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50+ Funny Birthday Greetings for Your Friends

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50 side-splitting birthday messages.

50 side-splitting birthday messages.

Funny Birthday Wishes

Running out of ideas to wish your friends on their birthdays? The below ideas will crack both you and your friend on their special day.

Whether it's a message for a DIY birthday card or a message to write inside of a card, we often find ourselves out of words. If your friend enjoys a good joke, then these one liners are perfect for their special day.

Funny Birthday Messages

  • “It’s probably time to start lying about your age.”
  • “You still look 21 from a distance.”
  • “If my maths is correct, U = OLD.”
  • “This is an annual REMINDER that I am super glad you were born.”
  • “OLD AGE is coming for all of us, but today....MAINLY YOU.”
  • “Happy Birthday. Hope it doesn’t succ.” - For all the succulent lovers out there.
  • “It’s your birthday, turn up the beet.” - I am sure DWIGHT SHRUTE will love it.
  • “AVO great Birthday” - Know anyone who loves avocados?
  • “Today, we celebrate the only time you won a race. Happy Birthday!”
  • “Happy ‘It’s all about YOU’ today.”
  • “Congratulations on being a year older and still maintaining such a low level of maturity. You are truly an inspiration.”
  • “Well done on getting older. Have a great birthday.”
  • “Another year older and wiser. In your case, just older. Happy birthday.”
  • “Age is simply a number, but a very big one in your case.”
  • “Intelligent, handsome and witty. But less about me, it’s your birthday after all.”
Make them smile!

Make them smile!

Witty Birthday Messages

  • “I wanted to put candles on your birthday cake, but there wasn’t enough room for those many candles! Happy birthday.”
  • “Do you realise that this has been the oldest that you have ever been. Happy birthday!”
  • “I was going to make an old age joke on your birthday, but it’s gotten to the point where it’s getting serious. Happy birthday.”
  • “I wanted to get you a birthday gift that reminded you of your childhood, but I just couldn’t find any dinosaurs anywhere.”
  • “I tried to get you something super special and brilliant for your birthday but it was too difficult to wrap myself up. Happy birthday from the best present in the world.”
  • “I was always interested in ancient things, that must be why I love you so much. Just kidding! Happy birthday you ancient being.”
  • “You really don’t look your age, you look much older, Happy birthday.”
  • “I am so grateful for many things in life, especially the fact that I am not as old as you. Wishing you a very special birthday.”
Be a little snarky!

Be a little snarky!

Humorous Birthday Wishes

  • “You give me so much hope, knowing that someone can live as long as you are truly amazing. Happy birthday.”
  • “Happy birthday to the smartest, funniest, and the most beautiful person in the world. Wait...did I say ‘to’? I meant ‘from’.”
  • “Don’t count your candles. Just enjoy the glow from them!”
  • “It’s your birthday and I remembered without reminders.”
  • “Happy birthday, you son of a really nice lady who deserves respect.”
  • “Happy birthday from your much much YOUNGER friend.”
  • “A good friend is like a good bra

    • Hard to find
    • Supportive
    • Comfortable
    • Always lifts you up
    • Makes you look better
    • And best of all, always stays close to your heart”
  • “Older, BUD WISER. Happy Birthday.”
  • “Being with me is really the only gift you need. Happy birthday!”
  • “Happy Birthday. Remember, you can be ANYTHING you want to be (EXCEPT YOUNGER).”
Be sassy!

Be sassy!

Funny Birthday Messages for Friends

  • “It’s your birthday. LETTUCE celebrate.” - Any salad lovers out there?
  • “Wishing you a SPEC-TACO-LAR birthday!” - Everyone has that friend who LOVES mexican.
  • “Hey, It’s SHERBET day!” - Perfect wish for a friend with a sweet-tooth.
  • “Happy Birthday! Let the celebrations BE GIN.”
  • “Two wise tips on your birthday:

    • Forget the past - you cannot change it
    • Forget the present - I didn’t get you one”
  • “I wish you all the happiness in the world on your birthday, but then what will I wish for on your next birthday? Never mind, happy birthday.”
  • “I am so glad that despite the massive age difference, we have somehow managed to make our friendship work. Happy birthday my old friend.”
  • “Forgetting your age is the best gift I can give you on your birthday. “
  • “You are aging like fine wine. Wish you a very happy birthday.”
  • “Is this the year when finally you are too old for presents? ‘Cause I didn’t get you one. Happy birthday.”
Be witty and fun!

Be witty and fun!

Cool Birthday Wishes

  • “Happy birthday to you. I hope you become successful and rich, so that you can leave me with a big inheritance.”
  • “I always knew we’d be friends till we were old and gray, but I didn’t realise the old and gray part would come so soon.”
  • “It’s time to count your blessings and not your wrinkles. Happy birthday!”
  • “This birthday, I wanted to give you something that was smart and funny, but then I realised you already have me as a friend.”
  • “On your special day, I wish you peace and happiness, plus these things don’t cost anything.”
  • “Happy birthday to you, a person who has never acted their age. Never change buddy!”
  • “Your birthday cake will have so many candles, I am afraid that we might have to call the fire department.”
  • “I am not saying you’re old but, if you were whiskey you would be really expensive.”

I guarantee these funny wishes are bound to make your friend or a loved one laugh. Which one was your favorite?

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