Happy Birthday Wishes for Your Ex-Boyfriend: Ideas for Short Wishes, Messages, and Poems

Updated on November 30, 2016

Are you wondering what to write on a birthday card for your ex-boyfriend? Or a happy birthday message or even a poem? Here are some warm birthday wishes for your ex that you can take ideas from to put together your own personalized message. These ideas are not filled with hate and revenge. The basic assumption in this article is that you and your ex have broken up but are friends or at least on talking terms. Make his day special and remind him of how beautiful your relationship with him really was.

  • Times will always keep ticking, life will keep always keep moving and the show will always go on. But nothing in this world will ever make me forget your birthday and the great times we've spent together. Happy birthday!
  • Every relationship, every experience and every person in our lives is meant to teach us something or the other. On your birthday, may you receive the all the wisdom that life has to offer you. Happy birthday.
  • Are you still as hot and charming as you used to be when we were dating? Even if you aren't I still want to wish you a happy birthday because you're such a nice person.
  • In the memory of all the amazing times that we've spent together, here's wishing you a great birthday and many more fulfilling years of life.
  • Have I wished you success, happiness, prosperity, good luck and good health before? Well, here's wishing you everything once again. You've given me some great years of happiness, and I wish you the best of everything in life.

  • I hope that you celebrate your birthday with a lot of joy, happiness and a sense of fulfillment, just like the times we've spent together. Wishing you a super joyful birthday.
  • Do you still celebrate your birthdays as lavishly and splendidly as you used to before? Well, you deserve every single bit of it! I hope you continue to have such splendid years ahead.
  • Do you know what I miss about us not being together anymore? It's the crazy time we spent celebrating each other's birthdays! It's that time of the year again and the least I could do this year is to send you my heartfelt wishes on your birthday. Have a great day!
  • Would you be hurt if I forgot to wish you a happy birthday? The truth is that I never would. All our differences put aside, I am here to wish that you have a blast on your Birthday today and may all your dreams come true.
  • On your birthday today, let's mark the beginning of a new friendship, keeping aside all our old quarrels and fights. Let your birthday bring light and love into our lives again. Happy birthday.

  • Every year on your birthday, I got you expensive gifts but this year I want to genuinely make a wish for you and tell you that although we may not be in a relationship anymore, I will always be there for you. Happy birthday!
  • The shattering of a relationship doesn't mean that your good wishes for each other wither away. May this birthday bring you everything you've always hoped for. I wish you the best of everything in life.
  • Many years back we counted stars on your birthday, thinking about our future together. This year I thank the stars for all the beautiful moments spent with you together. Happy birthday.
  • Looking back on all the crazy times we spend together, I only have happy tears and memories resurfacing in my mind. May your birthday bring you happier, zanier and crazier memories moving forward. Happy birthday.

Note: Feel free to use ideas and snippets from these wishes if you want to wish your ex-boyfriend happy birthday. You can make short messages or even elaborate poems. Princesswithapen hopes that your ex likes your birthday wish!


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