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Birthday Poems for a Friend

Blake started out scribbling in cards over 30 years ago. Though his handwriting is mostly unchanged, the content has improved.

Writing a short poem is an interesting and creative way to wish a friend a happy birthday.

Writing a short poem is an interesting and creative way to wish a friend a happy birthday.

Poems to Write in a Friend's Birthday Card

Friends enrich our lives in a necessary way. We get entertained, comforted, and inspired by these special people. True friendship is priceless and can't be bought. When a friend has a birthday, we get an excuse to say thank you in a fun way.

Birthday poems are a great way to wish a friend a happy birthday. These birthday poems are short enough for you to easily write in a birthday card. If you need a longer poem, combine a couple of these or add some lines of your own.

Ways to Present the Birthday Poem to Your Friend

These are some creative and unique ways to use your birthday poem.

  • Read it as a toast to your friend at their birthday party.
  • Give your friend one line of the poem at a time. For example, every three hours you can post a line to create a series of Facebook birthday wishes.
  • Write a melody to the poem and sing it to your friend.
  • Post a graphic of the poem to your friend's Facebook page.
  • Create a photo album with some of your favorite memories. Include a poem every few pages.
  • Get your poem printed on a coffee mug and give it to your friend for their birthday.
  • Make a bookmark with the poem written on it. Then your friend can think about you when he or she reads.

Birthday Poems for Friends

Your Age to Be Bold
Age doesn't make you old
You don't fit into that mold
You're as valuable as gold
Do more than you're told
Don't let your feet get cold
This is your time to be bold

If You Were
If you were peanut butter, I'd be jelly
If you were a loud noise, I'd be smelly
If you were a bakery, I'd be a deli
If you were a calorie, I'd be your belly

My Poetic Rhymes
Today as you get older
Remember all the good times
Remember all the laughing
And excuse my silly rhymes

A Friend Like You
A friend like you is rare
We make a great pair
Today your age grew
But I'm still fond of you

A Birthday Hug Poem
Cross your arms; touch your shoulders
Then squeeze yourself real snug
There my friend I gave to you
My most special birthday hug

A Birthday Cake Poem
My friend I tried to bake a cake
But baking cakes is hard
Instead of getting yummy treats
You get this birthday card

A Simple Birthday Wish
Happy birthday my dear friend
Here's a card to wish you well
It might just be a simple thing
But I think that you are swell

Many Happy Years
Your friendship means a lot to me
And I want you to know
I love to send you birthday cards
I love to watch you grow
I love to share the little things
The laughs, the hugs, the tears
So mark down another birthday
I wish you many happy years

With Many Candles
My friend I wish you happiness
May your birthday fill with light
With that many candles
Your day will sure be bright

So Far Away
Have your cake and ice cream
Enjoy your special day
Know my friend I'm wishing
You weren't so far away

The Aging Game
Happy birthday my dearest friend
And here's to many more
Each year as you get older
Someone is keeping score
One more for you; one more for me
But still it stays the same
You my friend are older
When we play the aging game

Can't Afford to Call
I hope you have a party
I hope you have a ball
My friend I hope you like this card
I can't afford to call

Happy Birthday to a Friend
Happy birthday to a friend
Who shares such joy each day
Here's hoping that your birthday
Brings love and fun your way

A Blessing
Every birthday marks another year
That you have lived upon this Earth
And all your friends who know you
Were blessed so with your birth

Cake and Candles
Birthday cake and candles
Will mark your special day
And so please make your wish
To have a happy day

Best Wishes
Best wishes for your birthday
And through the coming year
For that is when I think of you
And hold our friendship dear

Surrounded by Friends
Birthdays should be joyous times
Surrounded by friends galore
I hope that your birthday
Is all of that and more


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