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Funny, Heartwarming, Romantic, and Teasing Birthday Wishes for Your Husband

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What to say to your husband on his birthday

What to say to your husband on his birthday

Searching for the Perfect Words for Your Husband?

So it’s your husband’s birthday, and you don’t want to write a plain and simple “Happy Birthday” in his birthday card. You want a message to beautifully express the depth of your emotions for him, you want something romantic, or maybe you simply want to make him smile with a funny message. Perhaps you need an appropriate status update for Facebook so you can tag your husband and share your happiness with all your friends. Or you’ve got an amazing gift, and you want a cute and small wish appropriate for the gift tag.

Don’t worry, you’ve landed on the right page. This collection of birthday wishes for husbands includes heartfelt emotional messages and some funny ones, too. Some of them rhyme, and others simply aim to bring a smile. There are some extended quotations which make amazing birthday wishes. And, of course, this collection also contains Facebook-specific birthday messages. Simply put the message in your status update and tag your husband in the post so that the message appears on his timeline, too. Show off to the Facebook world how in love you are!

So go ahead: Improvise, personalize, or just copy and paste these messages if you’re already exhausted by shopping for his gift. However, with any of these wishes, make sure you use your own endearment or pet name for your husband. That will give your birthday message an effective personal touch.

Expressing Gratitude and Admiration

All these poems are original, written especially for this article, especially for you, for your beautifully expressed birthday wishes on this special day.

For a Supportive Husband

The way you've supported me through all the ups and downs,
The way you've listened to me, understood me when I needed it the most,
I've discovered the most amazing friend in you.
Thank you so much for being you, and Happy Birthday!

Moments of Joy

Moments of joy you've given me
Are pearls of my life’s garland.
You've made things so beautiful...
Happy Birthday, dear Husband

Glad That You're Mine

Our memories more colorful than springs,
Our togetherness a diamond mine,
You turn moments to precious paintings,
Be it a cup of coffee, be it time we dine,
When you remember the smallest things,

When my smile makes your eyes shine,
I feel like happiness has given me wings,
That I can actually fly and be on cloud nine.
On your birthday, my heart simply sings
Songs of joy, so glad that you're mine.

Happy birthday to the most caring husband.

Funny birthday wishes for husband

Funny birthday wishes for husband

Funny Birthday Messages

If sappy romantic messages don't sit that well with you, try these lighthearted messages.

Funny Little Poem

I thought, on your birthday, I should make you aware,
That species of good husbands are getting quite rare.
I’ve approved you as the perfect specimen:
After all, my husband loves me 24/7!

Although, I am wondering how you manage to perform at the office with this 24/7 duty of love.
Happy birthday to my loving and beloved Husband…

Naughty Birthday Wish

Goosebumps. That’s what I wish for your birthday. Of course, due to excitement about all the celebrations, gifts and surprises that come your way. Although when you start overdoing things, I think a little fear of me will be good too… Yeah, goosebumps.

Teasing Birthday Wish

In the morning today, I suddenly noticed you’re looking older. A few extra grays on your head, a few more wrinkles getting more widespread. But that’s okay; you still look handsome, hon. And you always will. I love you, and happy birthday, sweetheart.

Message for a Workaholic

I was always told that love goes to the background after marriage. I always wondered about the “foreground.” Luckily, in my case, the foreground is not a breathing, beautiful femme fatale. It’s just the work. Don’t you think birthdays are good times to swap the foreground and background? And since I won’t be writing a wish on my birthday, why don’t we switch them on your birthday, and forget about work for a day?
Happy birthday from the background!


Romantic Wishes

Even Today

Even today, when I look at you,
I feel the butterflies dancing in my tummy.
Even today, when you look at me that particular way,
My heart starts beating twice as fast.

Even today... I would stop writing now, 'cause
I’ll give you this note
In the middle of celebrations tonight,
And I want the celebrations to last…
Happy birthday to the savior of my romantic dreams!

My Dream

You are my every dream come true,
My wish granted from high above,
Waking up every morning with you
Is like falling once again in love,

On your birthday, I want to cherish
Memories we've created till now,
As much as I plan to nourish
Our glorious dream to fulfill each vow.

Happy birthday to my husband, who keeps the romance in me alive always.

As Time Goes By

It’s your birthday,
Another day to realise,
That time is flying away…
Another day acting as a measure
Of this wonderful time we’re having together,
Another day when I should let you know in writing
Along with whispering in your ear with a sigh,
That I love you more and more as time goes by.

To my husband, who is, fortunately, the love of my life,
Happy Birthday, Love

Honey B’day

I don't want to wish you a happy birthday.
You’ve made my life so sweet that I wanna wish you
A Honey B’day!


Extended Happy Birthday Quotes

Any witty quote can be extended to create a unique birthday message. Here are some examples.

Example 1:

A good husband is never the first to go to sleep or the last to awake in the morning.

— Honore de Balzac

Message: And since I don’t want anyone to doubt that you’re a good husband, I’ve decided that your birthday gift will be that I’ll go to sleep earlier than you do and wake you up early in the morning too. Just kidding, but you should do something about your sleeping routine. Happy Birthday!
(P.S.: The line in the italics is optional. Remove it if your husband has a good sense of humor.

Example 2:

Not until I married you did I realize the truth in this quote:

All women should know how to take care of children. Most of them will have a husband some day.

— Franklin P. Jones

Message: On your birthday, I want you to know that I love the enthusiastic child in you. Happy Birthday, Kiddo!

Facebook Status Messages

  • Dear Facebook timeline, I wish you could make this post shine. That’s because it’s my husband’s birthday wish, and he is a gem of a person. His shine is not confined to him; he makes my world glow with happiness. I want to wish him a glorious day… Happy birthday to my beloved husband.
  • My Facebook timeline is such a true mirror of my life. Colorless and incomplete if my husband’s taken away from it. Happy birthday to the color and charm of my life. You make my life complete, sweetheart.
  • I want all my Facebook friends to know that I’m deliriously happy today. It’s my husband’s birthday! I owe this day for bringing my Mr. Perfect into this world. I wish all his dreams come true, and I selfishly wish myself to feature in some of those dreams too… Happy birthday, Love.
Print out a colorful card for your hubby!

Print out a colorful card for your hubby!

Short Wishes for Gift Tags

From the love of your life,
Happy B’day
To the love of my life

To my Darling,
I Wish us an amazing day.
Happy B’day,
From your Darling

This gift is to attest ~
My Husband’s
the world’s best!

This gift of love
Will fit you like a glove!
Happy B’day, Mr. Husband!!

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