Happy One Month Anniversary Poems and Quotes

Updated on March 20, 2018
first month anniversary poem
first month anniversary poem

Happy First Month Anniversary Poems

This is a cute collection of happy 1-month anniversary quotes and poems. Surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend by sending these lovely poems as a gift on the completion of your first month of love.

What a Life Without You

Hurting you was never a plan

It makes me feel horrible

But what about the nights I cried for you

Begged you to be mine again?

You failed to listen because

You thought you had better

When that fell thru you realized

I was, in fact, the best for you

I knew your thoughts before you spoke

Your mood before you made an expression

I loved you with every breath I took a

You took that for granted

So now you’re lonely and me too

Realize the new queen you found

Was an imposter and want me

To fall back into your charms

I can never be weak again

You make me weak then strong

You make me forget my words shake in my skin

You make me unstable than stable

We agreed our love was dangerous

And we both let go

So why are you trying to steal my heart again?

We both know you will only

Hurt me worse this time around

I am happy without you

In your loving memories

Still Best Wishes for You

So many good things going on in my life

I was thinking how I miss you and our talks

The way I used to be able to tell you anything

I felt a little hurt that you’re not a part of my life

Then I realized it was your choice to shut me out

Therefore our first anniversary here

I can count the people I trust on one hand

The number gets smaller and smaller but

I have learned to be thankful

For what and who I do have

Hopefully, you’re happy with your life as well,

I will always wish you the best despite your wishes for me

Distance Doesn’t Matter

I will not be to embrace you,

I no more to kiss you

I no longer will be in your eyes not is when,

Nor as it was if it were you or me

I will find a day as any perhaps we meet in a new world,

A world of the two hearts in another space,

A space for our love in another time

Again that I can tell you you're my blessing,

I love you so much in my frozen heart

You may be far from me hard to see you

But the love we share is the reason I believe in us

The reason I won't let you go

I am crazy in love with you no matter how far you are

Happy One Month Anniversary Quotes

  1. I never thought when I finally agreed to go out with this man as friends, that a year later he would end up being my best friend. We've had some ups and downs, but somehow we always work through them. Happy one-month anniversary! I love you!
  2. Happy one-month anniversary to the love of my life, my better half, the sunshine to my dark days! I love you and continue to look forward to our long, happy life together.
  3. For every great man, there's a great woman to back him and hold him up. I got you through thick and thin and through the storms of the rain. Every day I wake I thank God for sending me my great women of virtue. I love you more than words can express, and I thank you for allowing me to love you and being your great man of valor. Together we are unstoppable, and the sky's the limit. I love you, baby.
  4. If you want to touch the stars, then, baby, I have the rocket ship. Just believe my love is limitless. Let’s make your fantasies into reality and dive into the clouds of love with me as your parachute. Let me guide you to my mist of love.
  5. After spending a whole month with you, I finally can say my life is going where I want it to be. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm beginning to feel happy again, and it’s so great.
  6. In one month, I’ve found a best friend and companion in you, someone who stole my heart unexpectedly. I love you and thank you for putting up with me. I know it hasn't been easy, but through it all, you are still here. Happy first month of our love!

1 Month Anniversary Paragraph for Boyfriend

Right now we are thousands of miles apart but there aren't any seconds when I don't miss you or think about you. To us, distance doesn't matter anymore since our bond is strong enough to overcome that issue. It has been almost one month that you have stayed by my side, going through ups and downs, cries and waves of laughter and it makes me really proud and happy to have someone like you as my boyfriend. Every day is a new adventure, even when I don't think it's possible, I love you more every day. I am so thankful for you in my life. You have made me a better person, brought out the best in me. You're my strength, my best friend, my shoulder to lean on, my everything. I am so grateful for everything you do for me and everything you are. I love you, happy 1 month anniversary.

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