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22 Best Happy Birthday Messages for Your Ex-Boss

Oyewole Folarin loves writing greeting-card messages and helping others find the words they need for life's special moments.

Use this guide to inspire your own birthday message for an ex-boss as they turn the calendar over once again.

Use this guide to inspire your own birthday message for an ex-boss as they turn the calendar over once again.

Another Year in the Books

When it is time to send meaningful, happy birthday wishes to your ex-boss, you want to let your former boss know that you really care and appreciate all their kindness. A birthday message's tone can be informal or formal. Either way, one needs to be very careful so as not to use some words or phrases that could get him or her upset.

Get inspiration from the sentences and phrases below, then write your own unique birthday wish or message that will be more pleasing. Make your ex-boss's special day a memorable one. For folks that forgot to send their wishes on time, you'll find some belated birthday wishes in this guide as well.

All you need to do now is to relax your mind. While you read through the list, see which message best describes the qualities and characteristics of your amiable leader, mentor, and friend. You can use them as they are or rewrite them to make your message more appealing to the best boss ever.

22 Examples of Happy Birthday Wishes to an Ex-Boss

  1. Today is a perfect day to let you know that you have been a wonderful boss and friend. Your supportive nature is everything one could look for in a good boss. You groomed us to be sound professionals and made working with you an interesting and memorable experience. I wish you a very Happy Birthday.
  2. As you are starting another milestone today, I pray God provides you with opportunities and strength. Happy Birthday and thank you for your service!
  3. As you mark your birthday today, I celebrate you, our leader, mentor, motivator, and role model. May there be many happy days to come for the best boss ever!
  4. May this new era usher in a long life, wisdom, and the capacity to lead well as you have always done. I wish you nothing but the best in your future. Happy Birthday!
  5. This is a milestone worthy of celebrating. You are blessed with God’s goodness, grace, and kindness. You have been an exemplary and visionary leader who has dedicated his life to the service of humanity. On your special day, I wish you happiness and success in life. Happy Birthday, sir! I wish you a wonderful birthday.
  6. May you live long in divine health. Happy birthday, sir! It is with a deep sense of humility that I join friends and well-wishers in congratulating you most heartily on your birthday anniversary. The attainment of this memorable age is of great significance and marks a watershed in your life. Your entrepreneurial skill has endeared you to many hearts across the globe. Happy Birthday!
  7. Birthday wishes for a great leader. Today marks another milestone in the journey that is most rewarding. Today heralds your 60th birthday anniversary. Members of my family and I join well-wishers to felicitate you on this auspicious occasion. Many happy returns of the day!
  8. To my good boss, today remains a unique day, for it attests to one glorious event: the birthday celebration of a highly distinguished boss. Many happy returns!
  9. Let me use this special occasion to once again thank you for your outstanding leadership qualities; you are indeed a mentor that is worthy of emulation. I wish you sound health and long life. Many happy returns of the day!
  10. Your industry, integrity, and humanist nature are a few of your qualities that continue to inspire me. I wish you a Happy Birthday and pray for your good health and many more years of life.
  11. You have been an inspiration. As a role model, you have been exemplary. As an entrepreneur, your achievements have been remarkable. Happy Birthday!
  12. You are an icon of integrity, hard work, and a great philanthropist with a Midas touch. The landmark of your achievements and leadership quality stands out as a beacon and a point of reference for generations to come. Happy Birthday to my best boss ever!
  13. On your special day, I am happy and proud to give you all the felicitations you deserve for your positive influence on my life. You have consistently maintained your noble stance of adding smiles to faces. Happy Birthday!
  14. Thank you so much for your altruism, guidance, and useful advice. Thank you for being a great boss. Here’s wishing you a day that’s as special as you are. Have a fantastic birthday!
  15. Being blessed comes naturally. Here’s wishing you a successful career. Happy Birthday!
  16. Sir, yours has been a remarkable life and career, an inspiring story of vision, humility, and grace, written on tablets of hard work and divine leading. May the many years ahead be even more blessed with divine grace, sound health, and prosperity. Happy Birthday!
  17. I am so fortunate to work with a humble and caring boss like you. Thanks for the encouragement, inspiration, and motivation. Happy Birthday!
  18. A wonderful birthday celebration to a wonderful boss. Thanks for being so wonderful and amazing to work with. You are older today than yesterday but younger than tomorrow. I wish the happiest of birthdays to a great boss!
  19. Thank you for giving us the best gifts. You were always eager to make the workplace fun. You will always be our superhero. Happy Birthday to the world’s greatest boss!
  20. Words can neither qualify nor quantify your care and support for me. You are one of a kind. My prayer for you in this new era is that God will give you sound health and wisdom to lead us well as you have always done. Happy Birthday, best boss ever!
  21. Happy birthday to a wonderful mentor, a role model, and the best boss ever. It is with great joy that I share your special day with you!
  22. To my mentor, I greatly appreciate your leadership style and your commitment to good governance. I pray that God continues to bless and guide you through the years ahead. Happy Birthday, sir!

11 Messages for a Belated Birthday

Did you forget to send a birthday wish to your former boss? Did you forget to attend their party? Below, you’ll find inspirational examples to help you compose a late birthday message.

  1. I’m so sorry for being a little late in sending my thoughtful wishes to you on your special day. I promise that it will never happen again. I hope you enjoyed your birthday with lots of beautiful memories!
  2. I wish you more birthdays to come and good health to enjoy life in retirement. Sorry for being late!
  3. If anyone deserves a late birthday card, it’s not someone like you, who I hold in high respect. Sorry for being late—I’ll be on time for your coming birthdays!
  4. I’m feeling thankful and blessed to have someone special like you as part of my sweet memories. Happy Belated Birthday!
  5. I know I’m a bit late sending you this greeting. I hope this quick note puts a smile on your face, as have done for me in the past. Much love and a ton of thanks to you for being the amazing person you are!
  6. I’m still trying to figure out how on earth I forgot my former boss’s birthday. Hope you had a great day!
  7. We had series upon series of meetings with the management on how to save the company from a moribund decline, and that is why I’m sending my birthday card late. Please accept my sincere excuse. I hope you had lots of fun on that day!
  8. Please, don’t see me as a person who is untouched by your inspiration and great achievement. You’re always in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you the very best in life every day!
  9. Let me use this belated birthday card to wish you many more years of sound health, happiness, and prosperity. Hope you enjoyed your day!
  10. For being late, I’m adding a thoughtful gift card to my heartfelt birthday wish. I hope you had a wonderful celebration!
  11. Sorry for missing your birthday party. I couldn’t make it due to some family issues. Happy Belated Birthday!

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