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What to Write in a Get-Well Card for a Pet

Blake started out scribbling in cards over 30 years ago. Though his handwriting is mostly unchanged, the content has improved.

When pets get sick, their owners get anxious. Give them some support and reassurance by writing a thoughtful get-well card.

When pets get sick, their owners get anxious. Give them some support and reassurance by writing a thoughtful get-well card.

Why Send a Get-Well Card to the Owner of a Sick Animal?

Pets are special members of the family. They entertain, love unconditionally, relieve stress, and keep us from being lonely. Even pets aren't immune to illnesses, though. When a pet is ill, owners may feel worried and sad.

Writing a get-well-soon card for a pet is a great way to acknowledge the illness and provide some support for the pet's owners. Think about some of the qualities of the pet, and read over these examples, then you can decide what message will be best to send to the owner.

This article will cover get-well-soon messages for:

  • Pets in general
  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Reptiles

Example Get-Well Wishes for Pets

These are some sincere get-well messages for a pet. Use one of these if you are unsure about whether to use humor.

  • We are praying for a full recovery for our furry friend!
  • Pets make life better in many ways. We hope your little guy gets better soon for everyone's sake.
  • Pets don't get sick days, but they should. They give so much. When they do get sick it's an opportunity to give back a little. That's what I'd like to do.
  • It's no good for the most comforting member of the family to be the one who needs comfort the most. Let us know how we can help.
  • Being a pet is a big responsibility. I hope to see you back to work soon.
  • I am looking forward to seeing ___ back to his/her shenanigans.
  • Please take care of that gorgeous furry friend of ours. I am quite fond of him/her.
  • If an apple a day keeps the doctor away for humans, then what keeps the vet away for pets?
  • Pets aren't supposed to get sick. They are supposed to help us feel better. I hope yours gets better soon.
  • I am thinking of your little friend, and I am wishing him/her well.
  • No one can love pets like their owners, but I sure do like yours a lot. So I'm wishing your pet to get well soon.
  • When special friends are sick, they need a special get-well card.
  • People and animals both get sick, but animals don't seem to get enough get-well cards.
  • If I need to comfort your furry friend, let me know. I enjoy the company of amazing animals.
  • No one deserves to get sick, especially cute, little, innocent pets!
  • Give your little furry friend some extra hugs and treats for me, and tell him/her to get well soon.
The messages below are appropriate to include in get-well cards for dog owners.

The messages below are appropriate to include in get-well cards for dog owners.

Get-Well Messages for a Dog

  • "Bark, bark, Ruff, Ruff!" Translation: Get well soon!
  • There's no shame in feeling bad, unless you have to wear a cone of shame.
  • I hope you get back to chasing squirrels in no time.
  • Four paws, floppy ears, and a wet nose do so much good for the soul. I hope your friend's body is healed soon!
  • Get your four-legged friend back to health.
  • The best friends come with a lot of fur. I'm wishing your friend to get well soon!
  • Translate this message for me into dog bark language. "Get well soon!"
  • If a dog has a cold, is its sense of smell still better than a human's?
  • I hope that doggoned injury heals quickly!
The messages below are appropriate for get-well cards for cat-owners.

The messages below are appropriate for get-well cards for cat-owners.

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Get-Well Wishes for a Cat

  1. Cats are fighters. That's why they come with claws, fast reflexes, and sharp teeth. I hope your cat fights through this with feline frenzy!
  2. I hope your cat doesn't have to spend any of it's nine lives to recover.
  3. I hope your cat doesn't land on it's feet. I'd rather it bounce back and get well soon.
  4. It almost seems like all cats are injured. That's why they say "Me-Ow."
  5. I hope your cat recovers without any CAT-astrophy happening.
  6. The best thing about cats is their ability to survive. Hopefully, those survival instincts will kick in and everything will be fine in no time.
  7. Me-ow! That's what a cat says when it gets hurt.

Get-Well Messages for Reptiles

  1. Tell your cold-blooded friend to get well soon!
  2. Even though they don't ever shed tears, reptiles do have feelings. We know that, because they shed their skin instead.
  3. Reptiles are resilient. Anything that has the ability to regenerate is tough in my opinion. I hope your reptile regenerates quickly and fully to it's original condition!
  4. At least you don't have to worry about your reptile getting a fever! We hope it gets well soon!

What Not to Write in a Pet's Get-Well Card

There are some things that may offend or otherwise be inappropriate to include in a pet's get-well message. Here are a few:

  1. Do not minimize the importance of the pet. Writing something like, "Hey, look on the bright side—maybe you'll get to get a new puppy soon after this one dies!" is insensitive.
  2. Never compare the pet to your own pet. Your pet is different. The fact that your pet went through something similar is not necessarily comforting. Focus the message on the pet that is currently ill or injured.
  3. Never mention any negative qualities about the pet. Even if the owner has talked negatively about the pet in the past, there's no reason to bring it up. Many people complain about some quirk that their mom has, but that is not an invitation for others to talk about their mom. If the pet is ill, assume it's the best pet the person could ever have.
  4. Never make a suggestion to euthanize the pet. Saying things like, "I think it may be time to put him down" is not smart. The owner can ask you for that advice when he or she needs it.

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