Birthday Wishes for a Sister: Messages and Poems

Updated on October 28, 2016
Love your sister to bits? Have happy childhood memories of spending time with your sister? Then wish your sister on her birthday with a cute poem or message.
Love your sister to bits? Have happy childhood memories of spending time with your sister? Then wish your sister on her birthday with a cute poem or message. | Source

Your birthday wishes for your sister should highlight the bond that you share with her. Send your sister a cute birthday wish by writing your own message on a birthday card for her. Use these creative ideas to wish your sister a happy birthday by sending her a SMS, email or shouting out your love for her on Twitter or Facebook.

Birthday poems for a sister: Short rhymes for a birthday card

1) No matter how hard I try

I can't help but cry

To shed tears of happiness

When I think of you, a sister so selfless

A sister so kind, a sister so pretty

A sister so funny, a sister so witty

I thank god for giving me you, and pray

For your happiness, as I wish you happy birthday

2) Purring, cuddling and scratching together like kitties two

Is the kind of relationship between me and you

Happy birthday sister

3) When we were young, I am glad you snatched my toys

Because that gave me a defiant voice

I am glad that we did a lot of mischief

I am glad for all the fights and tiffs

The way you loved me and you teased

They have turned out to be great memories

Let's celebrate your birthday now

May you always get what you want, anyhow

4) Today is a hot girl's birthday is what I told my friends today on Facebook

So don't be surprised if all of them visit your page and take a look

Happy birthday sis

5) Sister sister, my dear sister

Sister sister, like no other

I love you, I love you a lot

I am sorry, for all the times we fought

Let's forget the past

And make a fresh start

Right now, not tomorrow but today

I want to wish you a very happy birthday

6) At times our bond has been shallow, at times it has been deep

But at the end of it all, you have been my life's best keep

Happy birthday sister

7) If not for you, who would teach me to how to flirt

To whom would I, all my secrets blurt

Whose perfumes would I playfully squirt

To whom would I beg to lend me her skirt

Who would I apologize to, after being curt

My life without you would have been dirt

Happy birthday

8) The sun may or may not rise

But my sister will always be wise

From her I have learnt everything

How to live life to the fullest, how to dance and sing

Happy birthday to my beautiful sister

May everything magical in this world be hers

9) Sis, you and me

Are meant to be

Always entwined with one another

Like you there is no other

To such a soul sister I want to say

I love you and wish you a happy birthday

10) When I am not feeling so well

When I have no one to tell

I know you will always be around

With you my heart is bound

Thanks for always watching my way

Wish you a very happy birthday

11) You are the reason I got

Everything from makeup to flip flops

I'm lucky to have got you as my sis

Have a fun birthday and a year full of bliss

12) With a sister like you, so smart

Why would I ever spend even a minute apart

To you, my heart I have permanently lent

With you, I treasure every second spent

A new year in your life as you celebrate

I wish you a happy birthday mate

13) My little sister you are

My prized possession

My little sister you are

My delightful obsession

My little sister you are

My life's description

Happy birthday

14) You are my darling sister and my witness

To times in my life, worst and best

Without you life would have been a real test

Together we have made memories that can fill a chest

Happy birthday

15) Because you were always with me

I have never been afraid of the dark

You will be successful and your life will be full of glee

My words you should mark

Happy birthday

16) Without sisters I wonder how people's can make it through life's journey

Without you my life I simply can't see

Happy birthday

17) We will never be two poles apart

Because we have always got along from the start

We are two sides of the same coin, heads and tails

You have always supported me, even when I fail

To a sister, partner and friend

Here's hoping that your birthday party never ends

18) I am sorry, I am sorry

To fight with you and cause you worry

On your birthday today, I say never again

Will I trouble you or cause you pain

Happy birthday

19) Happy birthday to my sister

So caring and strong

Your advice to me all these years

Has never been wrong

20) You have always saved me from trouble

I am not sure of the reason why

But I know that you want my happiness to double

Happy birthday to my sister, who is the star of my sky

Birthday Wishes for a Sister: Messages for a Card, SMS, Email, or Online Posts

  1. From teaching me how to talk to girls on the phone to teaching me algebra equations, happy birthday to the sister to whom I owe it all.
  2. You were the one who introduced me to tweezers, lip gloss and mascara. Not to forget Burberry, Calvin Klein and Zara. What would I do without you sis? Happy birthday.
  3. Thanks for always being the shoulder I can cry on, the chest I can lean on and the hands that I can hold on to. Happy birthday to the best sister in the world.
  4. Every year your birthday feels as exciting as the day I held you when you were born. Happy birthday to my little sister.
  5. All sisters don't become friends, but sisters like us become the best of friends. Happy birthday, sis.
  6. I still remember celebrating your first birthday and it was a lot of fun. I must say that you are still as cute as the day you were just one. Happy birthday to my little sister.
  7. Sisters are a part of those happy bits and pieces of your teenage years that you can revisit to smile, every time you face sadness or fear. Happy birthday to a sister with whom I share wonderful memories.
  8. I feel safe and protected when I am with you. If you were a blanket I would wrap myself in you all day long. Happy birthday dear sis.
  9. Sisters like you are hard to find, I am borrowing your clothes I hope you don't mind. Happy birthday sis.
  10. Have a lovely birthday sweetie, to get a sister like you not all are lucky like me. xoxo
  11. A sister is a special friend, who is with you at life's every bend. Happy birthday to a special sister.
  12. I may hate sharing my wardrobe, but I love sharing my life with you. Happy birthday sis.
  13. The best thing that could ever happen to a complete girly girl like me, is to have a girly elder sister like you – who can impart some of life's important lessons including makeup, beauty and fashion. Happy birthday sis.
  14. You may be a lovely thing that happened to my parents, but you are the loveliest thing that happened to me. Happy birthday sis.
  15. You are fabulous and are amazing because you can sense just about everything. Happy birthday to my sis who I can't do without.
  16. I know that expectations between us are none, but I would give you a gift even if you didn't want one. Happy birthday sister.
  17. Happy birthday to the girl who has always looked out for me. I wish that the best in her life, she is yet to see.
  18. Someone famous once said you can't choose families but you can chose friends. I am so glad for that otherwise I would not have you. Happy birthday.
  19. Happy birthday to my sister who is an angel, permanently appointed by God to take care of me.
  20. A sister can fill the absence of a thousand best friends. Happy birthday to my sister and best friend.
  21. Snuggling with you at night and fighting against you with all my might, will always be the memories of our childhood that I will treasure forever.
  22. If my life was a cake, you would be the icing on it. Happy birthday.
  23. The best thing about having an elder sister like you is that I get to inherit a fashionable wardrobe. Happy birthday sister.
  24. You are like my second mother, so let's celebrate your birthday together. Happy birthday sis.
  25. I don't know how it is possible to love you and hate you at the same time, but I guess that is what being the best of sisters is all about. Happy birthday sis.
  26. The rainbow of my life would have been incomplete if you didn't shower enough rains of your love on me. Happy birthday.
  27. With my hand in your hand and your shoulder to rest on, I have nothing to hide and nothing to run away from. Happy birthday sis.
  28. I have seen many best friends who are desperate to be called sisters. I am lucky to have you because we can switch to any role any time. Happy birthday sister.
  29. From the day I learnt what is one plus two, I knew I could always count on you. Happy birthday sis.
  30. Thanks for always listening to my dreams and hopes. It is great to have an elder sister who can show me the ropes. Happy birthday.


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      Ingenira 4 years ago

      Funny and meaningful words. :)

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      Great words here with such meaning and I do have a little sister, you have wonderful ideas here.

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      very nyce idea.....wil surely try.............

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