous suggestions.

General First Birthday Messages

These are general examples of first birthday wishes. If you are looking for something funny, skip to the next section for ideas that are laugh-worthy.

  • "Your age will no longer be measured in days, weeks, or even months. You are one whole year old!"
  • "One year down, and many, many, many more to go."
  • "Happy birthday to the cutest little one-year-old I know!"
  • "You're growing up fast. It wasn't too long ago that you were just learning how to crawl. Now look at you go."
  • "You are one cool little kid. Happy first!"
  • "God loves you and knew you before you were even born. Happy first birthday!"
  • "Happy birthday to my one-year-old friend who is invited to come over and play with me any time."
  • "You are a one-of-a-kind one-year-old!"
Write a message that the birthday-baby's parents will want to save for them to read when they're older.

Write a message that the birthday-baby's parents will want to save for them to read when they're older.

Funny 1st Birthday Wishes and Jokes

Use one of these funny birthday wishes in a one-year-old's card and you're sure to catch people off guard. And when the little kid grows up, your humor justs might be appreciated again.

  • "You have a natural ability to make people smile and laugh. You could probably do stand up if you could keep your balance better."
  • "Just think: next time we celebrate your birthday, you'll be twice the age you are now."
  • "Don't worry, I'll understand if you like the wrapping paper more than the gift I picked out for you."
  • "You may not be feeling old, but if you were a dog, you would be a teenager by now. And you would probably know where to pee."
  • "Don't feel too bad that you can't get your driver's license yet, you're already old enough to drive your parents crazy."
  • "If you are feeling a little old today, just think of yourself as a newborn baby who happens to have 12 months of experience."
  • "I know you wanted a car for your birthday, but I thought it was important that you first learn how to walk, just in case you run out of gas and have to get to the gas station."
  • "I hope you have a ONE-derful birthday!"
  • "You'll discover that the best part of birthdays is eating a lot of cake no matter how messy you are."
  • "One more year until your "terrible twos." Stay sweet as long as you can."
  • "Tell your mom to stop using your picture as her Facebook profile picture. She's cramping your style."
  • "I'll remind you to remember where babies come from each year on your birthday, so you won't have to ask your parents and have the awkward and embarrassing conversation later. Don't forget where you came from."
  • "One of the best things about you at this age is that you have a great sense of humor. You'll laugh at anything silly that I do no matter how many times I do it."
  • "Only 12 more years until you can become a disrespectful teenaged brat. Happy first birthday!"
  • "Don't be ashamed if you have trouble opening your birthday present, you're still a novice."
  • "Don't grow up too fast, because aging can be bad for your health."
  • "Congratulations on surviving your first year. It's not all easy from here though. Things will get more complicated."
  • "It seems like just a year ago you were zero years old."

One-Year-Old Acrostic Poem

An acrostic poem uses the first letters of a word or phrase. Each of the first letters are used to express details or characteristics.

  • Optimistic
  • Naughty
  • Energetic
  • Youthful
  • Exuberant
  • Ambidextrous
  • Rambunctious
  • Observant
  • Lovable
  • Defiant

First Birthday Poem

Here's a first birthday poem you can write in a card. Writing poems is a great way to wish someone a happy birthday.

I'm Turning One

"I like the wrapping paper

More than my presents

I have to take a nap

During my own party

Adults are acting strange

So I'll just laugh and smile

My fingers taste very good

The cake isn't bad either

. . .I'm turning one!"

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Pixar power plays on May 15, 2020:

Just loved the poem, the remember where you came from, joke and the quotation in the image!

Dylan on April 10, 2020:

loved it i'm 11 and i found the best greetings for my cute cousin Lexi

Allu on August 01, 2019:

Happy first birthday to you. Have a rocking day today, and enjoy your cake and ice-cream.”

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good advice really helped me there for my cousins birthday

Blake Flannery (author) from United States on February 03, 2015:


One-year-olds like corny jokes. Just ask one some time, but keep in mind that "no" sometimes means "yes" for little kids.

nataejah on January 12, 2015:

I think some of these are corny