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Business Birthday Card Messages: Wishes for Clients and Employees

Blake started out scribbling in cards over 30 years ago. Though his handwriting is mostly unchanged, the content has improved.

Writing personalized birthday cards to your employees and clients is a great way to show the community that you care.

Writing personalized birthday cards to your employees and clients is a great way to show the community that you care.

Why Should a Business Send a Birthday Card?

Business birthday cards are a great way to show clients and employees your appreciation without it seeming like an advertisement. The toughest part is simply figuring out what to write.

Reading over examples of business birthday wishes can help you get the creative juices flowing so you can figure out what you want to write in your cards. When writing corporate birthday cards, keep in mind that your words will be a representation of your business. Stylistically, your three main options are funny, sincere, and personal. Here are some examples of business birthday messages for you to reference.

Business Birthday Card Messages for Employees

Here are some examples of what you could write in a birthday card for one of your employees. Employee birthdays are a great time to show appreciation and a sense of humor. You may improve employee morale with these birthday card messages, especially if you add a bonus.

Funny Birthday Wishes

  • "Don't work too hard today. It's your birthday!"
  • "You're the boss today because it's your birthday!"
  • "We still don't know how old you are. Only you, God, and Human resources know your real age."

General and Sincere Birthday Wishes

  • "Wishing you a wonderful and happy birthday."
  • "We appreciate your service and want to wish you a happy birthday."
  • "All of us want to wish you an awesome birthday."

Business Birthday Messages for Clients or Customers

When it comes to marketing, it's a good idea to take clients' birthdays as an opportunity to get your name out and show your appreciation. It's a good idea to offer some sort of deal with the card like an in-store credit or a coupon. This is one time you can advertise a little and your client probably won't mind your gift.

  • "We want to wish you a happy birthday and let you know we appreciate your business."
  • "Here's a birthday card from your other family. . . Your (business name) family."
  • "We're hoping you have a wonderful birthday this year. Come see us soon. . . when you're a little older."
  • "Your birth was an important necessity for our business. We would be nothing without great clients/customers) like you. Happy birthday to you and to us!"
  • "Enjoy your birthday, here's a little birthday gift from us." (Include a coupon, gift, or voucher.)
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Birthday Wishes for Coworkers and Bosses

If you work at an organization that is of any decent size, then you'll likely need to write in a birthday card fairly often. This is a little different than corporate birthday cards that are for external company marketing. You'll want to use more genuine and personal messages for your coworkers and bosses. You can use these birthday message examples for coworkers and bosses to get inspired.

Outsource Your Message Internally

The easiest way to get messages for your business birthday cards is probably more obvious than you think.

Before you waste your precious time on what you want to write in your business birthday cards, consider letting coworkers write messages. Seriously, get off the internet now and go get your employees involved.

You can pass the card around at work and have them write their own messages. This way, the card will likely be more personal, creative, and funny. Everyone is crowdsourcing these days, so why not crowdsource your business birthday card messages. It's a lot cheaper than outsourcing.

Buying Business Birthday Cards

When you buy your birthday cards, it's a good idea to personalize your card with your business logo or slogan. If you can work a play-on-words into your birthday cards, you can add some creative marketing. If you have many employees, there are plenty of card companies out there who will print you bulk orders of business birthday cards. Usually, the larger the number you order, the cheaper you can get them.

The business birthday cards could cost anywhere from $.50 to several dollars each. You can spend as much as you want on the cards, but you might also want to invest in some incentive instead of the card itself.

What to Write in a Birthday Card


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