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3rd Birthday Messages and Poems to Write in a Card

Blake started out scribbling in cards over 30 years ago. Though his handwriting is mostly unchanged, the content has improved.

Writing a birthday card message for a three-year-old can be more difficult than it sounds. Read over these examples to get started.

Writing a birthday card message for a three-year-old can be more difficult than it sounds. Read over these examples to get started.

What to Write in a 3rd Birthday Card

When you are deciding what to write in a 3rd birthday card, you should consider both the child and the parents. Most 3-year-old kids are able to understand simple wording, but they may not get jokes well. This can make writing in a kid's birthday card a bit of a challenge.

Write something sweet, cute, or funny in the card, and you'll be on the right track. Just in case you don't know where to start or need ideas, I've provided some example messages below. Find the birthday wishes and poems that work best for your 3-year-old birthday boy or girl, and think about something to add to make your card more personal. Add something that you know about him or her that is special or funny.

Funny Messages

Writing something funny for a 3-year-old is tough if you want them to be able to get the joke. You may want to make the joke aimed at the parents, but if you're silly enough you just might get a giggle from the little one.

  • You aren't just 3 years old, you are 1095 days old!
  • By the time I count to three, you better have a happy birthday! One! Two! Happy Birthday!
  • It seems like just yesterday you were 2! I hope you're not 4 tomorrow. I like you as a 3-year-old.
  • You have a great smile, you're smart, and you're funny. You're a triple threat on your 3rd birthday!
  • You are getting old for your age. You're barely older than 2, and you're already 3!
  • 1-2-3! You can count on me to wish you a happy 3rd birthday!
  • The first birthday is a surprise. The second one is practice. And the third time is the charm!
  • I think you should stay 3 for at least a year, since you are so fun at this age.
  • If you were any more adorable, I'd squeeze you to death. And 3 is too young to die.
  • Are you a giant? You're getting really big!
  • Here's a math equation for you: Cute x 3 = You.
  • You should have pie for your birthday instead of cake. You are close to being 3.14159265359 years old.

Wishes for Three-Year-Olds

These are more cute, fun, and silly birthday messages,

  • You were my present on your birthday 3 years ago.
  • You've grown into your new age of 3 very well!
  • What the world needs more of is 3-year-old kids like you. Then we'd all be a lot more happy.
  • If I could freeze you at this age I would. You're a perfect 3-year-old.
  • I'm looking forward to teaching you everything that a 3-year-old should know.
  • I want to give you a big birthday hug. Actually, you need 3 big birthday hugs!
  • You get an entire year to be 3! Then you get to turn 4!
  • Even though you're the youngest 3-year-old I know, you seem so much older than a 2-year-old.
  • I can't believe how big you have gotten in 3 years!
  • You are one of the cutest kids I know, but you're definitely the cutest kid I know who is turning 3 today.
  • May God bless you with a wonderful year as a 3-year-old.
  • It's only your 3rd birthday, but I think you're already getting good at being big!
  • 3 is a perfect age to be one of my favorite kids in the whole wide world!
  • You are even more awesome now than you were when you were 2.
  • I can't wait to see all the amazing things you will do while you're 3-years-old.
Keep your message short and sweet. Add a personal element if you know the child well.

Keep your message short and sweet. Add a personal element if you know the child well.

Birthday Poems

Writing a poem is a nice alternative to writing a note or message. Keep your poem short and simple, since it is for a 3-year-old.

A Special Day

It's a special day for you
Today you turn 3 years old
Have a very happy birthday
I'm sure that you've been told

T.H.R.E.E Acrostic Poem


Count to Your Birthday

You're one special little person
With two cute little cheeks
Now you're three years old
Which is 156 weeks

Before Four

There may be words you still don't know
This year your knowledge will soar
You have all year to learn and grow
Before you have to be ready for four


Izaz on May 29, 2020:

I wish happy birthday 3years old my son

Autumn on January 12, 2020:

I wish I was three years old again.

brad on January 11, 2020:

i sending this to my friends 13 birthday party and i think its going to be a hit for the sentences i chose!

Jaesha Perez on July 16, 2019:

Wow so incredible i cant do better

Caiah on May 17, 2018:

She’s turning 3 today n don’t know what to say