Anniversary Wishes for Parents

Updated on May 16, 2016
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What to Write in Your Parents' Anniversary Card

If it's difficult to figure out what to write in an anniversary card for your parents, then look no further. This is your lifeline. Whether your parents have been together for a year or 50, you'll get ideas here.

Consider the type of theme you want your message to have. You can say congratulations with your message. You can say thank you. You can say something funny. You can say something encouraging. It's all up to you, so you do need to make that decision as you read the following.

Congratulations Anniversary Messages for Parents

When you say congratulations, you are acknowledging your parents' accomplishment. This is a great way to tell them you are proud of them. Congratulate your parents on the time they have been together with these examples.

  1. I'm proud of both of you for having such a long lasting marriage.
  2. You two deserve a big congratulations for your Anniversary.
  3. Being together as long as you guys have been is quite an accomplishment!
  4. You've proven your commitment with perseverance and tenacity!
  5. You guys have been together for __ years! Congrats!
  6. Wow! What an amazing amount of time for an amazing couple to be together.

Thankful Anniversary Messages to Parents

Show your appreciation for the blessing that your parents and their marriage has been in your life.

  1. Thank you for providing such a stable, successful, and long-lasting example of love. What you lack in perfection, you made up in consistency.
  2. I'm still learning from both of you how to have a successful marriage.
  3. You two are the biggest influences on my life—your being together this long is an inspiration.
  4. It took two really patient people working hard together to help me survive to adulthood. You guys have been through a lot together.
  5. Thank you for being so committed to your family. Your relationship has been a constant that our family can depend on even as it grows larger.
  6. I'd like to take some credit for your successful marriage. I think your marriage deserves the credit for me.

Funny Anniversary Wishes for Parents

  1. You guys do great work together, just look at how I turned out. Happy anniversary!
  2. If your marriage is getting better with age, then it must be pretty valuable by now!
  3. One thing about your marriage is like most of the best and the worst marriages. It has been really long.
  4. Congratulations on all the great years you have shared, and all the bad years you endured to make it this long!
  5. Would I put two people like you together? Of course I would. Otherwise, I would be here to make the decision in the first place.
  6. I'm starting to think that you guys actually took your wedding vows seriously. What's up with that?
  7. Pat each other on the back. It's amazing that your kids haven't stressed you out to the point of divorce by now!
  8. If it weren't for you two getting together, I wouldn't be here. I'm glad you two came together so beautifully and that you've lasted this long.
  9. You two deserve each other. I think you both are pretty awesome, so you both deserve a lot.

Anniversary Wishes for Friends and Family

Encouraging Parent Anniversary Messages

Encourage your parents the way they encouraged you growing up with a nice positive acknowledgement.

  1. Keep going strong. I'm a fan of you guys and your relationship together.
  2. You guys are a great inspiration!
  3. Keep being an amazing couple!
  4. You should teach a class on how to stay married for ___ years!
  5. I am looking forward to being able to congratulate you on the next big anniversary milestone.
  6. You two are proof that whatever starts in love can never be finished.

Anniversary Wishes for a Remarried Parent

When your parents have divorced and remarried other people, it can be a challenge to write something tactful. This is especially true if you don't care for the new spouse. Keep in mind that this has less to do about you and more about them. It's best to not send a card at all if you cannot be sincere in wishing them a happy anniversary. Here are some funny examples of what you might write to remarried parents, but only if they have a great sense of humor.

  1. Sometimes you have to fail before you can succeed. It's no different with marriages.
  2. I'm glad you didn't marry each other first, because I wouldn't have ever been born.

The key to a sincere message is going to be to keep it general, light, and short. Here are some good things to write.

  1. Wishing you a happy day as you celebrate your anniversary!
  2. I'm grateful to have both of you in my life.
  3. I hope you have another great year together.
  4. Happy anniversary to one of the most interesting couples I know!

The Best Theme for Your Parents' Anniversary Message

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