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Updated on September 30, 2017
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Blake started out scribbling in cards over 30 years ago. Though his handwriting is mostly unchanged, the content has improved.

Birthday poems are great for writing in a card or posting online to people. Poems don't have to always rhyme. In this case, though, it's fun to use a rhyming poem. Birthdays are fun occasions that deserve a little silliness, love, and inspiration. What better way to express yourself than with a poem?

The poem does not need to be long. A simple two-line one will work, but four to eight lines is probably just right. Look over the original ones below, and choose one that works for your birthday friend, family member, or lover. Add a couple of your own lines to personalize the poems, or combine more than one.

Short Birthday Poems

These short poems work well in cards because space is limited in cards. Another way to use these is to combine those that you like into a longer poem.

  • You came into the world many years ago today. I hope you have many more years to stay.
  • Until your birthday party is all done, make sure you're having a lot of fun.
  • You're one of my favorite people around. Keep on aging and stay above the ground.
  • It's only a birthday. Don't fear a little gray.
  • A birthday is only a date, but at least you get cake on a plate!
  • It's your birthday today! But I just want to say, I love you every day!
  • I hope that on your birthday you are aware. People of your age are getting rare.
  • Today marks the partying season, and your birthday is the happy reason!
  • I cannot tell a lie. It wouldn't be right to eat pie. Today is the day for cake. So blow out your candles for goodness sake!
  • My memory doesn't go back that far. So tell me how old you really are.

Birthday Poems For Friends

You're a Star

Today is the birthday
of a very special star
And older stars shine best
especially from afar
This star has shone brightly
all the year through
And in case you are wondering
that star is you

A Nice Birthday

They say that nice people
have nice birthdays
If that is true
Then yours should be twice as nice
Wishing you a day
filled with joy and happiness
One that's filled with surprises
and nothing but the best

Enjoy Your Birthday

Your birthday is a time
for you to let your hair down
A time for laughter, fun
and gimmicks from a clown
A day to forget your troubles
and your every care
A day to stand courageously
amidst all your fears
On this your birthday
I wish you happiness galore
I wish for you the best things in life
and so much more

Getting Older

You are one year older today
and it's natural to feel scared
But don't be scared of getting wrinkles
or a few gray hairs
Don't be afraid to embrace
the many changes that will come
I will support you every step of the way
because you are my chum

My Happy Birthday Wish

Another year older, another year wiser
You'll always be my friend
Years may come and years may go,
Older and older we will grow.
May you have many years of happiness and bliss,
For this is my Happy Birthday wish.

The Good Ol' Days

Through the years, you have always been there for me,
We laughed, we cried, we enjoyed a huge shopping spree.
I know that no matter where life takes us,
There will always be a path that brings us back to closeness.
Today, forever and always,
I wish you Happy Birthday as you blow out the blaze
and remember the good ol' days.

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For Her

Poetry is a good idea when you want to express yourself. You can write a love poem, or borrow another person's words with a love poem that fits your relationship.

Birthday Poem for Her

Laughter, cheer, and love fill the air
I adore your beautiful, flowing hair
The curls bounce and twist every way.
When I think of the joy that comes on this day,
All I can say is Happy Birthday angel
I hope everything goes your way.

Romantic Birthday Poem for Her

Happy birthday
you beautiful flower
I hope that today
you'll bask in every hour
Soak up life's sunshine
you magnificent rose
And whatever life throws at you
Please continue to glow

For Him

Birthday Poem for Boyfriend or Husband

You are getting older today
But there's no need to cry
No matter how old you are
You'll always be my guy

Dad Birthday Poem

Dad, you were always there for us,
Playing ball, baking cookies and never making a fuss.
On this day, we honor you and everything you do,
By saying Happy Birthday and We Love You!

For Husband

It's high time I made it plain
for you to see
That you are so special
and mean a lot to me
You've been my rock
and a high tower of strength
And I'm so happy
that we're on the same wavelength
So, on this your birthday
I just have to let you know
That I'm glad you are my friend
and not my foe

For Mom

You kissed our hurts and wiped away our tears,
You held us tight to qualm our fears.
We thank you for all of the love and joy you bring,
By wishing you Happy Birthday as we sing.

For Sister

You are more than a sister; you’re my best friend
We will be forever linked together til the end
Your charm, your grace, your smiling face
We're both getting older at the same fast pace

For Daughter

Your sweet, smiling face makes me remember your warm embrace
And it was all I could do to try to keep pace
Running, climbing, jumping all around
I can still remember your sweet, cheerful sound
No matter how old you may be
You will always be a little girl to me

For Grandma or Grandpa

They say wine and cheese
gets better with age
And so have you
as you enter each life stage
As wine gets older
the more costly it becomes
Each year you become
more valuable to me

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