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Updated on April 25, 2017
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Can the right words help someone feel better? Let's find out. Use the suggestions below as a resource to help you figure out what to say to wish someone a quick and full recovery from an illness or operation. You want to communicate empathy and hope in an effort to renew the spirit and inspire healing.

Not every example included below will work for every situation. Whether you choose to be sincere or funny, the examples below will at least help with ideas. Remember, laughter is sometimes the best medicine—unless the person has sore stomach muscles.

Examples of Get Well Wishes

  1. You'll never hear me say being sick isn't that bad. I can totally relate to not wanting to do much when you're sick.
  2. I wish you were feeling better so we could hang out, but I am looking forward to your full and quick recovery.
  3. I am sorry you are not feeling well. It's frustrating me. If you don't get better soon, I might have to cuss a little.
  4. If I could have one wish, it would be for you to feel better. If I had two wishes it would be for me to win the lottery. I hope I can get at least one of my wishes soon.
  5. I hate it when the people I love aren't feeling well.
  6. Usually, just when you don't expect it is when you start feeling better. You'll be better any time now.
  7. Sometimes getting sick means you get really tired and weak. I am hoping that you get stronger soon.
  8. Life is full of surprises. Let's hope that you'll be surprised by a faster than expected recovery.
  9. I am praying that you will be healed, and in the meantime that you are given the encouragement and comfort you need.
  10. I don't think I would like it if you got well soon. I want you to get well now!
  11. I have come down with something. I am sick of you being sick.
  12. I am wishing you a fast recovery from your illness, and I hopefully you can work your bigger problems out too.
  13. I pray that you have the energy to get through this setback in as little time as possible. Let me know how I can help.
  14. Would you mind if I check in on you a little more often than I usually do since you aren't feeling well?
  15. It stinks when you are sick because we don't have your help here at work.
  16. Having to be in the hospital is no fun. We are hoping you are out in no time. Wishing you to get well soon, with love.
  17. Did you forget to eat your apple today?
  18. The least important thing to do today is anything that doesn't help you feel better.
  19. If you believe in Karma, that bacteria/virus/cancer isn't going to feel too good soon.
  20. A wise man once said, 'Rest when you don't feel well.' That wise person is me.
  21. Give me at least one reason I shouldn't be concerned about you and I'll leave you alone. For now, I'll be checking in one you often.
  22. Not being able to make your feel better is frustrating. Please ease my frustration and get better.

Messages for a Hospital Stay

Having to stay in the hospital is disruptive to a person's life, so visiting a friend and wishing them a speedy recovery is a nice gesture.

  1. I like visiting my friends, but I don't like when I'm visiting them in the hospital. Get well soon, so I can visit you at home!
  2. If you hear an annoying beeping noise in the hospital, that's a good sign. That means your heart is still beating.
  3. Hospitals are not the most fun places to be, but thank goodness you are where you need to be. You're in my prayers. I'm looking forward to you getting back on your feet.
  4. Being in the hospital is no fun. Hurry up and get better, so you can get home. That's where you can really recover.
  5. Look on the bright side: since you're in the hospital, I know you don't have any other plans. That means I can come hang out with you whenever I want.

Words for Get Well Wishes

Sometimes it's best to write your own get well wishes. If you don't know how to do that, follow these directions for how to write your own get well message:

1. Use these words in your get well wish. These are some common words and if you combine several of them, you are likely to get a nice-sounding get well wish in the end.

2. Just choose a few of the words and see what comes out. For example: God, love, strength, sick, send, grant, and pray can be turned into:

"I am sorry to hear you are sick and I'm praying that God will grant you His strength during your time of illness. I am sending you my love."

Chicken Soup
Mix and match these words with your own to create a heartfelt message.

Mail or Hand-Deliver

What is the best way to deliver a get well message?

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