20 Funny Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Dad

Updated on May 20, 2016

Birthday wishes can be serious or funny. Some people always prefer to write serious and emotional birthday messages to their parents. But, for others, they may always want to keep it funny and witty.

Writing a funny birthday wish message for Dad is not a very easy task to do. You need to keep it in mind that you are writing to your father, and not just to any friend. So, the fun should be controlled. Your options are limited. You may not be able to use every type of joke, like any sexual innuendo or other inappropriate content. Your joke should not be too frank otherwise; it may hurt your dad's feelings.

So, here in this article are 20 funny and (mostly) appropriate messages that you can use for dad on his birthday this year.

Let's Get Funny

  1. Here's a fun fact—no, not that you're getting older. Just that you're starting to look even funnier. Here's to more bad jokes and a happy birthday to you, Dad!
  2. My dearest Dad, I know today is your birthday, but it's not a real holiday so I'm not too excited about it. Just kidding. Happy birthday on this very important day to a very important man!
  3. I've been thinking since yesterday on what to write in a funny birthday message for you . . . but I couldn't think anything funny. Happy birthday!
  4. Congratulations on the 38rd anniversary of your 18th birthday! You are still so young, Dad.
  5. Mom just informed me that, though you are getting old, you are not becoming wiser at all. You're welcome for revealing this secret to you. Just kidding. Happy birthday to one of the wisest men I know!
  6. Dearest Dad: I wish for nothing but a lifetime of smiles for you on your birthday . . . as long as you still have teeth. Happy birthday to you!
  7. Dad, you're not 52—you are only twenty-two, with thirty-two years of experience! Happy birthday!
  8. Some people never grow up. You are one of them. Ask mom if you don't believe me. (Just kidding—happy birthday!)
  9. Father, make sure you eat as much cake as possible. No, not because it's your birthday, but because soon you won't have the real teeth to do so. Happy birthday to you!
  10. Dad, I love you. I also just want to wish that . . . you keep your wallet open for your loving daughter/son. Enjoy this special day. Happy birthday!
  11. Dad, I think it may be time to ditch your lighter. You need to have a flamethrower for lighting so many candles. Happy birthday, old man!
  12. Another year . . . you know what that means: another ache on your body! Just kidding. Happy birthday, Dad.
  13. Even though we're all supposed to have the same genes, you still look great, Dad. Happy birthday to one good-looking man!
  14. Happy birthday, Dad! Oh, and thanks for giving me life and these amazing genes.
  15. After thinking very hard about it, I still couldn't find a fitting birthday gift for you. So, that's why I came here to attend the day bare-handed. It's the thought that counts, right? Happy birthday!
  16. My dear dad, I am not going to confess that I came here only to eat the cake . . . instead, I'll just enjoy the cake and say happy birthday!
  17. Here's to you on your birthday, Dad, and every gray hair on your head. After all, I helped to contribute to those. Happy birthday!
  18. To my dear Dad: I was going to buy something awesome for your birthday, but I didn't seem to have enough money. So for your birthday this year, I'm going to give you a suggestion that you increase my pocket money for the next year. Until then, happy birthday this year!
  19. They say that with age comes wisdom. So, happy birthday to one of the wisest people I know!
  20. As a child I thought my dad is a super hero. Now, the time has changed and I doubt in your superman capability now but still I know you are great.

Reader! What Is Your Opinion?

Hello dear reader: I am directly communicating to you, now. Do you think that my wishes are worth sharing with your father on his birthday? I may claim the above quotes and messages as funny myself, but do you really think so? I would love to know your opinion. If you have a free minute or two, please feel free to shoot over a comment. I'd greatly appreciate it.

Best of luck to you guys, and happy birthday to your dads!


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    • profile image

      PAPA 2 weeks ago


    • profile image

      jonh 6 months ago

      ya they re pretty good

      though im gonna use it for my dads Bday

    • profile image

      Noone 13 months ago

      Yeah, they were pretty funny!

    • profile image

      Mom 15 months ago

      It's amazing

    • profile image

      cutieArchie 20 months ago

      Although it's true that I haven't got to know you much,

      But I know you're a wonderful person; sweet from inside & hot from outside, like a Choco Lava Cake!

      Keep your charming smile & persona intact; and although WHO's theme for this year is 'Beat Diabetes', I know you'll never let that happen ever!!

      Happy birthday...

    • profile image

      TheGlassFirefly 2 years ago

      i changed up the superman one: growing up, I always believed you were an actual superhero. and even though you cant fly, youll always stay a hero to me

    • profile image

      romesa khushnood sawatti 2 years ago

      thanks for good idea

    • profile image

      sharon 2 years ago

      Wow impresive i think im gnna use it for my Dad's birth day ...#lovely

    • profile image

      Beau 3 years ago

      Thanks this really helped me. I combined two messages together, one sincere and one funny.

    • birthdaywish profile image

      Bik Bar 4 years ago from India

      Yes, the cake would be delicious.

    • topratedgift profile image

      Kate Jacobs 4 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia, USA

      That is a pretty funny dad birthday cake. I think that I will use that for my dad's birthday.