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Birthday Poems, Verses, and One-Liners for Friends and Relatives

Timothy is a Christian who enjoys creating visual art and writing. He has a B.S. in psychology.

At a loss for words? Use one of these poems or verses to wish someone well on their big day.

At a loss for words? Use one of these poems or verses to wish someone well on their big day.

The Challenges of Birthday Cards

Have you ever come up short when figuring out what to put in someone’s birthday card? Sometimes it’s hard to come up with a funny line or a quick quip, so instead of expressing your feelings, you go out and buy one of those pre-filled birthday cards.

The poems and birthday verses below are offered to you as a starting point. They can be used any way you wish—in a card, in a note, on social media, verbally, and more. Enjoy!

You say it's your birthday

Well it's my birthday too, yeah

You say it's your birthday

We're gonna have a good time

— The Beatles

How to Present These Birthday Wishes

  • Get them printed on a special birthday balloon.
  • Create a birthday card and insert one or more of the poems inside.
  • Tell your friend in person by reading them one or more of the poems.
  • Text one or more of them to your friend or family member.
  • Create a meme for social media.
  • Print the favorite part of the poem on a tee shirt or some other item and give it to them.
  • Put the words to music—maybe a tune you already know.
  • Post them on their social media sites.
  • Create a longer version of one of the poems.

Funny and Inspirational Birthday Poems

Here are a few original poems I penned to help you wish your loved one well on their special day.

Hey, It’s Your Birthday!

Hey, it’s your #birthday
What you planning to do
Hope it’s not like last year
When you got sick and puked

Well anyway, happy birthday
It’s your very special time
Got the same gift as last year
Here’s a couple of dimes.

Middle Aged

I'm not going to say anything
About how old you are today
Cause’ I really feel so, so bad
You've now moved to middle-aged

So try to ignore all the pains
And enjoy this, your birthday
Because remember at your age
The pains are not going to go away

Happy Birthday


They say age is just a number
You’re only as old as you feel
But the truth is at your age
Every birthday is a really big deal

Happy Birthday

Roses Are Red

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I ate your birthday cake
And the ice cream too
Well anyway,

Happy Birthday to you


Well you’re another year older
Some more wrinkles on your face
Don’t worry though cause you still
Look better than most people your age

Happy Birthday

The Gift of Age

They say having a long life is a gift
Well you got a big gift this time
Cause you’re now over the hill
So far over that the hill is way, way behind

Happy Birthday

Birthday Candles

Sorry about your birthday cake
It has no candles on the top
The numbers don’t go that high
But don’t let that put a stop
To you having a happy birthday

What? Another Birthday?

You tried to put it off again this year
But it snuck up on you today
But I’m here to shout it out to all
It's your (fill in the blank) birthday
Oh by the way here is some Geritol

Happy Birthday

You’re Over the Hill

Thought I do something different this year
By just giving a shout out of birthday cheer
After thinking it over I changed my mind
Cause your love is something I hold dear

So I thought I’d sing you a birthday song
But you know I can’t carry a good tune
Then I went on down to the dollar store
To get you a big bunch of festive balloons

But they all got blown away by a big wind
So, alI I have left to offer
And to wish is one very important line

Beauty and Age

I really must come out and say
You get more beautiful with age
So I hope today and everyday
You will live to a ripe old age

Happy Birthday


I was going to spend big bucks
And bring more presents along
One for each year of your long life
But the bank wouldn’t give me a loan

Happy Birthday

A Breath

It's hard to believe you’re how old
But all the candles tell the tale
Don’t worry about blowin' them out
I brought a fan in case you fail

Happy Birthday


Wow, so it’s your ____ birthday
Don’t think of it as getting older
Think of it as increasing in value
Hey, that’s how it works for antiques

Happy Birthday

Your Birthday

Your birthday can be
A day of joy
A day of fear
A day of knowing
You’ve aged another year
But remember most of all
Your birthday is a time
To celebrate with one and all

Love Is . . .

Love is knowing on your birthday
You have friends and family who
All come together to celebrate
By throwing a big party for you
Just so they can have some fun
Tell you how much

Happy Birthday

Happy, Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
What you gonna do
About the age you're turning
At your age I have one thought
Deep in my brain a churning
How are you gonna blow out
The candles on the cake burning

Happy Birthday


My, my, my
You don’t have to cry
Cause you’re turning ____
One of those zero years
Wait, you’re how old now
You should shed a few tears

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Wishing you a day of:
Ice cream
Oh wait those last three are for me.

A Birthday Wish

May this day find your heart
Full of happiness and joy
Your life full of bright days
And a lot of close friends

Happy Birthday


Now is the time
More than ever
To speak
To shout out the world
You'rr ___ years old

Now is the time
To share with others
You're over the hill
Only kidding I would
Never think of doing that

Bible Verses About Birthdays

  • Psalm 118:24: “This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it."
  • Psalm 138:8: "The LORD will fulfill his purpose for me; your steadfast love, O LORD, endures forever. Do not forsake the work of your hands." (On this birthday, reflect on what he Lord has done in your life.)
  • Proverbs 16:31: “Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained in a righteous life.”
  • Proverbs 4:10: “Hear, my son, and accept my words, that the years of your life may be many.”
  • Psalm 91:16: “With long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation.”

Birthdays come but once a year. At your age, that’s a good thing!

Birthday One-Liners

  • Remember—age is just a number, but your number is really high this year.
  • Remember—my cell phone is a camera, so I will have proof of what you do this year on your birthday.
  • You’re very hard to shop for. It took me forever to find you a gift. Here’s your dollar-store birthday card.
  • Sorry I didn’t get you anything for your birthday. If it weren’t for Facebook, I wouldn’t even have remembered it!
  • Congratulations on this, the 10th celebration of your 29th birthday.
  • With age comes wisdom, and I’m wise enough to know not to make any jokes about how old you are today.
  • I find giving birthday gifts to be stressful. It took me days just to find you a card.
  • Yes, I forgot your birthday again. So, I got you the same present as last year when I forgot . . . nothing.
  • I know you really liked the gift you gave me on my birthday, so I’m giving it back to you this year.
  • I heard you wanted an extravagant party this year. Sorry, all I could afford was some pizza and soda. Happy birthday!
  • Life is but a dream—well until you reach a certain age. Then it is mostly aches and pains and Bengay. Happy birthday!
  • Of course, I know how old you are today. That’s why I didn’t put candles on your cake. Happy birthday!
  • Don’t think of it as another birthday. Think of it as a time to get free cake and a party.
  • Let us celebrate the fact that I’m no longer the oldest person around. Happy birthday!
  • On this birthday, if you can remember when a candy bar was only five cents, it means you’re getting older. Happy birthday!
  • Sorry, but no amount of birthday wishes can make you younger. Happy birthday!

© 2020 Timothy Whitt


Timothy Whitt (author) from New Jersey on October 16, 2020:

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