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New Baby and Pregnancy Congratulations Messages

Blake started out scribbling in cards over 30 years ago. Though his handwriting is mostly unchanged, the content has improved.

Having a baby is a big deal! Find the right words to congratulate the new or expecting parents in your life.

Having a baby is a big deal! Find the right words to congratulate the new or expecting parents in your life.

Baby Shower Cards and Messages

Having a baby is a huge and life-changing event. New parents, especially first-timers, can be overwhelmed and often need encouragement. Write them a thoughtful card to let them know how happy you are for them in this new stage of their lives.

You can write a funny message or be sincere. Either way, write something interesting and memorable. Your card might be saved, and the baby may get to read your message when he or she gets older.

Below are many examples of congratulations messages for couples or individuals who are having a baby. They are sorted by category to help you find what you need for your card.

Congratulations Messages for New Parents

These are positive, upbeat, encouraging, and supportive messages.

  • Having a baby is a special, amazing, miracle. Congratulations!
  • Have fun with all the exciting baby experiences!
  • You are blessed, and we are excited to meet your little blessing.
  • Congratulations on your successful start to a new life! We are looking forward to seeing the finished product.
  • We're excited God has blessed you with another member of your family. We are looking forward to meeting him/her soon.
  • Let us know if you want any help with the baby. We love cute little babies!
  • A baby is a blessing from God. Your little one is already blessed with great parents.
  • I know you will be great parents, but even great parents like you need to take breaks every once in a while. That's why you'll need grandparents and friends like us to help.
  • I can't wait to meet the newest member of your family!
  • Let me know if I can help you in any way. I know things can get really busy very quickly.
  • I am praying that God blesses your family as it grows.
  • We're wishing you a healthy and easy pregnancy and delivery.
  • Congratulations on your developing little one!
  • May you be given the joy of parenthood and the patience to endure the job.
  • Your life will never be the same, but you will love the change.
  • Here's to new life, new experiences, and new thrills. Congratulations on your new baby!
  • May your new bundle of joy bless you and your household.
  • I know you are going to be a great parent. I'm looking forward to seeing you with your new baby, and I'm wishing you joy that will come from all your new experiences.
  • Congrats! I can't wait to meet the little cutie in just a few more weeks.
  • No one can totally prepare you for being a parent, but you'll learn everything you need to know at just the right times.

Funny Wishes for a Baby Shower Card

As funny as babies can be, it's probably a good time to engage the expectant parents' sense of humor. Write something funny to make your card stand out apart from the rest:

  • Hello, baby! Goodbye, sleep!
  • If you think you're going crazy due to lack of sleep in the first couple weeks, you probably are. That's what kids do best. They drive their parents crazy.
  • Thank goodness they don't grow up so fast that you have to start learning how to deal with a teenager right away. Although it will probably seem that fast when that time comes.
  • All the books and articles in the world can't prepare you for the surprises that your child will bring.
  • Little hands, little feet, and a little trouble are all on the way. Congratulations!
  • When you are choosing a name for your baby, don't forget the names of the important people in your life, like me!
  • You have a parasite attached to your body for 9 months. It makes you feel horrible, steals your nutrients, distends your belly, kicks you in the stomach, and it will eventually tear through your sensitive parts. Congratulations!
  • Why do you need a baby shower when your baby is already taking a bath?
  • I heard babies suck, especially when they are hungry.
  • I am sure your baby will be really cute, at least as long as he/she takes after his/her mother.
  • What's really different about a baby than a tapeworm?
  • Congratulations on getting a 9 month parasite that will turn into an 18 year plus parasite.
  • I heard about your newest development. Congratulations on being so creative!
  • Sit down. I think it's time to have 'the talk.' Babies don't really come from storks.
  • If you are worried about having enough space after the baby comes, you can get rid of your bed. You won't be using it much for awhile, anyway.
  • To test to see if you are ready for a baby, try putting a pair of underwear on a kangaroo.
  • You only have a few more years until you'll be saying, 'Because I said so!'
  • Don't forget to eat your vitamins, your baby back ribs, and your baby carrots.
  • Most great things start out very small. Then the small things become extremely overwhelming as they grow. Congratulations!
  • Don't let the cuteness of a newborn fool you. Think of newborn babies as future 15-year-olds with bad attitudes.
  • Don't worry about the difficulty of raising a child. It is just as easy as running a marathon, doing your taxes, and wrestling an octopus at the same time, every day.
  • We worried about you, took care of you, and bandaged you up when you did something silly. Looking forward to you having your own frustrating bundle of joy soon.

I'm so excited, I could pee myself! And that would be appropriate, considering I'm excited about a baby. Thank goodness for diapers!

Congratulatory Wishes for Someone Who is Pregnant

Here are some examples of pregnancy congratulations messages you can bring to the shower or send long before the shower happens:

  • We're super excited to hear that you're expecting, because we're expecting you to be a great parent! Congratulations!
  • Once you have a baby, your days will feel longer, but your years will seem shorter.
  • In just a few short months, we're going to have a new member of the family! Until then, we get to spoil you. Congratulations! Have fun with your pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy and childbirth are a future mother's test to ensure that she is tough enough to take care of a baby. I am sure you'll ace this test. Best wishes!
  • Being pregnant can feel a little bit like waiting for Christmas morning. You don't get to open your present right away, and the anticipation can be overwhelming. Congratulations on your pregnancy. No peeking at your present early!
  • Finding out that you are pregnant was some of the best news I've ever heard. I'm excited for you, and I want to wish you a fun and healthy pregnancy.
  • We are hoping for a normal and healthy pregnancy for you and your little one. We want the little bun in the oven to be done just right, not too doughy and not too crispy.
  • Enjoy the growing bump while it lasts. It will be gone before you know it.

Quotes About Babies

It might be useful to use a quote about babies when saying congratulations. Sayings are less personal than your own words but can add a level of humor or depth to your card. Here are a few good quotes:

  • "A baby is God's opinion that life should go on." —Carl Sandburg
  • "I can't think why mothers love them. All babies do is leak at both ends." —Douglas Feaver
  • "Babies have big heads and big eyes, and tiny little bodies with tiny little arms and legs. So did the aliens at Roswell! I rest my case." —William Shatner
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Here are a few original ideas you're not likely to find anywhere else:

  • "One smile from a baby is worth 100 diaper changes."
  • "Parenting is a lot of work, but your labor and time are never a waste."
  • "God knew what he was doing when He made babies cute."
  • "Some babies get their mom's eyes or their dad's hair, but the most important thing they get from their parents is love."
  • "Babies don't get to choose to be born. They just eventually run out of room."
  • "No one can predict the potential humanity that is contained in a single womb."
  • "A newborn human is one of the most helpless of all newborn animals, but s/he makes up for it with cuteness."
  • "The birth process is like an alien horror film scene cast with very young humans playing the part of the aliens being born."
  • "To be a great parent, simply treat your child the way you'd want to be treated. The golden rule applies to parents, too."
  • "Babies are a great way to start people."

How to Find the Right Wording for Your Card

Here are a few tips to help you write your own message.

  • Be as funny as you can. Having a baby is definitely a time for humor. Babies are funny by nature, so your baby wishes can be funny, too.
  • Write your message to the parents and the baby. If you want the parents to save the card, then you should direct at least part of your message at the baby. This will give them reason to keep the card. Plus, the message might be funnier if it is directed at the baby.
  • Avoid cliches or negative jokes. Future parents have probably heard all the jokes about how their lives will change now that they will be constantly changing diapers. It's more fun to say something positive about the potential of the baby or something that is really funny. Customize the joke to the recipient.
  • Tell what you are looking forward to about the baby. You can say that you are looking forward to seeing them drive a mini van. Tell them you are looking forward to watching the baby.
  • Give genuine advice. Use your card message to say something really personal and meaningful, especially if you have some wisdom to pass on that goes beyond the usual tips and tricks.

Add Your Own Baby Congratulations Messages

Abeer Rafidi on August 03, 2017:

I need something nice to write for a baby to read after she born and she can read

Blake Flannery (author) from United States on June 26, 2015:


I would write a short quote from the book. Here's an example, "“you find magic wherever you look. sit back and relax. all you need is a book”

This way you'll be sticking with the theme.

If you want to go another direction, then include something personalized. Write "For (baby name), made with love, from your friend/aunt Lanette"

Or you could go with a combination of both a quote and something personal. Either way, it's a very nice gift!

Lanette on June 25, 2015:

I need something to write on a label that will be sewn to a Dr. Seuss "Cat in the Hat" baby quilt. Please help!!

Blake Flannery (author) from United States on April 12, 2015:

If you've read through all of the above baby congratulations wishes and you still don't know what to write, leave some details here in the comments. We, myself and visitors to the page, can give you some suggestions. Explain what you'd like to include in you message, and we'll help.

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